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The magician will now attempt to cheat
death with the dramatic test of his super human endurance. This is the same experiment that was
featured on a live nation wide television broadcast by a street
magician who is known for hanging upside down, living underground and pretending to
freeze himself in a giant block of ice. The magician shows the clock and lovely
time keeper who will keep track of his minutes underwater in this giant glass
tank. As always do not attempt this or any of
the magician’s dangerous illusions or escapes. He is a highly trained
professional with a team of safety expert standing by. He has been training with navy seals for
the past six months to pull off his feat. He’s going to attempt to set a new world
record for holding his breath underwater. To do so he’s learned to expand his lung capacity
and slow his breathing by putting himself into a state of suspended
animation This trance-like condition will allow
him to stay underwater without gasping for air. He makes his way to stairs that lead to
a platform that surrounds the top of the tank. At the ready are two more assistants.
They will closely monitor his safety and alert the paramedics of anything goes
wrong. He takes a few deep breaths and
concentrates on slowing his heart, expanding his lungs and plunges into the tank. Hold your breath with him and see how
long you can last. He will not come up for air until time
is up He’s attached his feet two weights that
secure him to the bottom of the tank until he slips into his hyper trance. We’ll see how long you can stay in this
position. Are you still holding your breath? Note that the tank is definitely filled
with water and he’s not hiding behind a phony glass wall. The risk of drowning is very real. Nearly a minute has gone by. How many of you have had to take a
breath by now? The magician is slowly slipping into his
state of relaxed consciousness. That’s a minute 30 seconds. Let’s jump ahead one minute. The magician is now beginning to show
signs of panic. It must be hard to relax under water in that scary costume. Two minutes 45 seconds anyone still
holding their breath? He seems to be releasing some air
bubbles from beneath his mask. His assistants are still at the ready in
case he needs help. I wonder if he’s okay. Another minute has gone by and the magician is still under water and going into his trance. Some more bubbles escape from the
magician’s mask. He releases his feet and does the dead
man’s float inside the tank. Note that his head and face are still
under water. There is no way for him to breathe. His assistants check to make
sure he hasn’t expired. One of them places her hand on his neck
to feel his pulse. The other keeps her hand on his back. By
touching a pressure point she can monitor his body movements for any
sudden jerks or contortions that would indicate distress. Outside the warehouse a mobile hospital
has been set up in the event of the worst. Up above his assistants are still
monitoring his movements for signs of struggle. So far no need to call for the
paramedics who are standing by just out of camera range. He’s not left the tank and there are no
camera tricks but we will jump ahead for the sake of time. Magician is halfway toward his goal. He’s
past the 9-minute mark on the way to 18 minutes plus. the state of super measured breathing and extreme relaxation is working. There is a serious risk of permanent
damage if enough oxygen does not reach the brain. However the assistants don’t see any
reason to break his trance and pull him out of the water. Another minute has gone by. The magician
has not moved a muscle. Let’s hope this dead man’s float doesn’t
have deeper implications. Ancient mystics were alleged to hold their breath for
days using the same method of corpse-like stillness though ancient
stories are prone to be exaggerated. The current world record is just over 15
minutes. On TV a certain street magician went for 17. The mask man wants to top
that. He’s got just over six more minutes to go. Regulating his metabolism by fasting and
living in an oxygen-rich environment for the last 24 hours has helped prepare his
body for this challenging stunt. His heart is pumping ever so slowly in
maintaining his breathless trance. Let’s jump ahead again he’s past 16
minutes now the goal is now within reach. Can he make it? I don’t dare ask if any of you watching
have been able to hold your breath this long. I gave up after the first five seconds
then again I have the perfect excuse. I get paid to talk about what’s going on. But you don’t need me to tell you that
the magician has not moved. He is suspended in the water in his
state of suspended animation. We can see all the way around the tank. 17 minutes he’s already beaten the other
guy. Let’s see how much longer you can go if
in fact he’s going to make it out alive. 17 and a half minutes! Again this is one
shot that had been edited only for time. I can’t take much more of this. Another half minute has passed. He’s beaten the record by a full minute!
Will he go for two? He’s not making a move. Maybe he doesn’t know how long he’s been
down there? Or maybe he stopped breathing. 18 minutes 45 seconds. No one can last that long. He’s alive. Get him out! 18 minutes 51 seconds. A new worlds record. But he struggles to the platform. His
body is completely drained of strength. He’s gasping for air barely able to
stand under his own power. The assistants appear helpless to offer
him support because he’s told them in advance that he wants to do it alone. A little wobbly. But there he is. The new worlds record holder. Unless of course… it’s just one big trick. We just saw the magician take a death
plunge into a large glass tank and hold his breath for more than 18 agonizing
minutes. Setting a world record and duplicating a famous illusion is to
survive this test on live TV. How did he do it? It’s much easier than
he tries to make it appear. Here are the secrets. Cleverly hidden inside this pedestal
supporting the clock is the first secret. an oxygen tank You didn’t really think he could hold
his breath for that long did you? Magician enters the tank and secures his
feet to the weights. He really is holding his breath but
after a short time he needs the help of a breathing tube that is concealed under
his collar. See it runs from his collar around his
neck to a valve behind his head. Magicians without masks use smaller
tubes that are undetectable under the water and behind the glass. At the start
of the trick the tube isn’t connected. So how does he get oxygen from the tank? The next secret is concealed by this
beautiful assistant. Another tube is hidden in your palm. It runs under her costume, up her arm and down
her back. Tricky little devil. The tube continues down to the oxygen.
When the girl is in position on the platform. The tube is carefully hidden from view
beneath this pad. It goes through the grating and along
the back side of the water tank. It runs all the way down the tank to the floor, where it eventually connects to the concealed oxygen supply. When the magician rises up in the dead
man’s float position he’s signaling his assistants that he’s
running out of air. This is when the girl secretly attaches her tube to the one
under his collar. Once it’s connected the assistant
operating the clock secretly reaches down and starts the flow of oxygen
allowing the magician to breathe easily under the water. All he has to do is float face down and
breathe normally. When the record time is within reach the
girl at the tank turns off the air, signaling to the
magician that it’s time to come out of the water. The audience thinks the assistants are
quickly helping him out of the tank but from this angle we can see that the girl is detaching
her concealed breathing tube before she gives him a hand. The magician climbs out of the water and
throws in some dramatic struggling. His theatrics convince us that he is
gasping for air after his punishing ordeal. But it was all one big trick and we know
the secrets.


