How to make a Champion’s Tunic – Link’s Breath of the Wild Blue Shirt

How to make a Champion’s Tunic – Link’s Breath of the Wild Blue Shirt

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I’m Adam Hill and in this video, I’m going
to show you how I made the shirt that Link wears in Breath Of The Wild. I also included a template you can print out
for free. It is in the video description. As well as other links that are going to be
helpful. This is the second t-shirt we have done. If you want more help in using this iron-on
vinyl, watch my other video. I show the whole process. So we are going to skip through most of that
because we already covered it in a previous video. There are some things that are different when
making this shirt because we are going to have to cut the t-shirt. Let me show you what I did. This is a JERZEES brand HEAVYWEIGHT BLEND
SMALL. What great about the SMALL is it’s narrow
and long, so it works great when you have these hang down and cut the sides. When you buy larger sizes they are going to
be wider but not proportionately longer. So they are going to be more square shaped. So just know that. The color is California Blue. That is as close as I could find. I bought some other colors because it is harder
to tell on the computer screen. This one is Aquatic Blue. Same brand. It’s too baby-blue, too sky-blue. California Blue is the one you want. I will put a link to this shirt in the description. I got it off amazon, it wasn’t too
much. The vinyl that we used on the Wind Waker shirt
has a bit more of a plastic feel. This vinyl is FLOCKED vinyl and I like it
a lot. I totally recommend getting this. It has a soft texture to it and doesn’t feel
like plastic. And the white isn’t so bright, it’s a bit
more muted. It works really well for this. You take this, at the top of the shirt. Align everything up here, and we are going to trace this out. You can do it with TAILOR CHALK. This is a fabric chalk.
You can write on the shirt. You will use the template and mark it where
you need to cut. If you don’t want to use this you can buy
these disappearing ink pens. This disappears on its own. You can draw on the shirt. This is a lot nicer than the chalk. Let’s talk about the slits on the side. I cut 8″ up (20.3cm) and didn’t remove any
material. So cut that high and fold it over and sew
it. I didn’t sew, I gave it to my mother. She has a sewing machine and she did this. Perfect job. Thanks Mom! She cut the whole top off here. Just past this stitch and then if you look
on this side she cleaned it up and made sure it didn’t fray by putting another stitch on
there. It worked really nice. Then just folded it around here and stitched
really close to the edge there. Let’s take a look at this V shape and see
what she did. She cut down the middle and folded it over
and stitched it back up here. On the inside of the little lapel things she
included some interfacing and this is to help stiffen up the fabric so it does not get floppy
and loose. This shirt actually isn’t totally complete. I do have to put the lacing that goes across
this V cutout. I’m thinking maybe a gray shoelace or something
like that. I have not found the perfect stuff yet so
if you find something let me know in the comments and I can share it with everyone else. Don’t worry so much about everything being
exactly spot on. Have it a little bit off. I didn’t cut these out with super precision. I have these a little bit different sizes
and that just makes it seem more hand made and less manufactured. Hopefully, that is enough information to help
you make your own shirt. Now if you do need help ironing the vinyl
and want more info on that, again check out the Wind Waker t-shirt video because I really
cover all that stuff. Just practice on a scrap piece first and that
way you don’t mess up your shirt. It’s not hard at all. You just need an iron. If you do make one and you want to send me
some photos, go ahead and email those to me. Here is one of my son wearing his, last Haloween. Next video we do is going to be making the
shield from Breath Of The Wild. That one will be fun because we are going
to hammer some brass and make our own handle out of metal. It will probably be a few different videos
on that. So check those out. And welcome to all the new subscribers. For some reason, the Enderman Timelapse video
just took off and in a few days, less than a week we had 10,000 new subscribers. The channel really got a nice boost. So welcome everybody to the channel! I’ll see you next time. Take care. I’m going to faint from breathing like this.

72 thoughts on “How to make a Champion’s Tunic – Link’s Breath of the Wild Blue Shirt”

  1. Hi Adam how are you? I'm a big fan of your work. I know I'm going to sound creepy, but I wanted to ask what did you use for the boots and pants? Thanks

  2. Amazing stuff, always enjoy watching you make stuff. Keep it up like always. Glad to see the channel growing too.

  3. I would love to do this but with embroidery i think it could turn out great and alot better than my fabric painted wind waker shirt

  4. Hey! Hi!
    i realy like your videos
    can you made the scarf of daruk or link? i'l glad if you made it
    as soon as i finish my rings i will send you a photo
    thanks for all

  5. this is amazing!!! I'm on a low budget so this makes things easier, buying fabric is so expensive!! btw, do you have these pre-made to sell? just curious

  6. I did one of these years ago based off the E3 2014 tunic. Instead of Vinyl, I used cloth puffy glue which won't come off if put in a washing machine. In hindsight your way was easier. I used a clothing design for a tunic from walmart and made it from scratch… If I ever do it again, I think I'll do it your way…

  7. How many sheets of the vinyl did you use? I don't want to buy too much extra because that stuff isn't exactly cheap.

  8. Thanks so so much for this video!! Fantastic work! Just out of curiosity, is the template for an adult or child size small shirt?

  9. Could you possibly upload or talk about how your mom sewed the shirt? Like how she did the corners and side slits? Thanks <3

  10. I really want to do this but I'm not sure about the ironing it cuz the designs looks like it will fall off. could fabric glue or something should do the trick?

  11. I'm planning on doing a dark link cosplay as BOTW link… using a black button up shirt… but I might need red masking tape

  12. Need help! The template for the Breath of the Wild includes instruction on where to apply the vinyl to the shirt. Do you have the template for the vinyl with all the shapes together on a page so I can copy and run thru my printer?

  13. Thank you so much for all you provided for making this tunic. I ended up buying Heat & Bond sheets from local fabric store and lucked out on some 70% off on white faux ultrasuede. The double sided interfacing worked reasonably well to hold the trim onto fabric but I ended up sewing them down using a fine white polyester thread and small stitches. Almost finished – phew – and it was all okay once I got my head around the project. Oh, should add that I adapted a pj top and sewed the tunic from some beautiful turquoise blue woven fabric. Again, thank you! Any ideas how to make his felt boots?

  14. Hiii!! I just wanna give you a BIG thank you for making this tutorial! My friend has a Halloween party this Saturday and I really wanted to go as Link, and I didn't know how until I found this video and it helped TONS!!! The template is also SUPER helpful and thanks to you I was able to make this costume happen! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! It's clear and you show how to do it all really easily! Thumbs up and a sub for you!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  15. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiincreible

  16. Now you just gotta make sure he has the Master Sword and he’ll be ready to protect princess Zelda from the Guardians!

    To much?

  17. I made one for my son. Used steam-a-seam cause I don't really sew (and was short on time too) and used fabric paint using your guides like stencils (cause couldn't find the right vinyl locally…and the vinyl I did find was shiny and expensive). Came out great though! I had a very happy 10 year old this Halloween! Thanks so much!

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