I am a *GASP* Radical Feminist

I am a *GASP* Radical Feminist

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My name is Tori, and I am a radical feminist. Most of the time when I say this, it warrants a pretty extreme reaction. You’re a professional victim. “But women are equal to men”.
“Oh my God man hater”
I’ve heard all sorts of different things about radical feminism. But the thing is – most of the information that is being spread about our movement isn’t coming from us or from people who have ever actually even interacted with us. Feminism is a term used to refer to the women’s rights movement. The common definition that I hear is the dictionary definition – that feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes. This is commonly followed by the question: “But wait – isn’t that an egalitarian?” This definition oversimplifies our movement, but more importantly it brings up a few things that we need to consider: 1. Why is it feminism called egalitarianism? 2. What defines equality? And 3. Why aren’t women and men seen as equal? Keep these questions in mind because I’m going to come back to them later. Feminism refers to the entirety of the movement that advocates for women’s rights. One thing that I think is an important thing to remember when examining the feminist movement is that the word “feminist” is not a collective term that can describe all the branches of feminism, as we all have our own different beliefs. The first wave of feminism consisted of the suffragettes these women fought for their right to vote, which is granted to them with the ratification of the 19th amendment on June 4th, 1919. The problem with this movement, though, is that it was based around white, straight, middle-class women. So around the mid 1960s, the second wave of feminism began. The women of this movement were considered radical feminists – “radical” meaning from the roots. These women examined the reasons behind their oppression, they dared to ask why. They criticized our Society’s patriarchal roots. They sought to liberate women from men, they wanted to free women from the indoctrination forced onto them by society’s standard of masculinity. This movement gave many women a chance to have a voice – especially women of color. But in an era dominated by so many different voices fighting for so many rights, radical feminists quickly became marginalized. Radical feminism’s highly collectivist ideology was criticized by those who feared that they would lose their individual freedom. Liberal feminists work diligently to integrate women into our society socially, politically and economically in their fight for equality.
The third wave of feminism, or modern feminism, gave way to intersectional feminism, which focuses on a concept of intersectionality. Intersectionality describes the connections between race, class and gender, and how they relate to discrimination and disadvantages faced by individuals or groups of people. I am a radical feminist, so going back to the question from earlier – “Why isn’t feminism called egalitarianism?” That’s because feminism advocates for women’s rights and deals with women’s issues. As a radical feminist, I fight for the liberation of women. Number two, “what is defined as equality?” Equality would mean that men and women are the same, but we are not, we are different We have individual needs. Our Society’s culture is male-dominated. I don’t want my individuality and freedom to be defined according to a male standard. We are not the other. Women are more than just not men. We are women and we demand liberation. Number three, “why aren’t women and men seen as equal?” A patriarchy is a society in which traditionally the man is the head of the household. the patriarchy sets the standard of masculinity and forces femininity onto women. In America the combination of the free market and the Patriarchy allows women to be exploited and objectified. I Am a radical feminist and I stand against pornography, prostitution, rape culture and the fetishization of women’s suffering. And lastly, I am a gender abolitionist .For more insight on how sexual liberalism damaged the feminist movement, I Suggest that you read “liberalism and the death of feminism” by Catherine Mackinnon. If you like this video please subscribe and share the word. Stay critical

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  1. how exciting! i saw your post about your new channel on tumblr. its really great hearing a voice to all your textposts. this is escapethecult by the way 🙂 subscribed!

  2. Has anyone told you yr awesome in the last 5 mins because you are. Yep, you quickly debunked that libfem equality nonsense.

  3. I'm so excited about this channel! We need more radfem voices and yours is strong and clear. I look forward to more videos from you.

