How to Learn Circular Breathing

How to Learn Circular Breathing

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How to Learn Circular Breathing. Practice circular breathing every day and
before long you will be able to play music continuously without missing a beat. You will need Straw Glass of water and your
woodwind instrument. Step 1. Puff out your cheeks, and then breathe normally
through your nose to get the feel of breathing with your cheeks extended. Step 2. Puff your cheeks and create a small hole between
your lips. Control the muscles in your cheeks to allow
air to exit slowly through the hole while you breathe in and out through your nose. Step 3. Place a straw in a glass of water, puff your
cheeks, and squeeze the top of the straw between your lips. Step 4. Inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale
through your mouth at a constant pace until you empty your lungs. Keep the bubbles in the water as regular as
possible. Fill your mouth with water and push it out
in a stream using your tongue and cheek muscles. Next, breathe in and out through your nose
while making the stream. Step 5. Repeat step four but, before your lungs empty,
fill your cheeks and mouth with air and inhale quickly and deeply through your nose. Close your throat off with the back of your
tongue, and continue to exhale. Step 6. Breathe in through your nose to replenish
your lungs with air while continuously blowing out the air stored in your cheeks and mouth. Switch to pushing air out from your lungs;
then close your throat and expel the air in your mouth while you inhale. Lay aside the straw and start practicing with
your instrument as soon as you feel ready to improve your circular breathing skills. Step 7. Practice holding a steady pitch using only
your mouthpiece and barrel. Blow air with your cheeks alternately puffed
and unpuffed. Then introduce circular breathing. Mask the “bump” that is commonly heard when
switching between lung air and mouth air by transitioning during a quick series of musical
notes. Step 8. Incorporate your entire wind instrument into
your circular breathing practice. Focus on mastering the technique before worrying
about making a perfect sound. Did you know A U.S. postal worker known as
“The Puffy Cheek Bandit” pleaded guilty to robbing 27 banks in five different states.

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  1. Just play the oboe and circular breathing comes naturally. The reed is super small and easy to get your head around the idea.
    Also why would anyone play the damn clarinet? it sounds horrible and looks ugly as helllll!

  2. The best explanation of circular breathing I've ever heard is this: try to smell your breath without cupping your hands.

  3. I did not even realize I have been doing this already. I learned what it was and came here to learn how to do it. Turns out that I already know, I just had to come to the realization of this.

  4. Yea right. Its not that simple. I have a new quick AND easy method of Circular breathing thats coming out soon thats going to blow all these YouTube demonstrates out oof Circular.
    Coming Soon.You Watch.

  5. I did this once, involuntarily, after falling down the stairs on my back. I just sat at the bottom breathing in and out at the same time for like 30 seconds. After a few years, I started to think maybe this never happened because it sounded too weird. At least now I know it's possible.

  6. Im homeless in AZ and I want to learn to play the didgeridoo to earn money, thanks for the great lessons, it will be hard for me to learn to do this, but I know I will crack it sooner or later.

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