Ils en souffrent, comment éliminer la mauvaise haleine facilement et rapidement

Ils en souffrent, comment éliminer la mauvaise haleine facilement et rapidement

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They suffer, how to eliminate the bad
breath easily and quickly Bad breath can be extremely
disabling. Some people wash their hands teeth regularly, nothing and done, the smell
is persistent. At issue: alcoholism, smoking, cavities, dentures
or just inside the stomach , the friendly, in short there may be millet
and a reason. So what to do? here is some tips to fight effectively
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In number one, the BA BA, brush them up teeth,
Use a manual toothbrush. Some people with halitosis or who are getting
worry for their breath always take away a toothbrush wherever they go.
Take a small tube of toothpaste. If you do not have toothpaste, know that
you can also reduce the odor caused by the microbes that accumulate after
meal brushing your teeth with water the usually the smells come
a very bad dental hygiene, think also to use dental floss Then in case of dental pain, I will
had talk about coconut oil which is very effective in soothing the pain, but you
can also chew the mint leaves it will be a great help
Remember to drink lemon teas after meal, or even use lemon water
in gargle at the time of the after rinsing , Bad breath is most of the
time, due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth. That’s why, drink juice
lemon can be very effective. Its antiseptic virtues will help to find
fresh breath at any time of the day. This 100% natural solution
has the double advantage of being efficient and pleasant. Mixed in a glass of water,
cistron juice can be a drink from daily. 
For even more efficiency, you can chew directly into a lemon. But beware,
it is extremely acidic. If you look in the mouth and he
there are many canker sores, here is a simple trick stack some mint leaves, about 10
leaves, add a half lemon, keep the mixture in the mouth as long as possible
, in addition to taking off the canker sores present it will inhibit odors prevent the presence
news , Prepare a solution based on bicarbonate
soda As you must know, baking soda
of soda is an indispensable product in a house. It can whiten teeth, relieve
heartburn but also fight effectively against bad breath. For
this, mix 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in a glass and make gargles.
You can repeat the operation as much many times as necessary.
 That’s because it’s an antibacterial
powerful that baking soda allows to eliminate bad breath. If you
want to stop smelling tobacco, this method will not have much interest. Remember to use mouthwash at
everyday, it can help you a lot Of course there are lots of other little tips
such as the use of parsley, coal vegetal, essential oils, so n
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  1. Cc ma belle. px tu me donner la recette pour le mal de dent stp? J'ai mal depuis hier et prendre tjrs des anti douleurs, c'est pas bon. Merci

  2. cette astuce la je l'ai découverte lorsque j'avais 11 ou 12 ans moi personnellement je le fait avec un coton tige pour élever ça et je le fait 1 fois par semaine

  3. J'ai eu l'amidal quand j'étais encore petite, merci pr cette vidéo.
    Mais pour être franche en voyant l'image je me suis fais etonée car c très ne pas trop contrarié jai cliqué

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