Incredibil™ Dental Veneers! See Kindergarten Teacher Save $30,000 by BIL!

Incredibil™ Dental Veneers! See Kindergarten Teacher Save $30,000 by BIL!

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I always tell people that if you weren’t
brave to do what you do there’s other people who say I wish I could see
somebody like me somebody who works a lot of people couldn’t afford to make
the mistake and to be able to be in a position to where you show them that hey
I did the same thing and it wasn’t a mistake for me some of those people
would have waited till they’re 30 or some people don’t even discover us until
they’re almost 40 every one of them wish that they would have seen something that
helped them have a choice earlier usually when I take pictures I do not show my teeth at all in middle school is when people commented like little small things like my teeth are stained and little things like that yeah I just growing up never really afford the
dentist especially cosmetic dentistry so I just
kind of deal with it and then now I’m kind of in a point in my life where I could
do something about it so Miss Sylvia Bil Watson how are you doing kiddo Mr. Watson I’m Sylvia nice to meet you Did you get your package it’s good meeting you yes I just received it in the mail like 10 minutes ago How long have you been a kindergarten
teacher Loving kindergarten there are some stressful days the only teacher that
smiles not showing her teeth oh can you tell me how did you hear about us how’d you hear about me just kind of researching and googling you guys were one of the first people that I looked at and I just felt like you guys were the direction I wanted to go into when I found out you were a school teacher initially wanted to do and I
want to do top and bottom because when you build out a good smile you want to
go don’t stop at good let’s just make this thing right let’s put it all
together but I but I want to give you the bottom so the tops go well that’s what Lori was saying and I was driving home and I just started crying I was like oh my goodness I was so happy because what it will do is if you improve your smile it saves a lot of people from thinking
they have to risk a 15 or $20,000 investment and I’ve actually been to the dentist and my quote was $35,000 for a full mouth restoration it had to upset you I just got in the car and I said ok I just got on my way home and I said I’d find another way
even if your cosmic dentists would have done it for maybe thirty five hundred I
still would have advised you not to grind your teeth and so I’m hoping that
the message that you can send other people is please don’t grind your
natural teeth I’m hoping that we get you into smiling super big like you really
have to exercise smiling so that it’s your number one feature I say what we do
is just jump in so let’s open them up come on okay so I’m going to open it up I’m so nervous! Ok that’s it that’s the one I
remember this is the first time you’ve ever seen it you’ve never tried them in
then Never then it’s gonna take a second but let’s just try them in Did I put them in all the way let’s see it takes a few minutes for them to seat I think it looks amazing! thank you so much that does they aren’t too loose or too tight let’s just if
you can a conversational smile that’s about half of what you normally do I’m so used to putting my hand up I’m going to have to stop doing that! you’re scared to smile I can tell but I
will tell you how do you feel about the shade I like it I like it a lot it’s like perfect without being too bright it’s like the brightest she could go without being too bright they
seem to be really glossy how do they feel on your tongue they feel smooth They feel really smooth! and it feels straight I’m used to having rivets kind of I guess you could call it It does feel different and it’s a good different well I will tell you as soon as you get used to it what’ll happen is you’ll be known for a perfect
Smile once that thing seats they’ll just be perfect and so I’m gonna
make some analysis on this smile and then I’m gonna build your bottom and
then hopefully we’ll get a follow up and I hope that we do but if we don’t I know
that now I’m not only gonna have a smile that’s wider I literally think you’re
gonna have this super big smile I think it’ll bring it all together where you’ll
be super happy about being you thank you so much don’t thank me you trusted us first
it was great meeting you tell your husband thanks for holding the phone for
us okay goodbye have you been wearing are they hard to get used to you have to
be shocked my cheeks are hurting so people at work have to be thinking that you did something to just be happy
as all get-out well they asked me they said your teeth look great did you do anything to them and I said and I said yes I looked at Brighter Image Lab and I and I talked to them about you guys and they were just like wow they were really impressed every once in a while I get to work with people they are much cleaner I
was wondering why I wasn’t seeing the same thing on my design as that was on
your smile so I wanted to redo it what I realized is is that you had some
staining some tetracycline staining it’s probably from antibiotics and I knew
that when you smiled big it was different than what I designed so I’m thinking if
I would have known that I would have done some things differently I didn’t
want there to be anything about that smile I didn’t know about I’m dying to
see if this new smile is going to be better I’m going to open it up ok you ready you have to tell me I can’t tell you but
it looks perfect they feel smaller they don’t feel as thick as the other ones do man I worked on these so much because once I saw them on your face I knew I could do better those look perfect those look amazing
oh please do that again see perfectly now I can see right there where the
discoloring was we go straight on yeah I feels more I was really happy with the first pair but now that I have these to compare to I like these better there you know why they’re tighter right
there in the gum line and I went back and looked at it and it was just hard
for me to be as excited as I wanted to be cuz as a designer I don’t want to
look at something go oh that one buttons gonna come off I didn’t stop I didn’t
sleep I didn’t eat I didn’t do one thing until that veneer was done I wanted that
veneer perfect and I can tell you right now that’s a perfect Smile that’s a
smile that you can live with and it’s only like a one or two percent
difference I’m glad you didn’t let it go you’ve been able to go that close with this smile and being brave
enough to say hey here’s what I was doing with and let’s fix it she let’s me
show the whole world and if you’re dealing with the same thing then then
this is a place that means you don’t have to go pay thousands of dollars
and get in debt you’re gonna get so used to that smile it pops you see I could
just see in the camera I think all these little children depend on your smile all
the smiles that they get back from their teacher is something that they’re gonna
carry on into their young adult life into their adult life and I’m glad to be
a part of anything that makes you be who you would have been if you’d had this
smile your whole life I can’t wait to see the results next week we’re gonna
wrap it up thank you so much and we’ll talk to you next week Thank you things are working I’m really happy yes people are seeing you smile yes this is our third time to talk and I see
such a difference in the person that I met I can tell you’re not afraid to
smile Not anymore! and I I am so appreciative that your smile truly makes a difference in
people I’m hoping to get you an articulated smile and I want to get you
fully smiling with your bottom teeth so let’s open it up and see we got so you never told me what the bracelet is for on the packacge the reason why we do the bracelet is because we hope to one day have a message that’s
strong enough that says hashtag smile with me sometimes we see somebody that
had a bad smile and when one person has a bracelet and they see somebody at the
7-eleven or at the Taco Bell they don’t have to say do you know about this
company or oh let me tell you about your smile they just give them the bracelet
our nonprofit makes it to where if their case is severe enough we’re going to try
to do it for free and we do hundreds and hundreds of cases every year for free ok so I’m opening it up I think these are two bottom ones you have two tops that I’ve sent you before one was the
thicker one and we made it thinner I went ahead and made a bottom one for
that one and then I made another one to match the one that I did last week so
let’s put back in the top and then we’ll put back in the bottoms and see if they
articulate So here’s the tops BAM done now the bottom ones well yeah I just got better there
here we go yeah it looks too good let me just start
now back you see that looks perfect so give me give me a smile It’s different it is different but when you see that top that little quarter of your smile just right there
at the bottom it’s so big that you’re not gonna be able to do without it the
smile you just gave me just now she proved everything to me a hundred
percent I am looking at a one-tenth of your bottom smile and before you would
have hid that from them and I gonna let it sign off there I had to tell you I am
very rarely do I have a vlog of someone I’ve never met that I appreciate or
enjoy so much Thank you so much! it’s been good news I’ve had a good time knowing this
kindergarten teacher is doing all these neat things thank you so hope please keep in touch
with me but I’m gonna say bye here ok thank you Bil this is absolutely wonderful I hope you
feel appreciated I feel wonderful I’m really really happy with my press on veneers tops and my bottoms I’m super excited to go the world and try out my new bottoms if I knew somebody who didn’t have a smile that
they were not confident in or we’re not happy I would definitely want to
recommend Brighter image Lab to them. if you made it this far it’s because you
probably liked the video do me a favor hit the like button and hit the
subscribe button help us grow this channel our subscribers mean the world
to us I think you’ll like what’s coming this year amazing smile makeovers for
people all over the world thank you for watching the video and hit the subscribe
button talk to you later bye

