How to Treat Diarrhea

How to Treat Diarrhea

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How to Treat Diarrhea. Symptoms of diarrhea include frequent loose
stools, abdominal cramps, and dehydration, all of which are uncomfortable for you or
your children. Because diarrhea is usually not a serious
illness, it can easily be treated at home. You will need Fluids Clean hands and doctor. Step 1. Treat your child’s diarrhea at home by increasing
fluids that help replace electrolytes, like sports drinks. For babies, offer them additional breast milk
or formula. Avoid plain water, fruit juice, and sodas. Step 2. Continue your child on their regular diet. Step 3. Frequently wash your hands and your child’s
hands. Keep suspected diarrhea contaminated areas
clean. Step 4. Consult a doctor if your child’s symptoms
do not improve within 24 hours. Call a doctor if your baby has not had a wet
diaper in over three hours, has a fever higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, is unusually
sleepy, has a dry mouth, or has bloody or black stools. Step 5. Treat diarrhea in adults by drinking plenty
of clear fluids such as water, broths, and gelatins. Avoid coffee, alcohol, and apple and pear
juices. Step 6. Gradually add solid and low fiber foods such
as soda crackers, toast, and chicken. Avoid dairy products, high fiber, and fatty
foods. Step 7. Consult a doctor if you are an adult and the
diarrhea lasts longer than three days, you are dehydrated, and you have severe rectal
or abdominal pain, bloody or black stools, or a temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Eating the right things — or getting the
right advice from the doctor — will have you back to your regular self in no time. Did you know Acute diarrhea is commonly caused
by consuming food or water contaminated with a viral infection, bacteria, or parasite.

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  1. ive been having this for 3 days… The and did everything to stop it but everytime i try it just happens… whats weird is that i feel no pain and i have no headaches nothing like that.. btw the dirrhea is like whitish brown what do I do? im worried

  2. can someone please help me? im having diarrhea for 4 days alr. other then that im having mild fever and vomiting ive alr went to the doctor twice but it isnt helping me much

  3. I once had to babysit and got diarrhea at there house, with to kids! I'm like why now why here! I'm babysitting again tomorrow I'm so scared and nervous!

  4. im sitting on the toilet pooping water now. the grumbling sound from my abdomen wokes me up this morning and i had no clue how i got the first diarrhea of my life:/

  5. hey guys help… for the last week I've been having diarrhea and I was sick then I got ear infection and I haven't been eating solid foods. I've haven't really been eating much at all and just drinking water

  6. When I get diarrhea and I tell my mom to let me stay from school she doesn't let me. So one day in the bathroom I did you know the poop water thing, and I flushed and left and the girl went inside the bathroom and came out saying it smelled like diarrhea. So then I confessed to my teacher that it was
    Me and I went home.. GG mom!

  7. "Keep your child on their regular diet" shows picture of a kid eating a burger "Avoid fatty foods" wow…

  8. I was on holiday. the last 4 days and still now. I'm having diarrhea. and you shouldn't have sports drinks, you should have water.

  9. “It can be easily treated at home”
    What you need-
    Clean hands
    And a doctor….. wtf I don’t have doctors just hanging out at my house

  10. I had a diarrhea since december 31 2017 and now it's january 2 2018 i should say i had a diarrhea since last year ..i do multiple task 🙂 i can poop ,pee,and puke at the same time ..ah i'm embarrased if your reading this one and i had a question can you do multiple task too?:)

  11. During winter break i was throwing up and had diarriha.and one day i still had diarriha and we had to go to the mall.

  12. OOF, I should've listen to my mom… She told me not to drink the green tea…. Now my stomach hurts and i gotta have Diarreah UGHH.

  13. It must be amazing having diarrhoea two weeks before your birthday and when your staying at your friend’s house tomorrow 😭

  14. I can’t sleep! I keep waking up with pain on my stomach then grumbles. I rush to the bathroom and just poop water.! Can’t get a good sleep!

  15. Diareah can easily be treated at home you will need: Fluids, A doctor
    Avoid Plain water 🙄
    This video is sponsored by Gatorade.

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