How To Sing Using Deep Breathing – LESSON 10 – Craig Shimizu Voice

How To Sing Using Deep Breathing – LESSON 10 – Craig Shimizu Voice

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Hi this is Craig from Shimizu Voice using
my batman voice for this video. This video is meant to show you how to breathe
down to your pelvic floor. This type of deep breathing produces the least amount of stress
throughout the body to prepare yourself for singing without tension. The keys to this deep breathing are the high
but relaxed chest position and the loose lower stomach area. The chest should not be moving
during inhalation or exhalation. The breathing should be felt in the lower stomach area,
the pelvic floor and towards the buttocks. The buttocks really does not become
noticeably larger. The animation is an exaggeration to help you breathe lower. The inhalation should take two seconds and
the exhalation should be for four seconds. The exhalation should be noisy because it’s
much easier to exhale for four seconds with slight vocal fold restriction. Use a breathy
“ahh” as demonstrated during exhalation. This type of deep breathing also allows you
to breathe through your nose deeply without having to force the air in even in a short
period. Breathing through the nose is the healthy way to breathe because the nose warms
and cleans the air before it enters the lungs. The result of this type of breathing should
be a lighter sensation throughout the body and a calm mind. This should be used whenever you are stressed
whether it be from daily activities or before you go onstage. If this video was helpful please give it a
thumbs up and subscribe so you can be notified as soon as I release a new video. Thanks for your time and have a great day. This is Craig from Shimizu Voice signing off.

15 thoughts on “How To Sing Using Deep Breathing – LESSON 10 – Craig Shimizu Voice”

  1. Hi,
    This Batman version of deep breathing is great! Having heard a lot about "deep breathing" in the past through dancing, sports, the gym, it's easy to not fully grasp it or even tune it out.
    Your raspy voice whispering directions , and the constant repetitive breathing sounds in the background with the visual diagrams of what is happening, worked for me. Thanks for making it interesting! Sandy.

  2. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out how to sing properly online try Megarno Super Singer Magician(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

  3. nice thank you so very much! I am wanting to get my voice in order and no where have I been able to receive help except here. Nice lol Batman voice 🙂

  4. Hi Craig! Thanks for this video. First Iwanted to suggest to you that you might want to adjust the sound level because the intro is very loud and the video very soft.
    Second I wanted to ask you this: I very often feel out of breath on long line especially the high pitched ones. I try to keep my rib cage up and open while the air comes out and I breathe in the belly but still, i find i have short breath. The other members of my choir can sing long lines and I can't. Are there exercices I should do to increase the amount of air I can intake. Thanks for your time!

  5. Am i supposed to feel my lower ribs expand both forwards and from the sides or am i supposed to just feel the side of my ribs expanding sideways? Because right now, I’m having trouble expanding the side of my ribs and my solar plexus. I can feel the expansion in the side of my ribs, but only a little amount of expansion is felt at my solar plexus. The only way i can make my solar plexus expand much is by making the front of my ribs move forward, but I do not feel much expansion at the sides.

    Also, for some reason, I have the issue of only being able to sing for 1-2 seconds, but my voice feels weak and I can’t sing louder.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I am currently very confused and frustrated.

  6. And its ok to distract co workers with your loud breathing, but its addictive, not to overdo. A perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing – Lao Tsu

  7. Am I supposed to move my ribs because in the other video you said to keep the sternum and the side ribs stationary which does not match with the animation? Also, you are a great vocal coach cuz you explain stuff well, thanks for the videos!

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