Is Gum Disease Contagious?

Is Gum Disease Contagious?

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hi I’m dr. Joe Nemeth, I’m a Periodontist
in Southfield Michigan and I want to talk a little bit about the
transmissibility or the contagiousness of gum disease because I was asked
recently is gum disease contagious
I call it transmissible well yeah it is transmissible mainly through saliva so
if someone has gum disease and someone who doesn’t kisses that person they can
get those organisms from that person who has gum disease even if it’s not just
kissing but anything that has that person saliva
eating utensil toothbrush anything that might have that patients or that
person saliva has the organisms that cause gum disease and can be transmitted
to whoever is exposed to that saliva so it’s very very transmissible but here’s
something interesting even though it’s transmissible that doesn’t necessarily
mean the person who is exposed to those organisms will get periodontal disease
or gum disease because some people are resistant to those bacteria and some
people are susceptible to those bacteria so let me give you an example I was just
telling some people this is a great example so let’s say there’s a hundred
people in a room and a young boy or a young girl comes in with a bad bad cold
and all of these hundred people are exposed to this person with a bad cold
now some of these people are going to catch that cold and in some cases that
cold may progress to bronchitis and maybe even pneumonia some
people will get a cold like that child’s cold some people will get a milder cold
and some people won’t get a cold at all well why is that because some people are
resistant and some people are susceptible what’s the same thing with
gum disease some people are resistant some people are susceptible most people
fall within those two extremes so gum disease is caused by bacteria but the
most important thing is try to make sure that your mouth is clean and healthy and
free of those bacteria because even if you don’t have gum disease that’s
causing bone loss if you have the organisms in your mouth and it’s not
causing bone loss that doesn’t mean that they’re not getting into your
bloodstream and affecting the rest of your body like now a likely causative
factor for Alzheimer’s disease as well as a significant relationship between
heart disease cardiovascular disease stroke that is kidney problems
now pancreatic cancer diabetes there’s almost no disease or part of your body
that is not negatively impacted by the organisms that cause gum disease even if
you’re not having active gum disease if the organisms are there so this looks
like a healthy mouth this is not such a healthy mouth and that’s obvious it’s
got gum recession and bone loss so this is you know this would be an extreme
case of gum disease but we’ve seen patients whose mouth looks just like
this it looks very healthy looks great but then when we take x-rays we find
that almost all the bone is gone so even though the mouth looks good and the gums
look good that doesn’t indicate what may be going on deep under the gum
anyway the important thing here is make sure that you keep your mouth healthy
because if you have a healthy mouth you’re going to have a healthier body I
guarantee it it’s absolutely certain so we welcome questions comments subscribe
to our YouTube channel we’d love to hear from you and have a great day
restore your smile and your health visit dr. to schedule your
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12 thoughts on “Is Gum Disease Contagious?”

  1. Pls experiencing receding gum and now there's a hole in my gum which is very painful….pls any help for me.

  2. I use a waterpik after breakfast and dinner will that help slow my periodontal disease? I had it laser too. But I do have a little bit of bone loss has some black my gums

  3. Hey dr, I am having this issue with one of my bottom front incisors. I am breaking in my second retainer to get used to it. I have already broken into my other retainer just fine. When I start to break in the second retainer I started having problems with ONE bottom front incisor. I got my braces off about a week ago. It’s not just cold sensitivity but it hurts to touch the tooth, it hurts to put the retainer on and to take it off, it hurts to bite down, etc. It feels like if I got hit in the mouth and my tooth was almost knocked out (I used to grind my teeth as a child). It’s only that one tooth, I don’t get it. I can’t get into my dentist until September. I don’t have any cavities. It also really hurt when they popped the bracket off of that tooth but it didn’t bother me until I started breaking in the second retainer. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Dr. I have periodontal disease but no signs of bleeding or gingivitis. I floss daily and get my three month Perio cleanings. Will it be OK for me to kiss my wife etc?

  5. I suffered terribly for decades until I was diagnosed with H Pylori infection. A 10 day course of Clorithromycin/Penicillin and Pantoprozole not only dealt with my stomach but also successfully treated my oral problems. I am still being treated for what they believe is IBS ams I have found diet and exercise to be more effective than most of the medications I have tried. Should H Pylori detection be considered an option when testing for Periodontal disease? In my case they appear to be related. All I know is, I no longer carry around the most foul taste in my mouth and my gums no longer bleed.

  6. I have 10 cavities, how long would filling all of them up take? Would it be multiple appointments? What kind of anesthetics are used. I fear dentists but I also don’t want to be in pain.

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