I FOUND ZELDA’S NUDES?! (Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Funny Moments)

I FOUND ZELDA’S NUDES?! (Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Funny Moments)

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Ah, Link! The hero of Hyrule! So courageous, so brave! I MEAN Who can pull off green for all those years, and still get away with it? The ladies love him! Talking inanimate objects love him! We ALL love him! But still, there seems to be just one thing that he’s missing… Wheres the Master Sword?! Theres nothing!! Can I jump? Wha- OH MY GOD! *Starts laughing* *Laughing* Gotta go fa- *Laughs again* What is that run?? WEEEE!! *Uncontrollable laughing at this point* I just like his face after, it’s like, “OH MY FUCKING GOD.”. God, am I like a fucking rain cloud?! How much do I need to sweat?! Blockin’ out the haters! Haters wanna find me? Try and find me behind my hater blocker! Yea, no, it’s “not” a sheild, it’s a life style. That’s where my junk was! IT’S OKAY GUYS! I found my Master Sword! Oh mah god, we’re gonna make the best espresso ever! I can’t wait! TASTE IT LINK! Zelda: You have been asleep for the past 100 years… You fuckin’ lazy shit! Zelda: When the beast regains it’s
true power, this world will face it’s end. Meeeeeooooooooooow!! Old man: Ho! *SPOOPED* WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! OH!! OH MY GOD IT’S THE OLD MAN!! 😀 Old Man: I must ask you courageous one… Do you intend to make your way into the castle? I do. *Chuckles* Old Man: That’s hilarious! You might die! Old man: I will happily agree to give you my Paraglider… Old Man: But not for nothing. *DAMNIT* Old Man: How about I trade it for a bit of treasure that slumbers nearby? How about this, You don’t give me your Paraglider. And, Uh… I let that monster kill us all! How about that? You greedy old fucker! Hey, Old Man… I’ve got a question for you! When you run, Does it also look like you’ve got an acorn stuffed up your butt? Old Man: Go on! fetch me any treasure you can find inside that shrine! Old Man: I am looking forward to your successful return. OKAY IM GONNA GO DIE NOW! BYE! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! BEST HERO EVER!! Munk: Please accept this spirit orb. OOOooo!! Oh! Oh, that tickled my nips… NYAA!~ YAH!~ Kill It! Kill It! Kill It! Kill It! Kill it! Imagine! Right… Imagine being over here, and just being like, “Oh my god, I wonder where I have to go!”. And then all of the sudden, “Hey little momma, why you whisper in my ear?” *Tick* *Tick tick, tick* ~B O B T H E B U I L D E R~ CAN WE FIX IT?! Scanning the area for any douchebags, Not seeing any… THEY’RE RUNNING FAST!! Oh my god! *HORROR* You can’t me from up here! Bokoblin: Watch me fucker. OH MY GOD!! *Grunting* NO!! *Weird Laughter* Old Man: You can toss in anything edible! Thankfully there are options in the area. Like this toothbrush! Why don’t you eat a toothbrush? I’d love if he was just pranking us like, “Put anything in!”. Old Man: Now eat this bowl GLASS! Sowwy Mr. Frog… Agh…! Im looking at myself like, “How could I do this?!”. Quite easily. Sorry! Weird Voice: When I was a young wart… Weird Voice: HOOOOOOOOOGGG!!! (You mother fucker!!) Do you think they drew that with their own shit? Cuz if so, that is beautiful. That is creative genius. Give me!! The!! PARAGLIDER!! *Slow motion gibberish* Sabrina… I didn’t know you’d be here… Sabrina: I was always here Link… …Waiting for you… …I… What is it Sabrina? Sabrina: I forgive you for what you did… Why Sabrina?! After everything I’ve did to you! Sabrina: You were peer pressured in by those nasty guys… I was wasn’t I? Sabrina: Yes. Sabrina: It’s ok! Cuz I’ve got something to tell you! What is it? Sabrina: Im pregnant. Sabrina: …And the baby is yours. Sabrina: Wh- Link, what are you doing? Sabrina: No, Link, seriously, Link what are you doing?? Sabrina: Link…! Sabrina: LINK!! Sabrina: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! (Oh shit…) Well this episode took a REALLY dark turn… *Demonic Laughter* Bottoms up! *Song about drinking* *Death* And then, cook! *You had one job… ONE, JOB* I’ll tell you what Zelda you’re REALLY not looking after the place, It looks like a SHIT HOLE. Pray…? Ok… KUUM BYE YAAAH!!! MY LAWWDD! Hylia: You who have conquered the shrines and claimed their spirit orbs… Hylia: I can offer you a great power… Hylia: ECSTACY. Hylia: Wadda ya say buddy? (Uhhhhh…) Wheres these shrines…? BURGER KING?! YES!! Uhhhh!!! Uhhh!! I just turned into a load of tapeworms! Gonna infect, your bowels, with myself… Oh, look at my little hands like, “Ooo!! I hope I don’t fall down!”. Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen! OH! OH MY OVARIES! OH MAH GOD I know! Im a bomb ass bitch. I am one, with the wild… They call me… Super Adventurer Link! With my read face, ignore that… I put to much blush on. All I can think of when I see that place over there, is a dad mustache, and I feel like the mountain is just like, Mountain Daddy: Go on my son… Im so proud of you… Thanks daddy! 😀 Im proud of you too! Mountain Daddy: Hi, Im proud of you, Im dad. Oh daddy stop it! *Laughter* And he’s just like, Mountain Daddy: Ho ho, that’s your old dad for you! I’ve made a dad out of a mountain. This seems like an ancient writing… Let’s read what it says! Ancient Writings: Get off my lawn, you fucking little shit. I don’t like you being here… You’re not getting the spirit orb… Go away… …Forever.. Bye. … SOUNDS LIKE IM WANTED! LET’S GO IN! Ok we’re playing charades… FILM!! 3 WORDS! 3 words ok… First word… ARM!! GRABBING! SKELINGTON!! THE GREAT ESCAPE!! YES I GOT IT!! I’m the best… Bless you. How am I meant to give it to the old guy? They go inside me! Am I gonna have to rip my organs out to give it to him? Oh my god… Munk: May the Goddess smile upon you. Hylia: I hate him!>~🙁 Munk: Yea, she does… I like on the sides, it’s like, You’ve got the spirit orbs… You’ve got this snazzy thing. And then you’ve got a dollop of poop! Oh my god, theres boulders!! BOULDERS!!1!11one!! Oh, do you want your own boulder? You can have one too! Who’s the last guy I need to see it to? Sabrina!! Wh- What are you doing here?! Sabrina: Link… The music started again!! Every time I say Sabrina the music starts! I know what I did was wrong before– Sabrina: Link! Don’t! You’ve already done enough!! Sabrina: Do you know how long it took me to get up here?! Sabrina: They carried me, those people!! And now I’m one of them! No! Don’t be like that! What about the baby?! You don’t care about the baby… You threw me off the edge!! I wanna make things right Sabrina. Sabrina: Link don’t– Will you… Sabrina: Link, don’t say it! …Be my waifu? Sabrina: Oh, Link… How could I stay angry at that really weird reddend face? Here, I got you a present. I’ll be back for you… …My love… I’ve just gotta run a few errands, take care of yourself. Sabrina: Oh Link, before you go… Yes Sabrina? Sabrina: I love you… I love you too. I miss you snuggle muffin! I miss you! Oh, I can’t wait to see her! We’re gonna have so much fun! We’re gonna– OH! IM DYING! IM DYING! The Chronicles of Sabrina! *Laughing* It’s so dumb…! What is this?! … It’s a nipple! Maybe they don’t have cameras in these days… So if you want nudes, ya gotta make em’ outta rocks. Thanks Zelda! Your nips are great! Love you! Oh, So you want to come in me, do you?~ Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe… *Giggly bitch* I’ve been waiting to say that for years!! Shrine: Thank you for understanding my joke! No problem Babe. I’ve got a dad out there that makes really cheesy jokes. Mountain Daddy: Hey! It’s true Daddy… Mountain Daddy: I know… Well I won’t deny it… This is a little bit “HIGH GEAR”. *GET OFF THE STAGE* –Amazing. *Gasp* Thank you Mr. Piano man! He is just a lovely guy. Would you not give someone a spirit orb if they just ran up with this Giant, Hammer? Like, “Hi sir I would like a spirit– JUST TAKE IT!! JUST TAKE IT AND LEAVE!!” Old Man: Hoe! DON’T CALL ME A HOE!! YOU SLAG BAG!! Old Man: It is finally time for me to tell you everything, but first– LET’S DANCE! Ok… Nvm… Q~Q Imagine an X on your map, With four shrines as their end points. Find the spot where those lines intersect. I shall wait for you there. Do you understand? Where two lines connect and the shrines have