Inhale My Dong

Inhale My Dong

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BB:Nom x5 BB:Nom T.Freddy:Inhale My dong Enragement Child BB:No T.Freddy:it’s time T.Freddy:to inhale! BB:*Scream* T.Freddy:Git Gud T.Freddy:Mangle your song fucking suck T.Freddy:Is this what you define as music Mangle:No Mangle:Pleas buy me and Esoteric Sex Toy T.Freddy:No Mangle:But I need it T.Freddy:No Mangle:But I need… T.Freddy:fine jesus fucking christ am sick off your shit all ready! T.Freddy:RIP Fluff Fucker

14 thoughts on “Inhale My Dong”

  1. Get all three games on game jolt

    Five nights at f***boys final mix
    Five nights at f***boys 2 Gamejolt version (relax it’s the same thing no difference)
    Five nights at f***boys 3 final mix
    You have to censor Fuck because gamejolt doesn’t like it ig

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