How To: Get Rid Of Body Odour | How To Get Rid Of Body Smell

How To: Get Rid Of Body Odour | How To Get Rid Of Body Smell

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Body odour is a sensitive prevailing issue and while there are perfumes, deodorants and N number of things that temporarily help you quench the stench, body odour is something that needs to be controlled. However, since you cannot completely get rid of the bacteria that causes it, you can definitely take steps to control and reduce it. The first step is the most obvious one which is to have a bath at least once a day. To reduce odour, wash your entire body with an antibacterial soap, which helps to eliminate the bacteria that combines with the sweat. Also, if you find that you have a strong genital odour use a cleansing liquid to maintain the PH level in that area. Make sure you use a clean towel and change every two to three uses. Now comes the hair. Make sure to wash your hair, once every two
days. To keep it smelling great in between, invest in a dry shampoo or the best and an inexpensive way is to sprinkle some baking soda on the scalp for about 10 mins and then brush it through the length of your hair. In the end use a blow dryer to get rid of any excess powder. Baking soda soaks up all the excess scalp oil, killing the bacteria and making your hair feel and look great! Another great tip would be to wash your hairbrush with a mild shampoo once a week to remove all the dirt that causes bacteria and make
your hair smell. Most women are scared to shave. But did you know that hair traps bacteria and holds it close to the skin where it can easily combine with sweat and cause odour. So, it’s best to shave the hair under your
armpits and wherever necessary to stop the germ build up. As far as clothing is concerned opt for cotton or linen fabrics as they wick away the moisture and keep them dry. If after use, your underwear or the armpits of your clothes are particularly smelly then spray them with white vinegar and water in a 50-50 solution and allow it to sit for 15 mins before throwing them for a wash. White vinegar kills the bacteria on the area and neutralises the smell. Feet are the most ignored part of the body where odour is concerned but taking care of them is as important as any part of the body. To reduce odour make sure to wash your feet with warm water as it’s better at killing bacteria than cold water. Pumice stone is your best friend where feet are concerned, so make sure to dip your feet in a solution of vinegar and salt, scrub off all the dead skin as bacteria thrives on it and of course moisturise them. The last and the final step you can do daily in order to minimise body odour is to reduce eating foods with a strong smell such as garlic
and onions. They secrete sulphur infused gases that causes your sweat to smell. Also, do not forget to drink lots of water to flush out toxins from your system and make sure you eat plenty of high water content
foods such as cucumber, broccoli, green peas, watermelon, strawberries and pineapples. Sweat is odourless. It is the bacteria that causes the smell. So, take time and follow these steps everyday in order to reduce body odour. Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS

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  3. The video was helpful but i would like to know more details like what r the steps to remove odour … which is the best deo and and best perfume that stays longer .. and how to prevent sweaty underarms..all that

  4. Hiiii I just love ur channel and the tips are very helpful and easy to do. Pls can u tell which anti bacterial soap to use ???

  5. Okay but why is nobody talking about the fact that the tip telling you to wash with antibacterial soap ALSO kills the good bacteria that protect you from infection, illness, etc?

  6. For anyone who hates the smell of vinegar in their foot bath, use black tea and lemon juice instead. After two weeks, the only smell you'll ever have is of fresh lemons. Literally, your feet won't smell like FEET anymore!

  7. I got so embarrassed my gym people complained about me because they smelt body odour
    Gosh I use deodorant before working out felt so bad 😫 after my trainer told me
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