How to reduce your bad breath with this one step!

How to reduce your bad breath with this one step!

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[Red Oak Family Dentistry] Hey guys this is Dr. Do here over at
Red Oak Family Dentistry here in McKinney, TX,
[Anthony Do, DMD
Red Oak Family Dentistry] wanted to talk to you about something that’s
very important to all my patients, bad breath. So a lot of my patients always ask me,
“How do I prevent bad breath?”. And what I always tell them is of course,
you’ve got to brush, you’ve got to floss, you’ve got to eat the right foods, that’s obvious, but the one thing that you could do that could
really clear up your bad breath is you could, scrape your tongue. Now a lot of my patients say they brush their tongue,
but you can’t quite brush it right, and when you scrape your tongue,
you can’t quite scrape the front, you’ve got to scrape the back right. And the reason you’ve got to do that is because, you’re tongue when you kinda feel the surface of it, is like a shag carpet. You can’t just brush it, you’ve got to scrape it, right, and in those little grooves of your tongue,
live something called anaerobic bacteria. Those are the bacteria that live in oxygen
deprived areas that eat the proteins that you eat and release sulfur releasing compounds
which you know as bad breath. So our goal today is to teach you how to scrape
the back of your tongue. Now a lot of you are probably wondering,
easier said than done, “It’s going to gag me!”, but today I’m going to teach you a trick too
as well. The product I recommend for you
is something called an orabrush, again you can find it over the counter pretty easy. The cool thing about it is that it’s actually
a brush and a scraper in one, so you can do dual duty with that. And so today what I’m going to demonstrate to you is how to use this without gagging yourself. So, today I’m going to have my friend Hobie
and he’s going to show you, he’s gonna help me demonstrate how to prevent your gag reflex, but to show you I actually have a gag reflex,
Hobie is going to come here and gag me. Ready? Yep. Alright so, how do you suppress a gag reflex? What you do is… you see this skin over here? This is what we call the Tragus, and what you do is just grab it like that
and pinch it real hard, just like that. And when pinch it what happens is you’re suppressing the signal of the gag reflex that goes to your brain, and so you just kinda pinch it for about maybe10-15 seconds, just to get it going. And then what I’m going to do is I’m gonna have Hobie
go ahead and try it again. OK, let’s go. Good, there you go, it’s like magic. Now you’re probably wondering,
“Do I need a spouse to scrape my tongue?”. No. What I usually do I actually just pinch one
side of my ear and then I just scrape it and I find that’s enough to actually suppress the
gag reflex. And if you really want to really get fresh breath,
what I recommend is use Therabreath toothpaste. I recommend the mouthwash, but use the toothpaste
and put it on the brush. So go ahead and squeeze a little bit on the
brush and then go ahead and scrape the back your tongue. The great thing about this is that it’s an
oxidizer, so Ii oxidizes the areas where the anaerobic
bacteria are releasing oxygen, which is poisonous to some bacteria that can only live in oxygen
deprived areas. So if you have any questions or comments, please
comment below. Please share and like this video to all your
friends and family. Again, I’m Dr. Anthony Do here at Red Oak
Family Dentistry here in McKinney, TX,
[Anthony Do, DMD
Red Oak Family Dentistry] as always, have a great day. [Red Oak Family Dentistry]

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