How To Rap – Breathing Techniques

How To Rap – Breathing Techniques

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Hey what’s up everybody? This is Cole Mize
with bringing you another segment of “Be A Better Rapper Now”. Today
i’m going to be talking about breathing techniques. And I know what you’re thinking, “Cole I already
know how to breath, If I wasn’t breathing I couldn’t even be watching this video, I
wouldn’t even be alive. That’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about specifically
breathing techniques to help you improve your raps. And how can that happen? What do I mean
by that? Well think of your lungs like a gas tank and we all know what happens to a car
when it runs out of gas, it dies! So think about it like that. Now you don’t want to
use all the gas up in your tank, you don’t want to use all the air up in your lungs and
then you’re trying to take these long deep gasping breaths trying to get it back. You
don’t want to do that because you see everyone’s lungs has a threshold and once you go underneath
that threshold you energy level in your vocals will just drop immediately. So your emotion,
your tone, just your overall vibe is going to be affected negatively by that and you
don’t want that to happen. So the way that you can prevent that from happening is this.
Take short breaths consistently as possible. And what that’s going to do is allow you not
to wait until after you run our of breath okay but it’s going to be consistently kind
of topping off the tank if you think about it that way. So that’s going to allow you
to retain the energy and the motion and the vibe with out any type of contamination. Now
the important thing to realize is this, this is actually a technique of writing because
when you have this understanding of breathing it will change the way you write your lyrics
because now you will have that in mind ” I need to give myself little pockets of space
in order to breathe”. So it will become a very important part of your writing process.
So what i’m going to show you is an actual verse that I wrote and I put little markers
in there to remind me where to breathe at. Now I don’t write this way personally because
I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s just become my instinct to do this but for
people who are just starting off this is very important. I highly recommend that you try
this technique out to remind you when to breath. So let’s just check it out real quick. So
these B’s represent breaths or breath okay? so as you can see I have one here at the beginning
of the second bar. Here at the third bar and if you notice here going into the fourth bar
you’ll notice I have a breath right here before the last word and then right below that I
have another breathe and you may be wondering why would I put breaths so quick together
is because the way that i’m rapping this is that last bar just goes in with no breathing
with constant words just back to back to back with no pauses. So that’s allowing me to put
a little more gas in the tank before I take a little stretch. So without further ado let’s
go in and check out what i’m talking about. I’m going to rap one time without breathing
so you can hear the strain that’s put on my vocals and how it’s effecting it negatively.
Then i’m going to do it with breathing so you can see the difference. Alright, so let’s
go. I got a story to tell if it’s alright, my best friend before she was my wife came
with me and my cousin to have fun with us at a function one night. We was just rolling
down the street strolling to go bowling no smoking toking snorting coke and popping open
pills just holy ghosting. “gaps for breath” Okay now with breathing, here we go I got
a story to tell if it’s alright, my best friend before she was my wife came with me and my
cousin to have fun with us at a function one night. We was just rolling down the street
strolling to go bowling no smoking toking snorting coke and popping open pills just
holy ghosting. So you can here the dramatic different that makes. Use this technique it
will benefit you greatly I guarantee it. And just in case you are wondering the beat that
i’m playing is called change your life it’s on under the beat store
it’s by Platinum Seller Beats feel free to go over there and practice to it if you want.
This is Cole Mize with with another segment of “Be A Better Rapper
Now” until next time ya’ll take care and we’ll holler at you. Peace!

100 thoughts on “How To Rap – Breathing Techniques”

  1. I'm definitely gonna try this cuz I have a really cool song my breathing just off and my lyrics are literally right after the other one

  2. Thank you, I don't rap a lot but I write a lot so this was easy to implement into already written songs by just switching up the flow.

  3. Yeah but like I wanna learn a fast rap might and high by CSWS i already can do the lyrics but you almost can breath there consistently cuz it’s really fast

  4. I'm a smoker (i want to quit) so this video has helped me alot because tbh breathing while I'm rapping is an obstacle for me lol i hate saying that about my self but it's true.

  5. Good Job Bro. Breathing also helps me with the pronounciation of words too. Singing other artist’s raps is hard as you have to study their breathing but I enjoy the challenge. You’ve gave me more confidence to write my own bearing (B) in mind. Thanks man 👊🏻

  6. I know im really late but i came back to ask how does K.A.A.N not sound like he doesn't breathe what so ever! What does he do!?

  7. If you don't mind me asking? Do you mix and master? Cause I've been trying to find a studio for so long. I'm an up and coming rapper.

  8. THANK YOU . you seriously just gave me exactly what In needed to know in a simple and straight forward way. no bullshit just damn helpful tips. Bless up

  9. I hope this works in my school talent show I'm singing Rap God and I know all the lyrics to The Fast verse but I lose breath quicky

  10. Got a beat but my lyrics require so many syllables in between each breath and it's hard to spit without the music but it's also hard to listen to it at the same time because if i lose my place it's just gonna throw me off completely taking a breather

  11. Okay, this is a nice video, but I got a question. There’s this rapper K.A.A.N, who continuously raps fast syllables and barely breathes, how do you do that? Like I know sometimes he cuts out his breaths, but rarely, and his high pitched voice disguises some breaths, but how do you do that?

  12. bro your channel helps me alot in my craft,
    I've got one questions
    every time I'm writing on some beats, maybe making tapes, why do i feel like i have to get everything right, I'm that type od person that need everything to be perfect, although everything cannot be with my ideas and my skills for the timing but i do have that mindset.. i feel like yo I'm not satisfied with this bar i have to re arrange, rethink to make that bar to be more flawless and cadence.. can you help me with that
    and thank you for all the worka you've put in, I'm waiting for your new videos and your a humble person

  13. This will benefit you greatly!
    And if you were wondering, the beat was called change yo life! XXXD that deserved a like ahahaha

  14. Well run open yah lungs up take deep breaths while you run for like 2 weeks straight bet yah delivery and breath and sound be different

  15. I'm a rapper boi
    Ya better clap or die
    What all that racket? Noise.
    It's you trying to rap boi

    You so bad so mad
    So sad but I so glad
    But look at me in my glory
    It almost feel like a victory

    No story no more
    Roaring? Not sure.
    Roaring at me
    For just soaring in popularity

    Even I'm doing this
    Because it's related
    7 ate 9
    (I want you guys to make a chorus

  16. when ever you said take short breaths when ever you can i went back started rapping and it helped a lot thanks a lot man.

  17. Eminem has the perfect breathing techniques. He just don't need to breathe or something. The Ringer had like a minute of just non-stop flow. His lungs are non existent.

  18. Thank you so much, your videos allowed me to understand rap better, it took me from, like, 1 to 7 in short period of time

  19. hi i need to rap fast for my wife and kids at home. thank you now im the best rapper in my house hold. woo wooo

  20. Bro you are legit the most informative, easy to understand, all round rap instructor I've learnt from. Watched heaps of your videos. Keep at it!

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