Instructions For Making A Good Impression For Your Removable Veneers

Instructions For Making A Good Impression For Your Removable Veneers

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Your custom Shiny Smiles Veneers will be made from your home impression, a
good impression results in a great fitting veneer. Follow these instructions carefully to achieve
a good dental impression. Take the time and attention necessary to complete
the process properly for the best result. Most people get it right the first time, but
it’s critical to follow instructions carefully. Using a mirror and stopwatch can make this
procedure easier. Before you begin, make sure you have the correct
size impression tray for both upper and if necessary, lower teeth. The tray should fit easily inside your mouth
and your teeth should not be hitting the sides of either tray. The impression material should be at room
temperature for at least 12 to 24 hours prior to making your impression. This will help make the process of combing
the two parts into one impression material much easier. Lay out all your supplies and make sure you
can complete the process without interruption. Step 1: Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse
out your mouth. Step 2: Find the impression tray that fits
over all your teeth. Step 3: Remove the impression material components
from containers labeled 1 and 2. Combine them using your clean hands to knead
and fold the two components together until fully blended, no more than 30 seconds. Material should be a putty like consistency
and one solid color. Do this quickly as the combined material will
begin to harden within 45 seconds. Step 4: Roll the material in your hands until
it is roughly the size of your finger. Press the material into the impression try
making sure to fill the tray completely. Step 5: Fully insert the impression try into
your dry mouth without touching any teeth. Center the tray on all teeth and gently push
the impression try against your teeth using your thumbs, applying even pressure to both
sides. Avoid rocking or wiggling the tray. Step 6: Using your fingers press gently with
one continuous motion for 5 to 10 seconds. Don’t bite down, and down try to talk while
the impression tray is in your mouth. Step 7: Using your thumbs, hold the impression
in place for 3 minutes without moving. Do not remove the tray before 3 minutes have
elapsed, as this could cause the material to shrink or shift if it is not fully set,
creating an impression that does not include your gum line. Step 8: before gently removing the impression
tray, ensure the impression has set by checking the texture using both your tongue and fingertips. With one smooth, straight downward motion,
gently remove the tray from your teeth. Don’t rock, wiggle or angle the tray when
removing it from your mouth, as this can compromise the integrity of your impression. Step 9: Repeat the entire process if doing
an impression of your lower teeth. Using your index fingers, rather than your
thumbs, to press and hold the tray in place for 3 minutes. Do not bite down or talk during this tile. Step 10: Do not remove the putting from the
impression tray. After checking that your impression gives
a clear picture of your teeth and gum line, without any tears, breaks or drag marks, allow
your impressions to dry completely before inserting them into the return package provided
with your purchase. Fill out the information card included and
mail your impressions to Shiny Smile Veneers. That’s all there is to it! The Home Impression Process is simple, but
it will require your complete attention and best effort.

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