Injuries, Protests & Jeff Bezos: Amazon Workplace Accidents

Injuries, Protests & Jeff Bezos: Amazon Workplace Accidents

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  1. the money from amazon is too big for cities to really do anything against them. osha can levy all these fines, but unless major sweeping regulations are put into place which will protect workers better than the fines we are currently seeing… amazon will just continue doing what it's doing. amazon is a billion dollar company, a couple hundred thousand dollars every few years isn't going to hurt their bottom line too much.

  2. The fines need to compound by number of incidents. Departments can do that like getting fined every day something is not up to code.

  3. I think it's shameful that a state government can wipe away Amazon clear guilt in order to get money brought to the state oh, how could a governor trade the lives of his constituents for an Amazon facility. All billionaires are garbage oh, no one is ever earned a billion dollars, They only steal a billion dollars…

  4. For a start – 10 to 20% for injury costs should come straight off the salary of all C-level execs. Second – the OSHA fines should scale with the gross revenue of the company. All of the mentioned fines should have been 100 to 1000X of what they received.

  5. I once almost worked for them. It was for a new fulfillment center in Redlands, CA. Literally was a group hiring without interviewing. I got selected to be hired and wasn’t allowed to pick a good time to quit my job. Gave me a week and a half to start. No option to choose.

    I’ve also overheard two current employees talking to someone I know about their work environment. These people actually enjoyed what they did. Talked about if you were moved across the street at another OCT, you have two weeks to find another job. You’re going to get fired.

    A former coworker gives the obvious golden ticket suggestion. Work in the IT department and you’re paid well for obvious reasons.

  6. I dont even have to watch this entire video to tell u that this is all post on!
    The rate of work and the rate of work that they want during holidays and peak are ridiculous.
    It is literally impossible to move at the rate they want and use proper body mechanics.
    This holiday season Amazon FCs had to work mandatory overtime of one and 1/2 days. Leaving only one day off during entire month of December.
    So ur welcome all u rich bastards for getting ur shit on time and under ur tree.

  7. Do I believe Amazon should be hit with more fines? No.

    Do I believe the amount of a fine should be based upon a percentage of income? YES! Fines based as a percentage of income will hit companies that make $50,000/yr up to $5B/yr with the same amount of pain.

  8. I work at Amazon and there have been scary close calls of items falling 4 stories right in front of a coworker. And these items aren’t small. They’re as big and as heavy as bed frames.

  9. This whole job pushes employees to hard. I don't work at Amazon but I do the sane job. I get business are in business to make money but this job can be brutal. Some jobs I do require me to grab 300 cases in 75 minutes roughly. It gets easy after a while but that takes years of practice.

    I'm currently hurt from work. I said it gets easy but it's still physically exhausting. I know someone that works at Amazon and it sounds horrible. Where I work they expect you to get stuff done but they don't fire you for 98%.

    It really sounds like Amazon under pays and over works their employees and that's the opinion of someone that does the exact same job.

  10. This report does not surprise me at all.
    High volume demand/output often leads to presure on staff to work to statistics to detriment of health and safety.
    I often see Amazon adverts for tours round fulfilment centres I would imagine you are shown what company wants you to see rather than reality that is human nature to show best side.
    The same statistic work focus can be seen in many call centres covering sales to even assessing health care needs for example when GP practice is closed.
    Mental health/stress impact in these environments huge and if call centre dealing with assessing health needs implications of getting it wrong as worrying about call statistics does not bear thinking about.
    The presure is generated by consumers so maybe we have responsibility to think when ordering online do we really need item delivered next day as not only impacts staff in centres but delivery drivers or can it wait for standard delivery.
    Out of hours Health calls is it something urgent or something than can be treated via pharmacy visit, basic self care like painrelief or could it wait till surgery re opens so only those with genuine urgent problem call thereby relieving pressure.
    Possible solutions how about like in some hospitals police station is based in A&E what about putting Health and Safety officer in fulfilment centres.
    To reach solution we need to think out of box and look at our own behaviour and ask that question do I really need it nxt day at possible expense of injury, death or termination of someone's employment just because they can't achieve the companies stats.

  11. WHY are politicians allowed to be involved at any level with health & safety issues?? Especially if said politician is being PAID by the company?? It's clearly an conflict of interest.
    *Hey Amazon employees… UNIONIZE & FAST!!*

  12. Government should charge them way more. By the billions, cuz a big company should know how to keep their workers safe. And if they don't, then they should probably close doors.

  13. Does anyone else feel like they're in an abusive situation with Amazon? Like you knoooooow you shouldn't shop there, and even then you just waste time browsing that site anyways but you just can't get away?

