How to use dental floss effectively


It’s important to clean between your
teeth… every day before using your toothbrush
to help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Imagine cleaning cars and motorbikes parked next to each other… they are parked close together… you won’t
reach between them with just a brush! Dental floss helps you reach the gaps. Brushing your teeth is boring, its easy to skip cleaning between them. Use the FREE Brush DJ app to remind you
to floss. If using traditional dental floss or tape… take 18 inches of floss, then on both hands… wrap it around the fingers next to your thumbs. There are two ways to put pressure on
the floss to help you clean. For your lower teeth use your middle fingers. For your upper teeth use your thumbs. When flossing for the first time choose a part of your mouth you can reach easily to get used to the technique. like the lower premolars. The aim is to… Get an inch of floss between your thumbs or middle fingers… place it were two teeth contact.
The floss probably won’t… drop down between the teeth.
To get the floss into this tight gap… wiggle gently backwards and forwards
towards the gum… eventually it will get through the tight
contact and you will reach the gum line. Don’t hacksaw into your gums! Once you have reached the gap move the floss gently below the gum. First to do this on the tooth furthest back.
Get it 1 to 2 mm under the gum. See how from above of floss forms a c-shape. Wiggle the floss back and forth… up the surface of the tooth… get it all
the way past the contact point… and pull it out from the gap.
Now move your long piece of floss along… so that you have a clean section and go
through the same gap again. This time the c-shaped should be the
other way around… going against the tooth furthest forward. Again wiggle out along the surface taking out
the stuff… that collects between the teeth.
That’s the sequence… now repeat this between all the teeth in
your mouth. If using a floss pick use a similar technique, but… wash it under running water every two
teeth to get the stuff off. Some people prefer floss picks to
tradition floss. Super floss is used to clean
under bridges. When you have a bridge fitted your dental
health professional should demonstrate… how best to keep it clean. Thread the super floss under the bridge
until you reach the fluffy bit… now gently wiggle back and forth to
remove stuff that can build up underneath your bridge Always have two boxes of floss in the house. If one runs out you can start using the second one straight away. That way you won’t miss a day. After you clean between every tooth, spit out and press play on the FREE Brush DJ app… and use your toothbrush for two minutes
while enjoying your favorite tunes ๐Ÿ™‚ Help keep brushing fun and effective! Download the FREE Brush DJ app today ๐Ÿ™‚

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