Injury Free Pickleball-Improve Your Balance


the survey said that next applying
better pickleball the most important part for you was staying injury free if
you’re willing to spend a few minutes off the pickleball court to do that then
you’re going to want to stay tuned hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson staying injury
free is so important after all if we’re injured we don’t get to play as much
pickleball as we age things start to change for us
in the five key areas of fitness now if you’re not sure what those five key
areas of fitness are just click on the link that’s coming up above and it’s
going to take you to something that will help you today
we’re going to talk about one of those things that tends to deteriorate as we
age and most of us don’t do anything to improve it and we can’t
that’s called balance as we age our balance decreases in part for four
reasons number one our muscular strength decreases our muscular flexibility and
joint flexibility decreases our vestibular inside of our ears those
cells decrease and certainly our eyes change with those four things decreasing
it becomes more important than ever to Train balance today I’m going to share
with you six different exercises don’t be a beginner in intermediate and an
advanced version pick one or two of these and do them a couple times during
the course of the day you let’s start with the head nods in the
beginner position stand with your feet about shoulder width apart you’re going
to start by looking to the right and then move the head up and down then look
to the opposite direction again moving the head up and down do that multiple
times if it feels like it’s too easy for you try it with your eyes closed now
let’s move into the intermediate position this time we’re going to stand
heel toe start by moving your head left to right
forget the up and down for just a moment move left to right
once that feels comfortable then move to one side would then the head up and down
then over to the other side and up and down for the advanced position you’re
gonna stand on one foot let’s start the exercise the same way we did the
intermediate one simply move the head from right to left once you feel
comfortable doing that and it can be really hard to get this one you can see
even I’m having a hard time with it then move to one side go up and down and then
back to the other side up and down okay now we’re gonna move into the
single leg deadlift for the beginner position simply stand on one leg let’s
do your best leg first and we’re going to lift the trailing leg as high as we
possibly can that may only be a little bit off the floor
but what you’re trying to do is lift the trailing leg up keeping the other leg
straight now for the intermediate position let’s
lift that trailing leg so that it is parallel to the floor with the base leg
staying as straight as possible for the advanced version of this
exercise we’re going to add some weight take a small medicine ball or whatever
you may have the dumbbell is fine as well we’re going to lower up and down
making sure that the supporting leg stays straight and that we don’t ban
forward from the waist for the overhead reach in the beginner
position the first thing we’re going to try and do is to stabilize and have
balance on one leg so stand on one leg start on your dominant leg first because
that’s usually the easiest one to you for the intermediate version of this
exercise we’re going to stand on one leg open our palms up towards the ceiling
and simply raise them overhead until our hands touch then lower them down slowly
for the advanced version of this exercise we’re going to add a small
medicine ball or a dumbbell whatever you may have have it travel from one hand
over to the other keeping your balance on one leg if any of these are too easy
at any point in time feel free to close your eyes that will
definitely make it harder for the beginner version of the kneeling
bird dog get on all fours and making sure that your hands are directly
underneath your shoulders and that your hips are squarely over your knees begin
by raising one leg off the ground so that it’s parallel to the floor as
you’re comfortable with that raise the arm on the opposite side for the
intermediate version of this position we’re simply going to bring the arm and
the leg together to the center seeing if we can make them touch at the same point
in time keeping our balance if you really want to test your stability in
the bird dog position raise one leg and then raise the arm on the same side once
you feel balance there move the arm back and the knee forward at the same time
trying to touch the elbow to the knee a stability ball is a great way to help us
to improve our balance chances are the gym you go to has one and if you don’t
have access to it you may purchase one they cost about twenty dollars or so
start by sitting on the ball and reaching your arms out in front of you
we’re going to keep our arms directly in front of our chest as we turn side to
side maintaining our balance on the ball if this is too easy for you close your
eyes in the intermediate version of the
stability ball twist we’re going to do the same twisting motion side to side
but we’re going to lift one leg again if you find this easy close your eyes and
give that a try for the advanced version of this
exercise we’re going to lift the legs off the ground and see if we can
maintain our balance on the ball for the beginner version of the
stability ball Superman simply put the ball underneath your hips roll on to
your hands and maintain your balance for the intermediate version of this
exercise we’re going to try lifting one hand off the ground at a time again if
you’re finding this too simple make sure you close your eyes that’ll definitely
make it harder in the advanced version of the stability ball Superman we’re
going to try and lift our arms and our legs off the ground at the same time don’t neglect your balance as I
mentioned at the beginning of this take one or two of these exercises do them a
couple of times a day it’s only going to take you a very short amount of time to
do them and you’re gonna see about a balance improve quickly if you got value
from this video if you want mine giving a little thumbs up I’m curious do you
already do things to help you with your balance if you do put it down in the
comments below and let me know what your favorite exercises are if you wouldn’t
mind share this with your pickleball playing friends because after all if
they’re healthy they’re going to be on the court with you cuz together we can
train smart live bold and aged

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