  14. "Do you you think that that there should be more government fines imposed on Amazon to provide their employees with safe working conditions?" is the most redundant question I've heard. You might as well asked "Does Amazon paying $0 in taxes mean that something is wrong with how corporations are treated, as opposed to the average person?"

  15. This is really our fault, we want them to change?
    There's only one thing these predators understand and that is money.

  16. There are 2 things we should do to make stuff like this not happen. 1. Fine the living shit out of Amazon, because Jeff Bezos will actually start doing something once his profits start taking a hit, and he will push everyone else's salary as low as it can go to try and maintain the amount of money he currently makes. 2. Make a example out of the people who made the osha employee look away. I don't mean things like canceling them, I mean grab a axe, and internationally broadcast them getting fucking decapitated.

  17. It's been 12 months since buying something from Amazon. It was harder when I originally cut them off. Over time you get over it. You either care or you don't. A cheap rice maker isn't worth the human toll. We know its bad, we know the only way to get change is to speak with our wallets. Amazon isn't selling a product or service you can't get elsewhere or can't live without.

  18. I worked with a publisher who was boycotting publishing with Amazon for this and monopoly reasons… we were dying. We had to give in. Some of the people I know can't even boycott using them because they're homebound or have family living far away. The closest we can get is using them as little as possible.

  19. What annoys me is that a majority of warehouses are terrible and treat their employees poorly, but we focus on Amazon because they're the biggest.

  20. I work in a warehouse as a machine operator and palletizer. I do an incredible amount of physical work but I'm also a 32 year old 6'2, 190lb man, taking creatine and supplements for energy and muscle healing/building. If you are an overweight 50 year old person then you probably shouldn't choose a job that requires physical labor. If a supervisor gave me a person like that to train, I would refuse which I've done before

    I think it should be the employee's responsibility to perform their tasks. If you say that you can do a job when you're hired and then realize you can't, get a new job. Amazon is mostly entry level jobs so there's clearly other work these people can do than physical labor.

    This feels insane to me.

  21. I think they should fine them at a higher weight as well as refuse tax reduction or anything of that nature they should have to pay taxes like the rest of us and anyone that tries to do deals with them like osca employees should be fined or given jail time it is costing lives for kiss ass so they should be punished at a higher stake

  22. amazon is approaching monopoly as a company. there isn't enough competition in the online retail space for them to have to worry about things like treating their employees humanely. really this is just the natural conclusion of late capitalism.

  23. I don’t order from amazon unless absolutely necessary, I will pay more on Items to avoid the company. The last time I even ordered something from amazon 2014. All they see employees as dispensable units and nothing more. Disgusting. Fine them to hell and back.

  24. I ordered something at 10pm
    Last night and it said I could have it delivered today by 8am. And I was like how! I feel so bad for ordering from them after seeing this video.

  25. Just another example of the lack of common sense in government and business is failing our country.
    Henry Ford paid more than his competition and created a better work environment. He wanted the best of the best to work for him. This forced other employers to raise workers wages which helped grow our economy and benifited everyone. Why is Amazon seemingly taking the opposite approach?

    If OSHA fines were based on the companies profits or the number of employees a company had, they would impact change. For example, if a company had one employee and they were fined $1000 for a violation, it would impact that small company to make change with out destroying it. If Amazon had the same fine, they would owe $750,000. This would be an eye opener for them with out damaging the company over all. (based on Amazon having 750,000 employees)

  26. Since 54% of Amazon's sales are third party resellers, I've started just looking up the same products on ebay. Fairly often they're the same price or cheaper than Amazon's prices. The only issue is waiting 3 or 4 days instead of one or two which rarely is a problem.

  27. This is why I don't ask for 1 day delivery. i don't mind waiting longer as long as it's done right. I respect their time. hope they see that in their metrics.

  28. Honestly, the whole industry is fucked. Amazon workers have little to no rights, the delivery men and women get paid jack shit while everyone would love to get their stuff delivered right to their doorstep for preferably no extra money. It's fucking brutal, even here in Germany where there are more worker rights in general than US.

  29. I Worked at an Amazon fulfillment center back in 2016 and was almost fired for not constantly stocking shelves and scanning at 100 % speed during a 10 hour shift. You definitely were judged if you used the bathroom and didn’t come back within 5 minutes even though it would take 5 minutes to walk to the bathroom.

  30. Honestly, I wouldn't care if amazon packages took 3 days to arrive if it meant people having safety in their jobs. All of my "guaranteed one-day delivery" packages always took two days, anyway, As long as I knew that, I'd just plan on it. The very LEAST employees deserve is safe working conditions.

