How to use an interdental brush effectively

How to use an interdental brush effectively

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It’s important to clean between your
teeth everyday before using your toothbrush this help reduce the risk of gum disease
and decay you should do this before bed everyday Imagine cleaning cars and motorbikes parked next to each other They’re parked close together. You won’t reach between them with just a toothbrush. Interdental cleaning helps you reach the
gaps Spaces between teeth aren’t the same size in everyone’s mouths So ask your dental health professional if interdental brushes are right for you and – if so what size and design to use. Brushing your teeth is boring! It’s easy skip cleaning between them Use the free Brush DJ app to remind you to interdental clean! It takes time to get the technique right, so use
interdental brushes in front of a mirror so you can see where you are cleaning Without any toothpaste on, insert the
interdental brush into hard to reach places first, like between your back teeth Pre-curve the brush around your finger to help reach Move on to clean between the rest of your teeth remembering not to miss any gaps Go in-and-out once or twice making sure the brush goes all the way through the gap just below where the teeth meet and out the other side Try not to force the brush into gaps it should be a snug fit Don’t be aggressive and don’t go more than twice Every two teeth you clean wash the interdental brush with water to remove the stuff that builds up on it then continue cleaning Dispose of an interdental brush when it gets
bent or worn After you’ve cleaned between every tooth. Spit out, press play on the Brush DJ app, and use your toothbrush for two minutes while
enjoying your favourite tunes. Helped keep brushing fun and effective
Download the free Brush DJ app today 🙂

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