97 thoughts on “How to Kiss with Passion”

  1. Theyre is this guy I like and We have came close to having sex befor but Its either I have a tad resistance or he takes to long to get it going.
    He always asks first so he is respectful to what I want but When he asks me it makes me even more worried

  2. ….oh i am in this part of the internet; any further and i would have stumbled onto some even worse stuff…
    turns and runs

  3. Okay I SWEAR I was JUST watching Youtubers react to knife game song……………. HOW THE HELL DID I END UP IN A KISSING TUTORIAL??

  4. I'm just watching this bcuz I got a open kiss without tongue on the 'which kissing style suits you' but this one shows tongue.AND WHY THE HECK IS IT TEACHING IN A SCIENTIFIC WAY?!?

  5. Why are public displays of affection so offensive! It seems people will more readily tolerate violence than a couple having a kiss.

    I know which I prefer!

  6. well some one in my house going to get it and not in a nice way neither please sort out your Ramdom drop list , fools

  7. In a romantic drama, the stock scenario this vid can be abridged as needed. As of August 2017 I'm researching how to apply the kiss to specific points of a ballroom dance sequence. Certain moves, e.g. the corté from the tango, will beg for a one- to two-measure lip-lock when performed correctly; but the kiss can also be applied to, among other moments, mounting and dismounting the floor at the start and end, respectively, of the dance.

  8. If you want to enjoy a good kiss, hey that's great! But if you want to make him freeze in time and forget about everything in the world by "stealing" his moment's awareness and making yourself irresistible to him – with one kiss – I would go ahead and read Jillian Therkstein's stuff and her website.

  9. maybe this helps techniques of kissing better but a video can't teach you passion passion is something you feel not taught by people these are just ways of kissing better techniques although good vid

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