How to use an Anterior (blue) XCP dental film / PSP holder for Dental Xrays

How to use an Anterior (blue) XCP dental film / PSP holder for Dental Xrays

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now we’ll go over how to use the
extension cone paralleling technique so these are xcp holders the easiest one to
assemble usually is the the anterior one which is in blue and so you have the
bite block here, the metal rod and the ring. what you want to do – probably the
easiest way is to first assemble the bite block and the metal rod and then
when that’s put together you want it to look like a chair formation like this or
some people call it steps like this and then you put the ring on in such a way that
when you look through the ring you can see the bite block in the middle and we
have a couple different sensors that are being used nowadays. What I’m going
to put in now is a PSP plate it’s wrapped. it’s a photo stimulus phosphor
plate put it in like this and then you look through the ring you can see the
plate there (centered in the ring) and then so for the anterior teeth you would put this in like this
and expose the x-ray this way and then change out the film or sensor and get a
new one and do the canine here Center on the canine have the canine tooth biting
right in the middle of that bite block area here. same thing for this one for
the lower teeth you would just flip this facing the lower teeth do the middle to
the canine, the other canine. Common sort of misconfigurations with what this
instrument is… well the more basic one is to put the PSP plate correctly so you
put the black side to the ring always if you put it this way here and end up with
like a metal water mark sort of a circle on the image
it’ not going to look pretty (and the image will be reversed) and this is a regular film so you would with the
film you would put the solid white side to the ring and then the most common
sort of misconfiguration when this gets put together sometimes people put
the bite block this way and I call it looking like a Big Dipper so you don’t
want you don’t want the Big Dipper view because then you look through here
obviously you don’t see the the bite block (in the middle of the ring) that’s it (Thanks for watching and reading the subtitles)

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  1. Again thanks – I've watched all your videos on assembling film holders – the 'steps' part was great as an explanation in this one!

  2. Correct, however, the primary intention of this video is to show inquiring minds how to configure the XCP instruments. A real mouth does have a few potential disadvantages as well as advantages. The disadvantages are as you mentioned, the tongue may get in the way, as well as the presence of bony tori, tight cheeks, stringy saliva, and excess adipose tissue. One advantage over a model, is that real patients respond by closing their own mouths, unlike a model whose mouth you have to open/close.

  3. These guys have great stuff!!

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