Internet Dental Marketing TRUTH About Internet Dental Marketing

Internet Dental Marketing TRUTH About Internet Dental Marketing

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Graig Presti CEO of
has developed a new internet dental marketing system by studying the internet marketing gurus after
he completed his MBA program. It involves a patient Google review system, YouTube videos
and keyword research; this
is where most dentists fail miserably. According to Presti “If you don’t have a system that
gets you 15-25 Google patient reviews or YouTube videos from your best patients bragging about
you, you’re losing money
to the competition, period.” Every new patient comes from the Internet
dental marketing. It doesn’t matter if dentists advertise using radio, direct mail, billboards,
television, or internal referral campaigns. What is the
first thing a patient is going
to do when they are referred to a practice
see an advertisement for the practice? Patients are going to Google the dentist’s name and
the name of the dental practice. Patients are going to figure out if they are legitimate
and if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the practice. Patients are going
to read the online reviews, and will look at any videos related to the practice, and
will read what others say about the practice. Patients want to feel cozy and warm before
they pick up that phone to call for an appointment. The bottom line is, if dentists don’t have
good presence on the internet, the dental practice is not going to get a bump from their
advertising campaign. All advertising campaigns need to be done
in conjunction with a strong internet presence.
The internet impacts every portion of a dental practice. The Internet holds the ‘keys to
the kingdom.’ The web in general holds the key to future success. If dentists do it right, dental practices can dramatically
increase patient flow.

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  1. Thanks… Good Stuff we provide local search services for specific niche dental markets, mostly in the Emergency space. I Appreciate hearing from a professional that seems to get it.. there's way too many out there that don't. Good Luck.

  2. How do I convince my local dentists to get in on internet dental marketing? I'd like to know more before picking one!

  3. I saw someone's review on this company and said this is a scam.  At the end of the day, didn't work and wasted his hard earned money

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