45 thoughts on “How to Practice Belly Breathing – Nemours Children’s Health System”

  1. Someone asked, "How long does it take to retrain a habit?" Our Speech Pathologist Julia says, "it depends on how frequently you practice it. The more times a day you practice (and correctly), the quicker it will become your automatic pattern of breathing."

  2. Thank you so much, this really helped me relieve a lot of the stress I’ve been feeling. If I’m not wrong, this also helps strengthen your abdominal muscles?

  3. Thank you for doing this! My RMT wanted me to learn Diaphragmatic breathing(I forgot for what reason) and this have been very effective in helping me learn this. I know I have to do it more often to get into the habit. Thanks again =)

  4. Is it only me ? when i tried doing this after 3-5 times i felt like i was tired or am having asthma. Please tell me the reason why i felt it that way.

  5. teaching breathing over 3 positions is a smart technique. Appreciate the guided video. some quality insights for breath-work.

  6. Im used to having constant tension on my abs… when i breath like this i look 6 months pregnant an feel bloated…. but i will try to keep going lol

  7. As a fellow healthcare professional, I have tremendous respect and admiration for what you are doing with children and athletes. It's one thing to have specialized training, but you seem to truly be passionate in your chosen profession. You are making a huge difference in the lives of these young ones. God bless you. The world needs more professionals like you.

  8. Ideally your chest expanda with your belly. It’s not optimal to expand your belly without expanding your rib cage.

  9. Breathing without my chest feels like I’m holding my breath/suffocating. I don’t get enough air. So, I cant do it for a long time. It makes no sense to me anyway since my lungs are in my chest..

  10. I am a singer and I was taught that basically, the idea is to put your hands in your ribs and try to expand them other than the belly. You will end up with a huge belly after some years. Am I the only one spoiler?

  11. This is very informative! as teachers I think its very important to understand the functions of the muscles that make the voice work! and the diaphragm is one of them. well made video!

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