  4. I'm so excited for this channel! I follow you and radical-pharah on tumblr and I'm so hyped the channel is happening! Great reading suggestion! will you always suggest readings that are online? that'd be great!
    Maybe a good video topic would be why pornography cannot be empowering and is a teaching tool to indoctrinate and normalize violence against women? or maybe explain that socialization happens 100% independent of individual choice (for those who claim transwomen weren't socialized as men) ?
    I'm looking forward to your content! (I'll be translating all your videos to spread the word in my country as well! already submitted the captions for this one 🙂

  5. ahhhh so excited for radfem ideology being shared!! i hope u can convince others to come to the dark side 😉 youtube is pretty libfem&antifem so i hope we can get more radfems like u and that u will all succeed and gain popularity!!

  6. So many of your pears are brainwashed by mainstream libfem propaganda. You should be proud of yourself for being radical feminist at such a young age. Congratulation!

  7. Hell YAS! Welcome to YouTube! I love that McKinnon essay. I uploaded that entire conference on my main channel. Great stuff! Anyway, I'll be back for whatever topic you discuss next. Best, Ally ✊️💕✊️✊️

  8. Professional man hater and MARXIST. Femism has ALWAYS been about special priveleges for Women and special punishments for men. Thats all it ever was.

  9. Yes, another not normal radical feminist to clutter up YT with rants and moans about how hard things are for like minded idiots. Still, it is good for a laugh though….

  10. If feminism is so great and the patriarchy so bad, then how do you explain how woman's happiness has tanked since feminism was first funded by the Rockafellers to half the cost of labour and double the tax base?

  11. 3:23 ''I don't want my individuality and freedom to be defined according to a male standard'' Cheers, sister!

  12. I'm very excited by the growing number of young women embracing radical feminism —you're the light in the darkness.

  13. Ive been looking it feels like FOREVER for a radical feminist youtube channel. Thanks so much for starting off my new year great! I cant wait to watch more of your videos. Already subscribed ✊

  14. You know radical feminism has a tendency to put off non-radical feminists and non-feminists due to their stance on particular issues such as trans folks

  15. I was going to type a comment, but the auto play interrupt it – and you're not worth typing to a second time.

    Enjoy Marxism in a mini-skirt. You know it's bad when modern social justice is literally just a rebrand of Marxist talking points – but I guess it makes sense when It's hard to talk people into commiting suicide by socialism.

    I hope reality hits you one day, but I fear you'll end up in a vegetative state(only a slight improvement from your current critical thinking skills).

  16. Radical feminism is an ideology that makes so since and women already have equal rights. Most radfems are middle-class teenage girls who whine to much so the ideology should never be taken seriously and the stuff they fight for is stupid and pointless.

  17. Women have all the rights, and men have nothing but responsibility.. all you have to do is take a look around, it's right there in front of everyone's eyes and they can't see it. You sit there and demand liberation in a video created with all the technology you could ever dream to have, created by men, and likely provided by a man for at least the first 20 years of your life, in a society created and handed to you by men..

    The only thing you're liberating women from is sanity.. Feminism won all its battles decades ago, now they're just finding meaningless garbage to flick their bean with, and ruin men's lives.

    The patriarchy is bullshit.. the average man has never used his "power" or "male privilege" or anything else to oppress women, only a small section of the male population are capable of this.. most men now, and through history have sacrificed their lives, whether through actual sacrifice in war to protect women, or by submitting his entire life to work that he would not have otherwise done to provide for his family.. they put women above themselves, and love them enough to submit to indentured servitude in a job they likely hate, which physically and mentally destroys them.. leave it to a spoiled, childish western woman to consider that oppresion.. feminism freed women from their part of this gender dynamic, and is now forcing men to continue theirs.

    Rape culture is bullshit.. if you look at the definition of rape culture, it is a culture that condones, trivializes, or otherwise encourages rape and blames and silences victims.. rape is considered to be one the most heinous things you can do to woman in western culture, and you don't even have to be tried and convicted to suffer the consequences.. a simple accusation by a toxic female will ruin an innocent man's life.. in a culture that condones rape, nobody gets punished.. but if you wanna look at a section of our culture that does trivialize rape.. look at how people react to male rape, in prison or otherwise.. it doesn't take too many "don't drop the soap" or catholic priest jokes to see that people could give a fuck about men and boys who are raped. Or how about these sick and sexually deranged female pedophile teachers who prey on young boys, raping them before they even understand the power women can have over them, convince them they're in love.. then in some cases, boys are even forced to pay child support to their rapist… Men and boys are the only real victims of any "rape culture."

