How to Prevent and Heal Gum Disease Naturally

How to Prevent and Heal Gum Disease Naturally

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One of the biggest recent advances in
medicine is the role of the gut in the health of your entire body. Your gut is a home of trillions of microbes all living within the digestive system. These microbes live and manage many of the body’s physiological processes. This includes the absorption of nutrients and protection against infections. But the digestive microbiome and the gut barrier are now implicated in many disease processes. Research is showing that gut dysfunctions’ role in chronic disease disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions,
obesity and even degenerative conditions of the brain. Dentists in their day-to-day work deal with the oral microbiome. The oral flora are the first point of contact with the world. Yet it’s a much less appreciated aspect of our microbiome. A newborn’s first point of contact with the world is their mouth where they receive microbes from the birth passage, breastfeeding and all the further contact with their parents. Throughout our lives the mouth continues
to act as a bodyguard for the entire gut microbiome. Every second, you swallow thousands of bacteria. Your dental health is the first sign of your
gut health. Bacteria in the mouth play a protective role against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. When healing the gut we must also heal the mouth and any whole body health approach needs to take the oral microbiome into account. Your oral health is a primary sign of the mouth gut axis. We should never think of the mouth or health as a separate entity to the rest of the body. The human microbiome shows us that our body is a synergistic system. In The Dental Diet we’ll learn how to use your teeth as a sign of your downstream gut health and how to heal the entire digestive tract through delicious and natural food.

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