Is Chewing Tobacco Better For You Than Smoking?

Is Chewing Tobacco Better For You Than Smoking?

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Most of us know smoking tobacco can cause
cancer, but what if you chew it instead? Spoiler alert: still terrible, don’t do
it, unless you just love infections. Hey smokin’ hotties, Jules here for Dnews. It used to be the case that if you were trying
to quit smoking cigarettes, some health advocates would recommend that you replace the habit
with smokeless tobacco, since it removes the whole cancer-y combustion part of the equation,
and supposedly causes less cancer. But there’s tons of evidence that it does,
in fact, cause cancer, and hey, a study came out this year that not only points to a cancer
risk from smokeless tobacco, but also the very real risk of a horrible bacterial infection. So those health advocates might want to rethink
their chosen careers. See, the big problem with smokeless tobacco
is how it is consumed. You’ve probably seen people using it; they’ll
often look like they have a big old lump in their cheek. That lump is tobacco, and users generally
hold it against their gum line for long periods of time, as the nicotine is absorbed. But you’re not really supposed to hold anything
in your mouth for that long and the tissues inside of your mouth, called mucous membranes,
aren’t as strong as they are on the outside of your body. The mucous membranes *figuratively* open the
door for all sorts of nasty cancerous chemicals and bacterial infections. But first it makes sense to understand the
problem with tobacco in general. Most of us know that smoking tobacco is one
of the biggest causes of lung cancer by far, and does so by altering your body’s DNA. A number of chemicals found in cigarettes
are specifically labelled as culprits in DNA damage, including benzene, polonium-210, benzo(a)pyrene,
and nitrosamines. And most of those show up before anything
is even burned, aka combusted. Combustion is a chemical reaction, and leaves
lots of little byproducts, a number of which are known carcinogens. Whether it’s burning meat on a grill, which
we recently did a video about, or lighting up a cigarette, combustion is generally known
to produce these carcinogens. But removing the smoke part only really addresses
a small part of the cancer-causing problem with tobacco. Smokeless tobacco, which can take on the form
of snuff, snus, dissolvable or chewable tobacco still contains stuff like nitrosamine, which
is considered one of the most reliable cancer causing agents in tobacco, and comes from
a chemical reaction nicotine undergoes when it oxidizes during drying, also called “curing”. In fact, smokeless tobacco is well known to
cause cancers of the mouth and throat. Even Babe Ruth died from cancer of the upper
throat, very likely due to chewing tobacco. No one is immune. And speaking of immune, smokeless tobacco
isn’t just a cancer risk. A paper published in the journal Applied and
Environmental Microbiology in August of 2016 showed a link between opportunistic infections
and smokeless tobacco. It says that there’s a type of bacteria
group called “Bacillus” that can live in smokeless tobacco and infect your mouth. A different study in Clinical and Diagnostic
Laboratory Immunology found five species of bacillus in chewing tobacco sold in the US
— so the bacteria is already there when you buy it. Some of these species are known to cause vomiting,
diarrhea, and even emit a toxin that can make you very sick. And even worse, other forms of this bacteria
can produce the exact kinds of nitrosamines we mentioned earlier that are known to cause
cancer. The problem is that smokeless tobacco is a
prime transporter for opportunistic infections, which describes an infection that generally
only happens when there is a prolonged opportunity. As we mentioned earlier, in order to get nicotine
into your body from your mouth without swallowing it, the piece of tobacco is held against your
mucous membranes in order to flow right through them. This creates the perfect opportunity for bacteria
to jump into your bloodstream right alongside the nicotine, and next thing you know, you’ve
got toxin-producing Bacillius running rampant. Look, it’s 2016 and the evidence is clear
as day: tobacco is generally bad news, and the more we learn about it, the worse it is. So do yourself a favor. Spit it out. So smoking can obviously give you cancer and
chew can give you cancer and infections, but those aren’t the only things to worry about. What about how smokers always look older than
their nonsmoking counterparts? Why is that? Find out in this video. And if you have any other smoking related
questions, let us know down below in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe for
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100 thoughts on “Is Chewing Tobacco Better For You Than Smoking?”

  1. "want to quit smoking, just quit" says a person who's never smoked lol. If they want people to quit make quit aids available not a talk line. I am an x smoker and couldn't do it without dishing out 50 frog skins for patches.

  2. Can you show us Factual evidence instead of opinion based. It’s very simple use Listerine after you finish chewing or dipping kills any and all “bacteria” left. That said GOLDEN BLEND RED MAN !!!!

  3. I dont know anyone who has mouth cancer from chew, Nor do THEY know anyone who has gotten mouth cancer from chew. Yet EVERY single one of us know someone who has cancer from smoking.
    I think "chewing causes cancer" is total BS.