crossed… There, I’ll be waiting… Sorry, I didn’t hear what he just said I was just thinking about salami. Hi Daddy! Mountain Daddy: Hi son, how’s school going? Oh, it’s going ok! Mountain Daddy: Did you get all those spirit orbs yet? Yeah I got them all dad! Oh that’s fantastic! How’s Sabrina? *Shit…* she’s ok… Oh that’s great I love that girl! Yeah I know you do STOP TALKING ABOUT HER DAD! Mountain Daddy: Oh god, I’m sorry… My lady! Hylia; Wassup Bitches? Thanks for making me– *gasp* Old Man: Here I am! get up here quickly! No… Beacuase I don’t have a Paraglider… Daddy Mustache… *sigh* This old Guy’s being funny! Mountain Daddy: Did he offer you candy son? No, no he didn’t but… Actually he gave me a baked apple! Mountain Daddy: GET AWAY. NOW. Nah, nah, I think it’s fine. Mountain Daddy: SON! Hello, he’s up there! *Get’s a giant hammer out* Gonna go beat the shit outta him! OH GOD THIS IS CREEPY!! I DON’T LIKE IT!! Old Man: Ho ho ho… Well done there young one… HE’S GOT A VOICE!!! Old man: The time has come to show you who I truly am… Who are you? King Rhoam: I was King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule… Can I call you Tim? King Rhoam: I was… …The last leader of Hyrule. Ahh… King Rhoam: I did not think it wise to overwhelm you while your memory was still fragile. Well that was kind of you. King: So rather then that… I thought it best to assume a temporary form. AND THEN HE JUST FALLS OUT WINDOW. …Temporary AHHHHHHHH– *Starts Laughing* King: Gannon was cunning… …And he responded with a plan beyond our imagining. MEEEOOOOOOOOW!!!!! King: –Hyrule was devastated absolutely by Calamity Ganon. God damnit Calamity Ganon…! King: That princess was my own daughter… Oh… Q~Q …My dear Zelda… That’s rally sa– I’m such a pansy! I CRY AT ANY SAD STORY! I’m the worst… Ahh, I’m really sad… Oh! *Crying* I’m such a pussy… FINALLY!! YAY!!! King: Link… …You must save… …Hyrule… RoooOooOooooOOooo… MAIN QUEST: DESTROY GANNON. Got it! Aw… But dad he’s gone… It makes me appreciate my dad, where is he… I need to tell him that I love him! DADDY I LOVE YOU! Mountain Daddy: I LOVE YOU TOO SON! NO I LOVE YOU!! Mountain Daddy: I LOVE YOU SON!! *Crying* Mountain Daddy: Wadda ya say sport, we should play some more games with each other! We could play foot ball together! I’d love that dad… I’m… Im happy your my dad… Mountain Daddy: Hi “I’m happy your my dad… …Im dad. DAMNIT! Mountain Daddy:Tee hee! Hi guys! Bye guys! *’~ I N H A L E ~’* THAT. WAS. EPIC. SABRINA!! Sabrina you’re back! How did you do it?! Sabrina: Link, I just have ways… …Seriously though stop killing me. TO BE CONTINUED Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to like & subscribe to The Humble Noob for more great content in the future. I had a blast writing these subtitles for this video, and I hope you enjoyed watching this video! Well, I have nothing so… Bye. (SUBTITLES MADE BY Technokid64[OwO])

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    we are all fucking doomed. (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

    (UPDATE – Hey everyone!! Thank you so much for the crazy response on this video!! I am honestly overwhelmed and humbled! <3(heuheu) For those asking, I am making the second episode to this right now! 😀 But with all the editing that gets put into it it does take a couple of weeks but I will be going as fast as I can! <3 I will also try to respond to as many comments as I can each day so I look forward to speaking to you all soon! Lastly, thank you all so much. You are honestly great people, thank you for making me so happy. Love Mumma Newb <3)

    (P.S – For those asking if I am a child/boy with very high pitched voice, I am here to inform you that I am neither my friends, for I am a 22 year old women. Never thought I would be having to explain that but hey. xD)

    (P.P.S – THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Technokid64 [OwO] FOR WRITING SUBTITLES FOR THIS VIDEO!! Holy smokes my friend it must of taken you ages but god damnit are they great!! You forever have my love and respect, once again, thank you. <3)

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