    Our culture is female dominated.. while men may make most of the money, the entire market system is designed around what women want because women have the most influence on how money is spent. If a man is not spending his money the right way according to his woman, she will start spreading her legs for a man who will.. as a matter of fact, there is not one straight man on this planet who does not make his decisions based on what the women and children in his life need, and more specifically, want. That includes politicians who create our laws.. it allows women to make all of the decisions and hardly take on any of the consequences or responsibility.

    All of the rights that women were ever denied have already been given to them, all while insisting that men have always had all the rights.. well just to give you a small taste of what women have that men don't

    1. Paternity Fraud: there is no recourse for a man who thinks he's a child's father, and later finds out that he's not. in most cases he still has to pay child support, the women suffer no consequences.
    2. Selective service/Draft: the right to vote comes with the responsibility of taking up arms to defend our country should we be attacked.. women refuse to take on this responsibility, but are more than happy to let men die for it.. men are expendable..
    3. Child custody: the courts are so tilted in favor of women, that only a man with a bottomless supply of money, and all the time in the world can win full custody of his children, even if a woman is an abusive piece of shit.
    4. Child support: As I mentioned before, there is no way to get out of paying child support, even if the dirty whore you thought you knocked up was taking 10 other dicks at the same time.. and the child turns out to not be yours.. you still have to pay, and she will never be punished. How many deadbeat mothers do you think pay child support and go to jail if they cant pay it?
    5. Criminal court bias: Men are sentenced to 60 some percent more time than women for the same crimes.
    6. Domestic violence: While statistics show that the rate of domestic violence is nearly equal between men and women, men have no resources to help them escape a physically or emotionally abusive woman, and are often told by the police not to let their woman hit them because if she so much as breaks a nail hitting him.. the man will go to jail. Millions of men suffer in abusive relationships they cannot escape from, and nobody cares.
    7. Reproductive rights: When a child is conceived, men have no choice but to take responsibility.. where a woman is allowed to shirk hers and terminate the pregnancy without any consideration for the man. She can even adopt it out against his wishes when he's more than fit to take care of it..
    8. False rape accusations: What is considered to be sexual assault or rape is ever expanding to things that are so benign, that literally every man in the world is now considered a rapist. That's the only way the idea of rape culture can survive.. feminists expanding catcalling, or a pat on the back to be considered rape.. they love victims, and rather than empower a woman to make better decisions and prevent rape in the first place.. they'd rather let it happen so they can show the world how every woman is a victim of men.

    Like feminists have said in the "pound me too" movement, "it doesn't matter if a few innocent men are taken down." Well, it does matter to me, and it matters to most reasonable people. In so many cases an innocent man was the one who saved the dumbass woman when she got herself into a situation where she was compromised. After that moron who got wasted and ended up in an alley with Brock Turner was raped, who was it that stopped the rape from continuing? It was 2 men.. but people don't wanna focus on that.. not to mention, nobody ever says, "hey maybe you shouldn't go to frat parties and get blackout drunk." It is each individual person's responsibility to protect themselves from being violated, if you make better decisions, you're less likely to end up in a compromising situation.. yet in so many situations, there are men who would risk their safety and their lives to stop a woman from being raped after she put herself in a position to be taken advantage of. Take responsibility for yourself, because if you're not a female in my life that I care about, I could give a fuck what happens to you when you're wasted. Nobody is gonna give a fuck about a man if he gets drunk and makes bad decisions.