  1. Narrator: "…or maybe he stopped breathing."
    Me: Umm… Yeah. He's under water. He's drown if he was breathing. He stopped breathing 20 minutes ago…

  2. yes!!!!!!!I beat him with 9

  3. David Blaine did it for real. He held the Guiness world record for over 4 months at 17 min 4 seconds.
    "" Guinness World Records ""

    Blaine appeared on the April 30, 2008 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for oxygen assisted static apnea, following his failure to break the then-current record of unassistedstatic apnea in his previous attempt Drowned Alive.The previous record was set by Peter Colat of Switzerland on February 10, 2008.

    Before entering the 1,800-US-gallon (6.8-cubic-metre) water tank, Blaine spent 23 minutes inhaling pure oxygen. Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes 4-1/2 seconds, surpassing Colat's previous mark of 16 minutes 32 seconds. This record stood for almost four and a half months, until surpassed by Tom Sietas on September 19, 2008. ""

  4. This is not how blaine did it. You can literally see the guy exhaling air lol, when blaine did it there were none. Not to mention, his record was beaten months later by a non magician

  5. What I don't get is why did he need the oxygen tank? Just have the assistant hold his secret tube out of the water and let him breathe the air normally, like as with a snorkel.

  6. this is a modified version of a classic Houdini trick called Water Torture Cell. If you don't want to know how its done please stop the video at the 10 minute mark.

  7. Narrator: are you sill holding your breath?
    Me: an niga what you thank this is
    My friend: floating on top of the water

  8. There is another way to do this without a helper, while you’re holding your breath just keep doing it until you pass out, my best is 30 minutes (its a joke don’t actually do that I didn’t)

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