  31. AM Care told me to stop coming to the clinic after reporting a fainting feeling for 2 weeks. Then the facility terminated me after I was assaulted by a team lead, whom they never fired despite in admitting to it and with camera evidence

  32. I feel like the pinkertons are about to start patrolling fulfilment centers. Like, bezos is bordering on robber baron status, and its worrying. While its not as bad, modern companies have functional monopolies and do what they want, and its getting dangerously close to some oil baron shit.

    Also, can we acknowledge how culty "fulfilment center" sounds?

  33. Not sure how the government allows this, although it's so well-known. Additionally, I'm not sure how such a huge company can't hire enough people to fulfill deliveries on time, without pushing your workers to their breaking point. And lastly, I'm not sure how someone can be so desperate for a job they opt to stay at such a horrible job. It's not like they pay anything substantial. Go work at McDonald's.

  34. Stop giving a company money, their will slow down and lower their quota. There are cost and effect in supply and demand. Support competitions, not regulation.

  35. The beast of capitalism devours all. Next step will see people having to sign "non disclosure" contracts to be able to get a job to feed, clothe and put a roof over their families head.
    Sad world we've created.

  36. Ex-Amazon Employee here. Can't say anything negative because I forget how long NDA was.
    I talked to several of my coworkers about unionizing, and for the next 2 weeks my manager spent way more time watching me, doing speed audits, etc. Thing was, I regularly met 110% of quota with a less than 1/2000 error rate. I was a star employee. And I still received scrutiny. However it's possible that was entirely coincidental, the managers tend to pick a handful of people to focus on each week.
    Despite my personal gripes with management, I really did enjoy working there for awhile. The pay was good and I couldn't find cheaper healthcare anywhere.

  37. my girlfriend worked at one of these centers for a month the robots ended up cracking open dangerous chemical spray can i think she said bug spray it ended up in the ventilation. she and the other workers where told to deal with it and keep working because they will not get paid if they walk out. on a sad note she quit that day and got $50 for working that entire month and 4 people ended up in the hospital with serious injuries and 1 died and amazon did not compensate anyone nor were they held responsible for what happened. my girlfriend has had breathing issues since and we have still not heard back from amazon other than if we sue them we will most likely end up like others have going to court being told its our fault and owing amazon up 3 million in attorney fees and get nothing from what we were told by others that have tried. all in all think about who you might be putting at risk before you decide to make any purchase on amazon because ,your order may end someones life and that is not a joke

  38. I loved my job at amazon but got two write ups withing two months for not meeting the 1,500 item pick rate every single 10hr shift. Four days 10hrs a day. I was making 98% rate but I was expected to be at 100% or higher or I would be written up. Three write ups and I would be fired. I grew so anxious about it that I over worked myself. Pulled something in my back overreaching into a bin above my head while on a stool and now suffer permanent back and hip pain. And (not amazon's fault) workerscomp denied me.

  39. My friend got injured on the job during the holiday season. They broke their ankle and had to get surgery on it. Amazon hasn't been treating them particularly well and that's where I'm going to leave it.

  40. As long as it will be cheaper to get fines than improve conditions/pay better/benefits etc, Amazon has zero incentive to put money into those things. Amazon needs to be affected either by all employees in shipping centers walking out, or impose fines so unbelievably steep that the cheaper option is to treat their employees like real humans. Bezos is a master of capitalism and the bottom line is the ONLY thing that matters. $23K fine for a worker death is less than a parking ticket for Amazon, and just like a parking ticket they don't even see it worth paying off.

  41. I dont know how it is in other countries but in Poland you need permits for all forklifts and other this kind of equipment and amazon does not accept your permit that was issued outside of amazon. So even if you have forklift licence you need to do new one in amazon. Iv worked there only for 3 months but keeping in touche with people working for long time and i think the biggest issue that may relate to injuries and damaged goods is that amazon is constantly hiring and firing people without reason. So in the end 1/3 or more workers are new ones and that may end up in more accidents.

  42. the fines they gotta pay are never high enough for them to care. woopti do, pay 10mil? sure it's only a drop in the multi billion dollar company. they don't give a shit and honestly i have no idea how people are still going to work for them.
    but hey being poor doesn't leave you much of a choice.

  43. I worked at Amazon for only a year bc it was beyond just physically demanding.
    There were actually 2 ambulances parked out front bc of the number of ppl who would pass out on the mezzanine due to the heat.
    Mind you this was dead of winter in Pennsylvania.
    The conditions are awful.

