How to Keep Teeth Healthy : Getting & Cleaning Dental Implants for Oral Hygiene

How to Keep Teeth Healthy : Getting & Cleaning Dental Implants for Oral Hygiene

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Hi I’m Dr. Scott Chandler with Silver Creek
Dental on behalf of Expert In this clip we are going to be talking about
how to clean around mini dental implants. Now many dental implants are a fairly new
thing in the dental market and if your dentist isn’t doing the easing, talk to him about
it. He may be able to look. Most of the time these mini dental implants are used for denture
retention, so what I’ve got here is a model of a lower denture because those seem to be
the trickiest ones. The mini dental implants you can see kind here at the bone are just
tiny titanium screws basically are posts that we put down to the jaw bone. They heel in
and they become anchors for your dentures. They’ve got a little ball on the top of
them and then inside the denture there is a little cap, a little rubber o-ring cap.
Now it is very important to keep the food and things out of that. Be sure to keep it
clean. Now we’ve got a special toothbrush we use for cleaning these. You can see it
looks kind of funny there. It’s got these round bristles that kind of wrap around those
implants and those little short ones for cleaning the top. You can kind of make something like
this of your own. I guess if you got creative with your little pair of scissors and some
things at home. But be sure you are cleaning well around these little mini implants. You
get up inside there and you clean those little brushes. Now if you have a regular toothbrush
with kind of a pointy tip, I find those tend to work better. So you clean those little
o-rings out of the caps. Now on to the important stuff; cleaning the implants. With this little
brush you get right down on the top of those implants and you can see how those bristles
just wrap right around that thing and clean all the junk off of the top of the implant
head. You got to be sure and catch it from a different couple of angles. You get one
and you brush it from several different angles. Make sure those little bristles are wrapping
around there. When you are done, take a good look and make sure you don’t have chunks
of food or anything left stuck around those. Be sure you are doing that after every meal
if you can at least twice a day. You don’t want to be loosing those implants. That will
be really important to you once you’ve got them.

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  1. this is stupid! You can't take the implants out of your mouth! Please post how to get a good cleaning by a dentist for full implants!

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