    I could go on forever, but I'm not gonna waste any more time, but so many things disproportionately effect men, that it makes the idea of a patriarchy the most ridiculous load of bullshit ever spewed by a human being.. workplace deaths, suicide, short life expectancy, failure to launch, bias in educational institutions, veterans rights, infant genital mutilation, and homelessness all affect men in western culture WAY more than women. It doesn't matter what race they are, how old they are, or whether they're straight or gay.. this is why #feminismiscancer.

  18. You know the first wave of feminism wasn't even wanted by most woman in that time and the reason was because if they voted they had to enter the draft and did not want to go to war. And I would bet the only people that don't think women are an equal sex is feminists this is why 97% of woman believe in equal rights but only 13% would call themselves feminist because that's not what this wave stands for ….it stands for man hating

  19. If you want liberation from men, no problem. Men pay 70% of all taxes, women use 70% of the government benefits, which are supported by taxes….. And marriage is largely a financial institution set up to help women financially through life. If you want "liberation from men", don't get married, don't live off men, don't use any government services. Then you will really be "free".

  20. You said you don't want to be "objectified"….you should not worry about that, as you are not that attractive and I doubt anyone is going to "objectify" you….that's just wishful thinking, on your part.

  21. Thanks for the insights into "feminism"….I sincerely wish you luck and health and love, despite thinking you are crazy in the head.

  22. My guess is this girl is on welfare, or her dad and "The Patriarchy" support her financially. Go get a job. Then you can be "liberated" to work for a living, and support yourself.

  23. Feminism has been proved by science, to cause cancer: "Why Feminism is Worse than Cancer Matthew Melton" on you tube.

  24. Then you are the enemies of men till the death. They don't examine anything other than the fact that they are lesbians and therefore are at odds with competing for women with men and so have resentment against men and try to demonize men in the eyes of other women to destroy our relationships in order to collectivized women as a class against men when it's only them who actually benefit.

  25. I am afraid of you. You are a dangerous woman. You can even kill men and then say "no I didn't kill men , I support equality." You are really so dangerous. You want a woman-sharia system , a woman supremacist system that kills, discriminate, humiliate boys and men.

  26. Western countries are dying on the back of feminism. Congratulations. Those countries were actually the best.

  27. girl, you might want to master the art of make-up so as not to appear like some seattle grunge band's singer. then learn to edit. then know this. its a man's world and always will be. you can scream into your pillow deep into the night and nothing fundamental will change. if you aren't old enough to have figured it out, let me help. NOTHING CHANGES!!! because at the end of the day, you are simply un-necessary. name one job men could not do with ease and i'll name 100 women cant do period. men have turned their collective backs to you. you have nothing we want. since the beginning of time men have run things. despite millennia of men running everything, you seem to think you will be the generation to change that? good luck with that. what a dumb bitch.

  28. Men and women are NOT equal you idiot. You have equal rights but you are NOT equals. Men are usually stronger and can make better rational decisions because most of you women act on feelings. Sorry, but that is just true.

    Men are better leaders because men need to think of what they doing while you can just destroy the world and the media would cheer on it. Especially white men because black men seems to have the right to do what they want and media cheers on.

  29. You might wake up to reality about age 30, but it will be too late for you to have a fulfilling life as a woman.
    You have been lied to by Marxists, who want to use you as what Lenin termed a “useful idiot”, as part of their campaign to destroy Western Civilisation and exterminate the white races.
    Enjoy your cats, because cats are all that a post-wall nose-pierced former Feminist will have.
    PS: You should look up what the Communist salute looks like, because that was what you gave at the end of your video.

  30. Hi.
    Last problem for women's rights in the West: 'Reputation ruining' over sexual history. "Once a hoe always a hoe". Next time you're at the women's march, bring a sign with the photograph of Alyssa Funke's face, a woman who was bullied to suicide over starring in an amateur p*orno that her classmates who bullied her were more than happy to watch – after which most people said it was her own fault for being a 'hoe'. To ruin a man's reputation this way you need to paint him as a criminal. And even then, it's easier to be an excon on the job market than it is to be an exsexworker. Young girls actually have been denied entry to universities because they have a 'bad reputation' re: their sexual history. This is completely unreasonable and irrational.

