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And to chain knows that I’m going on this why she’s so clinging like this Erin and yeah, I’ll be getting tooth implant Hi guys, so I’m now here at the dental clinic, Southern Manila, in Alabang Area I travel all all the way to South. So this is Smile Design Dental Experts Smile Design Dental Experts I always post online whenever I visit here Hi guys I’m here with my Dentist, Doc DJ Macam Doc Ryan Nikkie and Jackie So we’re done guys Sorry I cannot speak well yet but yes we’re done with the procedure and I still have anesthesia on this part of my face up to here so still I cannot talk properly That’s it, done, and stitched, I cannot open my mouth fully yet, and I still have anesthesia They gave me a list of Post Operative Instructions, Do’s and Don’ts I’m afraid it would be painful once the anesthesia is gone I already bought the prescribed medicine These are quite expensive 8 tablets, and about 31 pesos each This one, I needed 15 tablets, 48 pesos each for cold compress and I need to put ice on my cheeks right away These are the other stuff I bought Betadine Solution for mouthwash I bought the big bottle, 240 ml because every after meal I need to use it and gargle I have my medicines here, I will drink them now I’m here at Jollibee, I bought an Ice Cream because I need cold food for 24 hours And then I asked for ice to put in the cold pack because I need to put cold compress now on my left cheek I made Banana-Mango Smoothie, I just added water so it’s not too sweet

100 thoughts on “I GOT TOOTH / DENTAL IMPLANT! PART 1 | Gen-zel Habab”

  1. My mom wanted to have a tooth implant ate but is it okay if her blood pressure is higher than the normal blood pressure? Thank youuu πŸ’‹

  2. Hi miss genzel! How much po magpatooth implant? Per tooth po ba yong price? Or one price lang po kahit ilan ngipin..

  3. Bet ko din ate mag pa tooth implant. If ever na may tanggalin pa sa ipin ko. Hindi ko naman po na notice na may isa kang tooth na wala. Now ko lang nalaman nung sinabi mo πŸ˜‚

  4. Sana gumaling ka kaagad ate genzel. Pahinga kalang po. At sana maging successful yung transplant mo hindi ma reject.. Nangingilo ako kc naalala ko nung tinahi yung labi ko kc may tinanggal na bukol..

  5. Good day mam ask ko lang po may vlog naba kayo about sa faQ ng implant nyo? Gusto ko na po kasi magpa implant wala pa kasi ako idea sa cost kaya gusto ko po sana malaman salamat..

  6. Hi I am going to get 2 upper and 2 lower molar teeth implants soon, I am so nervous, can you tell me how much pain? and how you getting on after 3 months?Thank you. Lisa X

  7. Hi Miss, may I know how much does it cost to have permanent dental implant ?
    Is it per tooth? Or is there a package if there would be more teeth to be implanted.
    Thank you very much.

  8. Hi po, sobrang interested po ako sa dental implant, san po kaya yung updated vlog nyo po about this? Thank you☺️

  9. Thanks. I am also getting a dental implant. I have a missing tooth on the left upper side. I have have noticed that I am more tired now than ever. Are you experiencing that as well?

  10. I can see your struggle ate but I know that it’s going to be ok but look at you now ❀️ So happy and always smiling na. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

  11. Hi!
    I am planning to have it dental implant to my lower area. If it’s okay, how my much did it cost you? and is it worth it? How long did it take for you to fully recover?

  12. I might have to get an implant on my mouth too and I’m just really scared and nervous right now. I just hope there’s another way to fix the tooth that won’t grow in

  13. Magkano po ba ang dental implant sa pinas? Subrang mahal kasi dito sa Canada, 150K in pesos per teeth, mas feel safe akung magpabunot sa pinas kesa dito, gusto lang nila kumita, they doesn't care their patient. I have 4 teeth that need to implant. Thanks

  14. Guys stop asking her. She will direct you to another videos to gain more viewers.

    Dental implants will cost you 100k. However it depends also. Because if your tooth has been remove already for years then you need a bone drafting and it will cost you another 35k for that. Not unless if you remove your tooth right away and have a dental implant on the same time then you will save 35K. All this procedure will take about 6 months.

  15. Thank you for sharing because I think I’m getting a tooth implant this year!! I’m so nervous!!! It’s just one tooth.
    Do you think if I work the next day after surgery I will be able to work ??

  16. I am so nervous and afraid about my tooth implant but when I watch your video then I am little but encouraged. Price doesn’t matter, the thing that matters is its durability. On one hand I am so afraid from now about my implant and on the other I am quite happy for its durability. Once again thank you for encouraging the people.

  17. How long it took for you to decide to have a dental implant? How many years you had a missing tooth?

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