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how about checkmate what no that’s not
even a move you can’t do that that is so unfair you don’t even know the rules now
dude it’s all fair just check the rulebook man you just cheated he’s such
a cheater no one knows how to play chess around here hey everybody happy Friday in case you
didn’t know these stickers are actually edible hmm and the drink alright where’s the remote let’s lose that stuff
Oh my sweater sweet may I love Easter candy I can’t I can’t do it sorry guys grabbing a souvenir from Franz I don’t like to push my friends in the
pool I like just throw them you ready Josh it’s summertime baby getting our Black
Friday deals he was so cute though check out the
pizza printer oh man the whole night good good I’ll bring you flowers I will
pick you up at home take you up dance and when we are alone I say hey baby
you’re the only one won’t you blow my mind
every time okay so we just got a Pikachu you gotta check this guy out did you like some punch that guy told
you I was gonna wear this okay the solution hey everybody happy just kidding that’s a video and this
paper target some the real decade I bet that routine help me play cupid this year like this
video in three two one a million followers let’s party the place a place there is superior are there I’m only one call away I’ll be there to
save the day Superman you know when life gives you lemons turn into candy oh hey
got it but it’s a baby firework it’s gonna hurt see baby get it just
right go Pikachu there it is come on I got the
Pikachu all of your questions about documentation and research this is how I hitchhike ready oh yeah I
told you Santa was real where’s your beer oh you want to do some online
shopping cooking ping pong balls for breakfast mmm yummy sometimes life isn’t always how it seems wait a minute hey babe babe you some
flowers oh sorry I gotta go photobombing Mac and Ryan shoot

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