  44. Idk why people are surprised when they find out that big corporations are evil and don't give a shit about their employees

  45. I dislike amazon. Yes my mom is obsessed but I don’t like how they treat people. There’s a line between making money and functioning and just being a dick. Amazing is just being a dick. For how much money they make, there’s no excuse for how they treat their employees.

    John Oliver did a piece on how they treat their employees that exposed them but it seems like everyone laughed and moved on. People actually need to speak up and stand against amazon instead of supporting them. It’s a joke to most but not to me.

  46. I work there and yeah its shitty. We get only a few paid days a year, about 3 and the system with the medical issues and leave is very in cohesive and convoluted.

  47. I work at Cross Dock for Amazon, and it is brutal. The Safety team have no idea what our jobs entail and keep changing policies that either hinder our work flow or make it more dangerous for us. And then there's ops who are trying to hike up our production to the point not even our machines can keep up with the speed at which boxes and totes come down. It is so fast that if a carton smashes into another that second box/tote either explodes or becomes a projectile. Its either you get written up for being unsafe to keep up with the workflow, or written up for nor working fast enough. The injuries I've witnessed include some one stepping on a nail, Forklift operator being hit by an unsecured box, many backs thrown out. Near misses that happened just to me include electrocution from exposed wires and getting hit by a falling mounted fan/electrocution.

  48. Every time I hear bad stuff about Amazon it’s always the fulfillment jobs. That job is the equivalent to working at McDonald’s it is not meant to be a career. In Kent wa I have worked at over 30 fulfillment centers when I was a Young adult. It’s a shit job with a high turnover rate! Same as being a telemarketer. You go in knowing you are going to get fired within six months because that’s how that job works.

  49. Fines are ineffective against the most profitable company to ever exist. Prosecution and jail time might get through to them.

  50. I mean at this point you have to do more than just fines or turn the fines way up so they actually feel it they should not be getting away with this

  51. Long story short, I worked at an Amazon fulfillment center for a couple of months last year during the height of "peak season", or the holidays. I had applied to work from Sunday through Thursday, 6:45am to 1:15pm. The hours I actually ended up being forced to work were 10:15pm to 4:45am. I figured this was what I needed to do because I needed the work. When I had been there for a few weeks, I started having severe anxiety issues dealing with the time shift. A couple of weeks later, I brought this up to the HR staff several times and asked for a rescheduling of hours. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I was told it couldn't be done until I had worked there for over 120 calendar days in total. I fought this, citing mental and emotional distress, and the final answer I received was "the company is more important than the employees". That was the answer, almost verbatim. That's when I decided to quit because my mental health is obviously more important than their bottom line.

  52. I worked at an Amazon warehouse at one point, and the warehouse we worked in had 0 air conditioning in the work area. It was extremely hot in the Warehouse and we were required to places packages in boxes so they could go onto the delivery trucks for specific areas. Packages can range from 0lbs to over 100lbs. Most of the time you had 2 lanes to sort packages in, and each lane had 24 to 28 boxes and 4 carts for big packages. So 2 lanes means 48 to 56 boxes and 8 carts. They wanted you to be fast, and were disappointed if you were unable to handle your lanes alone. If you managed your lanes fine and find time where you had nothing to do, then you were expected to help others out. At least they provided free water bottles though, cause otherwise dehydration would have happened.

  53. Ugh. I was pretty sure amazon was evil. Now i'm sure. No more amazon for me. …it sucks that having morals seems to always cost more

  54. This doesnt offer any new information I haven't already heard elsewhere a year in advance. At seven and a half minutes, I'm not surprised. Cut back on the amount of content you make. Produce one or two videos a week, and deliver actual in depth deep dive into these subjects.

  55. I just hope more workers quit, and stand up for themselves. Amazon can’t funnction without workers. And if the conditions are that bad then why put up with it ya know.

  56. Employees are dying because of corporate capitalist greed in order to get consumers' packages to them on time, and the government is helping cover it up. if that ain't some dystopian shit I don't know what is.

  57. Can confirm.
    The amount of times we have to break carrying rules just to grab or put away something. Mix that in with how many new people we didn't properly train because of how busy we were, and the amount of items being placed in bad positions because of it (heavy glass items in high places, cleaners, detergents and arisol side by side with food, etc.).

    To call it a mess is polite. I'm just happy my managers are nice and understanding about issues that occur.

  58. I dodged a bullet! I had an interview with Amazon's fulfillment center in California but had turned it down because an office supply store was closer and offering more money

  59. The fact is, if the average person was asked to choose between the health and safety of a random stranger working at Amazon, or getting their products shipped quickly, they'd probably choose to look the other way.

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