HydrOxy Gas AquaCure Deutschland Inhalation George Wiseman

HydrOxy Gas AquaCure Deutschland Inhalation George Wiseman

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Hier ist die AquaCure MAschine, gerade aus der verpackung geholt hier ist das Zubehör , aber darauf kommen wir gleich-.. bleiben Sie dabei Das Wichtigste ist die Sicherheit. Lesen Sie die Wanrhinweise auch in der Anleitung Wir haben viele Sicherheitsaspekte zu Ihrer Sicherheit integriert BITTE NIE die Maschine aufmachen. Innen gibts nichts einzustellen Es besteht sogar eine Gefahr, wenn sie den AquaCure aufmachen. Alles ist aussen einstellbar we’ve already taken the funnel that
comes with the machine and filled it up Wir haben ein anderes Video, dass Ihnen zeigt, wie die LAuge zu machen ist Hier sehen Sie den Flüssigkeitsstand Die deutsche version ist mit einer zeitschaltuhr ausgestattet der Aquacure gibt ein Alarmsignal ab, wenn zu wenig oder zu viel Flüssigkeit im Gerät ist alsonie höher einfüllen als dieser Punkt Diese LED zeigt die Gasproduktion Wenn der Druck fehlerhaft ist, wird automatisch abgeschaltet Wenn diese Lampe grün leuchtet , ist das Gerät angeschaltet this point and when you press any of
these timing buttons let’s press the thirty minute you’ll see the green LED
turn on there when it gets down to fifteen minutes it’ll automatically say
go down through these timers until it flashes a few times and then goes to off
automatically so the other thing that can happen with the timer is if you’re
going to use the torch or if you’re using like you want to not have it shut
off at 30 minutes like if you have are using it for oxygen hydrogen
supplementation at night when you’re sleeping then you just press and hold
this button until that light goes out and the red LED comes on down here at
that point this machine will just keep running until the low liquid level shuts
it off and a very loud alarm of you I guarantee you’ll wake up when that alarm
goes off you’ve got several hours of use in here so there should actually be
never time and if you look here at the sight tube you can actually see what the
liquid level is during testing we have it quite low because we don’t need to
have a lot of fluid in there but this liquid level with the blue that you can
see there you never want to have it go higher than here so when you’re filling
it you want to fill it very slowly because the liquid level actually lags
behind the level in the electrolyzer a little bit so again never have the
liquid level go below at this point here or the alarm will go off and now in
order to shut it off even at any time you can just push this button and it
shuts off this main power switch turns off the electronics and the LED but
there’s no gas production when you just turn that on until you actually turn on
the timer with one of the settings in one way or another okay when you’re
producing gas and I’ll just show you this here if for some reason the hose
gets kinked or plugged as soon as the pressure rises above one psi the green
light goes out now I’ll release the pressure so the green light is on it’s
making gas production coming out this hose here and when I put my thumb on
here to plug it as soon as the gas rises above one PSI it’s off if there’s a slow
leak like I’ll see if I can simulate slow leak here the light will go on and
off and on and off as the gas pressure keeps turning on and hitting that one
psi level okay now the attachments that come with the machine first you have
this what’s normally used as an oxygen concentrator adapter hose which in this
particular case we you can just put on here like so and then it goes over to
what do we call this the filter this is the first place where the gas coming out
bubbles through this water and takes out any lye missed this is your secondary
line of defense on the lye mist and this threaded piece here goes in here so it
just threads on there like that it’s moderately tight again there’s no reason
to make it very tight and now you can see the gas bubbling through the
humidifier here then we come I already prefilled these with water from
distilled water always distilled water distilled water in the machine distilled
water in the filter distilled water in the humidifier distilled water in the
bubbler so now we come to the bubbler you’d think ok we have three different
bubblers here and they’re all called different things just for convenience
sake the filter the humidifier because this is an oxygen humidifier and then
the bubbler this is I made a larger container and I actually made it with
fittings that you can trade out to another container if you want and so
what happens is the gas comes out of the humidifier into the bubbler down to the
bottom of the bubbler stone bubbles up through this liquid and this is the lick
the magic liquid that you drink these liquids here you can end up pouring back
into the machine if it needs water or whatever but generally you’ll be
discarding these because they have a little bit of lye on them by the time
you get over here there’s no lye it’s been scrubbed out you trade these out
often enough that the that the water remains pure so it’ll grab onto the lye
so here we go the Browns gas hydroxy mixture
is bubbling up through here it takes about ten minutes of bubbling to fully
saturate this water with the Browns gas which includes the oxygen hydrogen and
electrically expanded water so there we have it we’re making water that we can
drink now I call this a twofer because there’s two things you can do with it
obviously the gas is escaping out the top of the machine so what we can do is
just simply put on an oxygen cannula and we can breathe that gas that’s coming
out of the top of the tube so we’re making our drinking water at the same
time as breathing our gas now I usually breathe for at least a half an hour a
day if I don’t have very much time I’ve breathed for up but eight hours a day if
I’m sitting at my computer a lot and you can also sit by your bedside and when
you’re watching TV or reading a book or anytime you’re sitting down or even
exercising if you have a treadmill or something you can be breathing the gas
anytime that you’re actually can be in one spot so this is when you’re actually
breathing the machine comes with all this setup here including two of the
nose cannulas now this is my personal one because I got my up it’s been up my
nose so I won’t send it out to a customer and when you’re done with it
you can actually like eventually the cannulas get dirty and what you can do
is cut the cannulas off the end so to cut off the nose pieces and you have a
spare hose the spare hose is very handy because you can put that on there and
then you can use it for putting into a bubbling into another container that we
have water in the container and you can bubble the water in another container so
it comes with an extra bubbler like that and it obviously you can do this in a
