Is Eating Your Boogers Bad For You?

Is Eating Your Boogers Bad For You?

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Hi my little nuggets, Julian here for DNews.
Picking your nose.You all do it. I know you do, don’t lie to me. But once you’ve mined
your golden gobs, do wipe it in a tissue? Do you pick it and flick it? Do you…. Do
you eat it? The behavior is not uncommon in kids at all,
and a lot of adults still do it. Usually when no one’s looking but they do occasionally
get caught on the jumbotron at sports games. But is there a reason to be ashamed of it?
Or worse, could it actually be unhealthy? Well the social stigma makes sense; mucus
is inherently gross. It’s stringy and sticky and drips out of you when you’re sick. Once
you learn the purpose of mucus, it adds another layer to the yuck pile. Mucus’s job is to
snag dirt, pollen, and pathogens. It’s actually 95% water and 3% mucin, which
are lubricating gel-like proteins that hold a lot of water and have a high molecular weight.
The last 2% is assorted particles ranging from antibodies to fungus balls. So knowing that one job of your nose goop
is basically to catch the nastiness in the air before it makes it to your lungs, why
oh why would anyone put a booger in their mouth? Well, because they taste good… so
I’ve heard. Associate professor of biochemistry at the
University of Saskatchewan Scott Napper thinks so too, and moreover thinks boogers are sweet
as a way of enticing us to eat them. Since they’ve got weakened pathogens in them,
perhaps eating them helps our immune system learn to fight whatever might be in the air
around us. I’m going to call shenanigans right there though, because you’re already
swallowing a ton of mucus without knowing it. You make about a liter to a liter and
a half of mucus daily, and much of that gets pushed back by cilia and flows down the back
of your throat into your stomach without you even realizing it. You’re basically swallowing
oodles of snot constantly, so a dried boogey that you put their manually isn’t going
to help you out very much. Instead, I would like to offer a different hypothesis on why
boogers are allegedly sweet. Mucus also helps with your sense of smell,
cutting up molecules that enter your nose and delivering them to receptors in your nasal
cavity. A 2007 study claimed that the delay in the time it takes different pieces of the
molecule to reach receptors actually helps us differentiate smells, and this was backed
up in a 2010 study where mice with inactive mucus lost the ability to identify a target
smell. When it’s dry out, the mucus dries up and can’t transport those molecules well.
Mucus also keeps the tissue underneath it from drying out and cracking, keeping the
blood vessels in your nose safe from infection. So in order for mucus to do all it’s jobs
of lubrication and protection AND smell reception, the mucin needs to stay full of water. And
how does mucin trap water? By being coated in hundreds of oligosaccharides. That’s
right. Sugars. Boogers aren’t sweet because you’re supposed to eat them. Boogers are
sweet because they’ve got a job to do, and their taste is a byproduct of their strategy
to do it. So it looks like eating your goobers isn’t
beneficial but it’s not harmful either. Just don’t pick so much you scratch up the
inside of your nose and cause bleedings and infections. And probably avoid doing it on
a date. But aside from that, science has no criticism if you pick and lick. So boogers are gross but apparently, ACCORDING
TO A SCIENCE PROFESSOR, they taste good. But you know what doesn’t? Ear wax. What’s
that stuff for? Trace tickles your earwax here.

100 thoughts on “Is Eating Your Boogers Bad For You?”

  1. Seeker picks his nose because that he said it was sweet (i dont i pick my nose with the butt wiper things and then i throw it in the bin)

  2. Some one told me this

    This how we do it
    Pick your nose and chew it
    If it has no flavor
    Flick it at your neighbor

    I don't pick my nose and eat my booggers. But about 91% of my class does tho

  3. Don’t judge, but when I was young (when I couldn’t even remember) I ate my boogers. But now as an adult my immune system is incredible. I get sick maybe once a year, but it’s never something minor. It’s always something strong, like pneumonia or strep. So rip I guess

  4. That is hilarious one of the comments said girls are EWWW!! about eating their boogers but are quick to swallow gallons of cum that is so wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I do know that you can accidentally damage yourself which is what people should truely worry about other then give the "it's unacceptable" line
    Flip of Mis….uh………..Boginiadronus………………………(temporary upsetness)

  6. I pick my nose a lot, but I roll it up so it crumbles into little particles. Or I feed it to my dog. Anytime he sees me pick my nose he runs over and jumps up an starts licking my fingers

  7. Once during my advisory a few weeks ago, my nose was very stuffy and I was laying on a chair with my feet on a another desk. So I was flat on my back. Then I was sniffling my nose and all of a sudden snot went down my throat through my nose, and I was choking on it. I got so scared that I jumped up and coughed it up to my mouth and grabbed it out with my hand and flung it on the wall because I didn’t know what to do!!! It was so scary I was choking on snot and I didn’t have any water…

  8. I ate a boogy before
    it was a fat thicc boogy, i picked it out started rolling it an ate it.
    what a salty yummy snack during a school exam.

    The End..

  9. But the mucus you regularly swallow probably isnt as packed with bacteria as the dry stuff that you pick out right?

  10. I’m bad at blowing in a tissue so I get a tissue and get it out ;-; then flush it down the toilet ( or throw it away ) is that considered picking your nose ;-;

  11. I eat my boogers and i'm sick much less often than my friends,and btw boogers are salty not sweet

  12. One of my friends would pick his nose an flick the boogers in his car while driving down the road. 😂🤮

  13. Umm….not to lie I do in class when nobody is looking cause they never catch me sometimes i use to get my coat or jacket and hide my face under there and lick my nose but like if u do the same

  14. Ok,boogers are made for catching germs in your nose and when your a baby you always lick your hand and it have germs on it so it give you the taste of Sait same with your boogers. Yuck 🤢still taste good 👍🏼

  15. If they tasted like ear wax I don't think anyone would eat them. and even though they might taste good to some kids it might be a good idea to stop eating them as an adult

  16. Jesse Ronald self age 34 eats his boogers daily he has said he needs salt he has ADHD extremely hyper active autism and multiple other mental problems and disrespectful putting 💩 on people his twisted girlfriend Amanda pooras pathological liar snitch dope addict alcoholic narcissist evil devious cutthroat backstabbing northern California freak's Jesse's half sister Tammy Christine miles age 5 20 77 is exactly like Amanda to a .T.

  17. Jesse & Amanda and Tammy love they're daily vitamins yucky gooey gross snaws.dinner or Scooby Doo 👃 snax

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