14 thoughts on “Incredibil™ Dental Veneers! See Kindergarten Teacher Save $30,000 by BIL!”

  1. This client was an absolute pleasure to work with! We love her results! Questions? Ready to Order? Visit and chat with a smile specialist today!

  2. OMG!!! I would be so ecstatic if I got a chance at a free smile make over. I AM still waiting to see if I will get this opportunity. Its been almost 6 months since I applied for a free smile make over. I have not even made the slightest smile for 11 years now. Hope I get this opportunity of a life time one day. Much unconditional love & gratitude for all the lives you have changed @Bill Watson. 💫💜💙🙂🤗😌🙏

  3. That was just beautiful! It’s so amazing being able to smile as wide as you want to without covering your mouth. Such a blessing.💗 Thank you, BIL. You are the VERY BEST IN THE BUSINESS!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. The more I watch these videos the more I love & appreciate Bill. I won't bore everyone with my bad smile story but I will tell you that I intend to get my own Brighter Image Smile as soon as I'm able to, financially speaking.

    These videos are so motivating to me:
    1) Instead of feeling sad & defeated I have hope for the 1st time in a long time
    2) Instead of sending money on things I really don't need (did someone say Target?!? 🙈) I'm going to start saving for my own Bright Smile 😁
    3) The people behind this entire operation seem to be genuinely kind & caring people who deserve to be paid for their work but aren't trying to rip off innocent people who want better for themselves or the people they love. Bill is awesome!!👍

  5. Bill I’m a high school teacher with gapped awful teeth. How can I work with you to get a new smile too? I’m in the same boat…never smile. It’s really hard for me.

  6. It's amazing how you gave her a better smile after you didn't like the first smile you gave her. That shows you care about your patients and only wants what's best for them. I really hope that I can be one of the lucky ones to get a free makeover because it's been a lot I been through and a smile as nice as hers would be a great reason to smile again.

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