water bottle or a gallon jug or anything like that to make additional bubbled
water the machine I had set on a five minute timer so if you heard it just
shut off so I’m going to put it on a thirty minute timer while we’re doing
all this an additional thing you can do is you’ll notice this little white piece
the in your kit when that little white piece
goes on the end of the hose you can put it on the spot applicator now obviously
this is a funnel that’s been repurposed in our case but it’s silicone and we can
simply put that on there now we have the Browns gas in an adjustable spot
applicator so if you have a wound or a if you want to do your eye or if you
want to do any particular spots that are smaller than this particular applicator
you can do the Browns gas directly on your skin now another thing that can be
done with the hose when it’s like this is you can actually bag a limb and these
bags don’t come with it there you can buy them in the drugstore they’re
generally made for covering a cast or something like on a leg cast or an arm
cast or something so what they do you do you grab the hose and you put your arm
right in there this is for treating carpal tunnel
syndrome or rashes or psoriasis or any of those kind of things and they usually
come with a strap that you can then not cut off the circulation but make it
tight enough that the gas generally stays in and the gas will go right on
the skin but even through the skin into the bloodstream if necessary so that is
another way of treating and of course once you have water that’s bubbled then
you can treat that you can use a sponge or a cotton ball or some such thing and
and tape like if you have psoriasis or a wound you can put the Browns gas bubbled
water directly onto your skin as well so we’ve got the four protocols you have
the drinking of the water you definitely want to drink the water every day at
least two quarts and then you’ve got the using the water for treatment skin
treatments then you have the breathing of the gas and then you have the gas for
skin our topical treatments as well so there’s the four protocols that you can
use now interestingly enough you can also use a little torch attachment now this
generally does not come with the machine it’s an additional thing it’s not needed
for health applications but it’s something that you can add to the
machine if you wish the hose that comes with the torch attachment is put like
this so you put the handle on first and then you put the nut and then you stick
the hose on this little nipple right there and then you put the nut in place
like that and then you put the handle in place like that and finally you can undo
this particular fitting here and put the nut that little nipple is on there just for
putting on these other cannulas and stuff you put the nut on here like this
and you can attach the torch handle directly to there and you can see that
the then you can adjust the amount of gas that comes out these are a little
bit or a lot you can hear the gas and at that point you can light the flame and
and use the flame in for making jewelry or cooking or a lot of different uses
for this particular flame so that is the aqua cure machine its features its
attachments and how to attach everything up here’s the aqua cure machine and I’m
just going to demonstrate taking all the liquids out of it so the first thing to
do is empty the filter tank so it would be a bunch of water in there and then we
will empty the main tank now this this water that’s in here if you happen to
have a low liquid level you could actually pour it back into here into the
top but because this is the first place that lye gets caught but in this case
what we’re doing is showing how to empty the entire reservoir if you’re going to
be shipping the machine or if you’re going to be just cleaning the machine on
its annual cleaning so the next thing to do is to remove the cap obviously we’ve
depressurized the machine first and you can see I just stuffed a towel here on
the top of the machine so that if there’s any drips coming from here it’ll
catch on here because any lye drips will ruin the paint immediately so you don’t
want that to happen now in the sink here just before I pour you can see I put a
couple of mason jars so I actually recover the electrolyte there’s no
reason to actually throw it down the sink
if it’s reasonably clean or you can put it through a coffee filter you can
actually reuse the electrolyte all we’re trying to do is get the gunk out of the
machine or in the case of shipping what you want to do is have no liquids in the
machine whatsoever now the other thing is when I tip it over there’s actually
two tanks inside the machine the first tank will empty rather quickly
the second one will take a little while so you’ll just kind of let the drip drip
until it stops dripping so here we go we just grab the Machine and we’ll try to
hit the mason jars we won’t be too concerned if we don’t actually hit the
mason jars you’ll see just how good I am here look there we go and always tip it
this direction if you tip it the other direction it will cause the liquids
inside the Machine to go into the filter and when you tip it this direction then
the liquids go away from the filter so you won’t be having liquid coming out of
the filter okay as I was pointing out you’re probably gonna have to let it
wait a little while to get all the liquids out and when I talk about the
filter I mean this little stainless steel tank on the front in the
instruction manual that shows that that is the filter and I had two jars as a demonstration
during this demonstration because even though the liquid level was low in this
machine and looks like one jar was going to be sufficient the actual machine can
handle it can have a quart in half in it so you want to have that extra reserve
capacity okay we’re getting close to the end so you’ll just wait until it
finishes dripping and then you’ll turn it back right upright and then put the
cap back on it and in the end we’ll also put a cap a vinyl cap on the little stem
output stem for the filter because we do not want any little drips to come out
that because if a little drip comes out here well while it’s being shipped and
drips onto this galvanized it will immediately ruin the galvanized and and
we also don’t want any of the styrofoam or packing material to get into this
tube so that’s why we make sure to plug that tube off with a cap which I’ll show
you shortly here so now we’ll take this back up here like so make sure we don’t
have any drips anywhere and put the cap back on here and hopefully I have my
other cap here someplace yeah here we go so a little vinyl cap I include with the
machine we just put that right on the stem there and get it on there nice and
far so that the it will not accidentally slip off and there we go
the machine is actually ready to ship put in its box to ship

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