How to get rid of pimples naturally?

How to get rid of pimples naturally?

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in this video I’m going to give you how
to prevent pimples and also I’m going to give you three remedies on how to
get rid of pimples permanently before starting this video make sure you
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body the home remedies I’m going to give you in this video are supported by
science to fight pimples and to reduce your skin acne and it is also proven the
most effective and the most natural way to fight pimples I’m not making anything
up here we’ll start this video by giving six tips on how to prevent pimples
number one tip it’s simple and easy but most of the people don’t seem to follow
it wash your face properly twice a day
starting with washing your face first thing in the morning and for the second
time before going to your bed because it is so important to remove that access
oil,that dirt and that sweat and washing your face more than twice is not
recommended so my advice here is to use a light face was if possible try using
an alcohol-free cleanse if possible number two know your skin type anyone
can get no matter what the skin type is an oily skin is the most prone to this
pimple is caused by your skin serous glands to produce so much oil so my tip
here is try washing your face with lemon it works pretty well for me number three
tip here is moisturize your skin regularly which I just keep your skin
hydrated but many moisturizers in the market contain oils synthetic fragrance
and other ingredients that will harm your skin what I mean by there is to
help prevent pimples use fragrance please use non cosmetic moisture after
you wash your face or whenever your skin feels dry before if for you is stay
hydrated if you’re dehydrated your body will automatically send a signal to you
your body’s oil glands to produce more oils and also the hydration gives your
skin a dull appearance and promotes inflammation and redness in your skin so
make sure you drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water every single day
perfective is specially coming for the girls who have pimples limit your makeup
it is tempting to cover up your pimples it is not nice to go out with your
pimples but however do so it may clog your pores and number six
tip is don’t touch your face too often your hands encounter bacteria throughout
the whole day and it’s time you touch your skin with your hands some of these
pore clogging impurities may transfer to your skin so try to touch s little s
spots now coming to how to get rid of pimples permanently I’m giving you three
remedies number one try honey and cinnamon mask this honey and cinnamon
mask will work because they have a lot of antibacterial anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant properties we help you acne prone skin when applied to it but to
spot treat with tea tree oil tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the
tree called in melaleuca alternifolia which is native to Australia it is well
known for its ability to fight bacteria and reduce skin inflammation especially
this tea tree oil helps you fighting in two types of bacteria which causes
pimple du bacteria which is P acnes and s epidermidis one important note
here this tea tree oil is this very potent and can cause your redness and
irritation if you apply directly to the skin so what you can do here is you
should be diluting this tea tree oil with water so combine one part of tea
tree oil with nine parts of water mix it well and dip a cotton ball and start
applying to your skin or your face the three three made’ is apply green tea to
your skin you didn’t know this right lot of people drink green tea for its health
benefits but it is also helpful when you are applying to your skin green tea
contains flavonoids and tanmins which are known to fight your skin inflammation
and the bacteria causing your pimple it is also high in antioxidant easy success
means want to fight inflammation which reduce sebum production also inhibit the
growth of P acnes the bacteria responsible for cause of skin pimples there are lot of
skincare products in the market which contain green tea but those things are
costly this is not you are going to do it at home so how can you use green tea
for skin acne but one step is tip green tea in boiling water for three to four
minutes then allow it to cool down once it is cooled down you can start applying
directly on your face can even keep this in refrigerator for almost two weeks
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