  4. Babe Ruth smoked and drank heavily. Heavy drinking and smoking( not dipping) definitely cause cancer. American moist snuff and chew don't cause cancer. The only American smokeless product that causes cancer is DRY snuff, and generally it takes 40+ years of use to get cancer from it.

  5. I like to dip nugs of dank and my girls used tampons. Nothing better than a nice used muff plug in the lip. It improves my immunity and enhances the ferocity of my boners

  6. Also babe Ruth most likely got throat cancer from all the cigarettes he smoked and cigars and all that alcohol which are far more cancer causing than smokeless tobacco

  7. Been dipping for 30 years. I brush my teeth and I’m not an animal and my teeth and gums are literally perfect. It’s all these nasty ass people not taking care of themselves that give it a bad rep

  8. Intentionally inhaling smoke is worse than dipping. It's a given. If firefighters get workers comp from being around fires a few times a year then it's obvious what's worse.

  9. It would be great if you put percents of increase in chances of cancer. Everything can increase your chances of cancer. The important part is the percent. Processed meats can cause cancer but the percent is so minimal that you have to eat tons of it everyday for your chances to really increase.

  10. Everyone in here please dont just believe someone on the internet.. al tha harmfull chemicals he pointed to! Well O want him to go take a organic lettuce and a non organic one and send them to labs to have analysed.. there wil be harmfull trace elements.. for example we all know apples are healthy.. but 40 apple seeds consumed within 5 minutes will kill a 60kg man.. because of cyanide.. so all these chemicals are just scare tactics.. plus a australian orginisation compiled 19 seperate studies on chewing tabacco and concluded that there is no correlation between chewing tabacco and mouth cancer.. if you want to quit smoking.. please start dipping is way safer..

  11. Been using dipping tobacco for 14 years….not one single problem, still got all my teeth (because I take care of them), no cancer, no health problems.

  12. Have you ever smoked or chewed tobacco? I think not!
    There is more bacteria in your greasy hair and scruffy beard than cured chewing tobacco or snus.
    Stop copy pasting your selective content and get a life you fool

  13. Then explain every person that has dipped for like 30 years and there mouth is better than a lot of people

  14. Babe ruth died to cancer of the mouth “ most likely from dip” 😂 .he had a vary rare salivary gum disease. Witch had nothing to do with dip

  15. Don't listen to this scum sucking little pig, if you want the truth it's here
    The FDA have been screwing with you.

  16. Living causes cancer. By the way if you don't use tobacco mind your own business and maybe I won't tell you all that fatty food you shove in your mouth won't cause you to get a fat ass!

  17. I'm worried about my dad…
    He does smokeless tobacco and I just cant get him to quit… what should I do???

  18. why do children die from cancer, why do young people that live healthy die from cancer , why do a old man at 97 live and have smoked since the age of 13 still walk among us , i did quit smoking with no drama ,, we all have crazy cells , but the body have a security program if it fails you are out of luck .. not often you hear about heart cancer …it is pure bad luck

  19. I've been dipping for about 10 years. I'm starting to worry about my health and how long I can do it without any real complications. I get very bad heartburn sometimes and my gumline has receded quite a bit. Other than that, who knows.

  20. How about just don't smoke or have anything to do with cigarettes or anything in cigarettes ie tobacco. It's a disgusting smelling/tasting thing and a huge waste of money. Get out into nature and breathe in that beautiful fresh air. Use your money for something more beneficial.

  21. Snus and chewing tobacco are two completely different products.
    There is no evidence that snus can kill you, since no one has died as a direct cause of it.
    Sure, you "might" get mouth cancer or bacterial infections, but most people don't. You know why? Because of mouth hygiene. Just brush your teeth and use mouthwash daily and you will be fine.

  22. They say tobacco kills but my grandpa used to smoke and drink daily for 45 years straight! But then one day he got hit by a bus and died. Point is we all have our time.

  23. Your wrong about snus . Its pasteurized so the nitrates and bacteria is killed of during that process. Therefore snus is better for than smoking and dip n chew . I take snus mainly but I like a dip n chew everynow and then . We all gotta go at some point

  24. Smoking doesn’t give you jaw tumors that require you to get your bottom jaw removed to prevent the cancer. Chewing does. Cigars are the best option.

  25. My dad does tabbaco and I’ve been trying to get him to stop and he’s tried multiple times but he can’t what do i do I don’t want him to get a terrible disease!!! 😭😭😭

  26. If you take care of your self and actually brush floss and wash your teeth you’ll be good but you only get one set of lungs do the math

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