14 thoughts on “How to Use Coconut Oil | Skin Care”

  1. In India, we use coconut oil on hair (almost daily), on the body (maybe once a week), and even in cooking… I can say for sure that coconut oil is one of the best available natural moisturizer and a natural fragrance!! Just apply a lot of it on your head, soak it for an hour and take a shower with your regular shampoo and do it every week for best results 🙂

  2. it's great for rubbing on the back and chest when one has bronchitis. Rub also on the head when congested.

  3. but don't use too much of it , here in Europe some people from India are a bit smelly the hair , because of coconuts oil , so it is not always good

  4. I didn't know it can be used as makeup remover.. I will try it. I use coconut oil as a prepoo on my hair I got really long hair to my knees. Its a great moisturizer it has a lovely scent too.

  5. one downside to coconut oil… for about two weeks after you start using it you feel like you have the flu.

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