  31. Really nice vidéo, very well organised and interesting ♡
    Sorry that you've been spammed by MRA MGTOW etc. Good job women I see that you ignore them pretty well ! No time to lose. Let them go cry to liberals ^^

  32. The funny thing is that men earn the most money but more shops in any town are for women rather than men, e.g. clothes shops, hairdressers, nail bars etc. women spend more money than men in the world.

  33. I want equal rights for everyone which means I also think porn and sex work in general should be legal because some people actually like that stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. Gotta laugh when I see "equality"…NO feminist wants to have equal RESPONSIBILITIES
    as men have,,,this youtuber wants ONLY privileges gotten off the backs of MEN,,,,

    I feel that 'man-hating' is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them." — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.

  35. Why do most of you have earnings in your noses, weird hairstyles and / or awkward tattoos? a fetish Lesbian group? hmm

  36. When Ii realize I'm in the company of a feminists, I slowly move away, just like when I distance myself from a person i discover is a white supremacist with membership in the KKK.

  37. Men and women arent equal. Men buit and fought for every inch on this planet and created every single comfort that ever existed, mostly for women. Be happy we let you nag us.

  38. Feminism was never about equality, nor is it now. Since its primary focus has always been on women, it can therefor never be about equality. Patriarchy means that there is a system where men go out their way to oppress women for being women. Actively. This is obviously not accurate. There is a reason why gender roles exists and it's due to biology. Well, that and tradition. Blame evolution if you want to point fingers. There is no Gender Pay Gap and there is no Rape Culture. A culture indicates that something is not only legal, but also accepted and openly used in society, as people see nothing wrong with it. Rape is something people from both genders genuinely hate and we have strict laws against it. Feminism was never needed due to the mindset and system from the get-go.

  39. The term "radical" is where you lose me. Let me show you how this works.. Islam is cool, but radical islam has been proven to be quite a disaster.

    The term "radical " shows me that you are willing to accomplish your task by any means necessary. It shows me that you cannot be reasoned with and that coexisting is out of the question.

    Good luck with your movement.

  40. Welcome to the 4th wave!
    I respect your right to think , believe and say what you want.
    Good luck. You're going to need it.

  41. I enjoyed your video, I am a GASP MGHOW/ MGTOW monk. We are usually seen as your opponent (confused with PUAs by most). Thought would add how I see feminism.

    I believe in equality for men and women, my seed/ body my choice and not to be harassed by those with overactive biological clocks ticking or to be shamed into marriage/ relationships. I believe in full legal control of ones own fertility, equal rights of all progeny to their parents, and equal responsibility to the progeny by parents. (Both biological and legal rights/ responsibilities.)
    I believe in the protection and care of children, the elderly and disabled but that all other adults can defend/ care for themselves and share equally in the protection of society/ the state.
    I believe in safe working environments for all, any work that is inherently dangerous/ risky should be honestly compensated for those doing it and restricted to necessary.
    I believe that no one should be shamed or excluded for choosing caring roles.
    I believe that education, health, and justice should be accessible and fair to all. Where a need is seen in some area (e.g. suicide risks, educational difficulties, or crime prevention) resources are allocated fairly.

    I believe in ending the 'patriarchy' and all other obsolete male roles that women (including inter-sectional feminists and trad/cons alike) still gain privilege from. My hope is that feminism heads to true independence for women quickly so that men can live more moderate, happy, stress free lives like many MGTOW already are doing.

    Lastly on a personal level, thank-you radical feminism and what it has done to women for showing the way to MGTOW freedom: Without you I would have been trapped, romantically looking for 'the one' and never have seen what I needed to avoid.

  42. 1. otherwise women would steamroll the men since everything favors women 2. Lifespan equality is the most important. 3. men (especially elite men) do almost everything of note so they should get the credit. When women get 90% of the nobel prizes maybe that opinion will change but that's up to women, not men.

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