37 thoughts on “How to Whiten Teeth INSTANTLY at home!”

  1. I'm following you on Instagram for quite long….but it's first time I'm listening your Voice…insane…you sound soo swt…😘😘

  2. this kind of behaviour is what demages people. She says: Dont mind about the mess.Her house is very organized. Dont mind about my face, i am still wearing pyjamas.She has a lot of make up, she really worked hard on her make up, just to pretend that she has just woken up. Dont feel bad women.Nobody wakes up with face powder and eye maskara.

  3. Whaaat the heck!! I spent $200 on professional whitening and I have tumeric and coconut oil at home!!! Dude if I would have only seen this video 3 months ago.. Wahhhh

  4. Before this I saw your silent videos .
    Today I listen u here
    Wawooo u looks so innocent while talking
    Love from Pakistan

  5. So fuckin fake. Just takes the normal ingredients she uses for other beauty stuff and then claims they have whitening properties.

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