Inhaling Ammonia For The First Time!


*theme song snippet, circa season 3* Jon: Alright, so you’re gonna break the… (referring
to mask) Should I have mine on? Jory: This will be a bonus video! Riley: (muffled through mask) So, Jory, put your mask on. Jory: (muffled) The masks might actually do something! Riley: (muffled) I’m gonna ease into it, so don’t worry. Don’t
call me a “puss-bag”! I’m gonna ease into it! Jory: (muffled; reading instructions) “Use only for inhaling. Alcohol: 35%. Ammonia: 15%.” Jory: (muffled) Are you guys ready? Jon: (muffled) Ready! Let’s do it! Riley: (muffled) Ready as ever! Jory: (muffled) I have never broken one of these, so this should be interesting. Jory: (muffled; reading instructions) “Crush only once at dot, and discard.” *smelling salt packet pops* *Riley sniffs heavily* Riley: AW! Aw, that’s strong! Riley: OOH! It tingles the nostrils! Riley: (begging Jory to quit) Alright, alright! Riley: OOH! It smells like really strong kitty litter! *Jory sniffs heavily* *Jory coughs in disgust of smell* *Riley laughs hysterically* *Jory sniffs heavily* Riley: (laughing) See? See?! Jory: Wow! That BURNS! Riley: Yeah, right? It’s, like, “OOH!” It smells like really strong kitty litter! Jory: WOW! Jon: (muffled) Did that wake you up? Jory: OH! (to Jon) You wanna try it? Riley: Everyone’s doing it these days! Jory: It’s not that bad. It’s just, it’s a shocker! Riley: It’s just, like, “OH! Hi!” Jory: It’s like the first time you flicked your testicles! *Riley laughs* Jory: (to Jon) Here, here! Try it! Riley: (referring to camera) I’ll hold it. I got it, I got it. Jory: Okay, the thing is you won’t smell it
at all until it’s, like, right there. Riley: Yeah! Jory: If you wanna ease into it, or… *Jon sniffs heavily* Riley: Isn’t that an odd feeling? Jon: (sniffing) That’s really pungent! *Jory and Riley laugh hysterically* Riley: Right? Jon: That’s just, like, comes up and, like, “BOOM!”
It just punches you in the nose! Jory: You’re, like, “Okay, nothing, nothing. I don’t get it- am I immune to this?” And then,
all of a sudden, it’s just, like, “OKAY! Oh, there it is, there it is!” Riley: Let me do it again! Jory: Okay, so… Jon: Hit me again! Hit me again, hit me again! Jory: So, that’s the bonus video of ammonia smelling salts. Riley: Yeah! (sniffs heavily) Jory: Now we know what Jack Bauer goes through, well, right before they, you know,
strap the car battery to his testicles for the second time, you know? Riley: Yeah! Jory: After he passed out from the FIRST time!
Now, this is what it’s like! So, yeah! Jon: Thanks for watching, folks! Jory: Thanks for watching! Riley: ‘Bye! *end credits play* *Click on episode #196 to see why Mighty Putty is
a “10” on the guys’ microwave smell scale!*

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