Is it Bad if Blood Comes Out of a Pimple?

Is it Bad if Blood Comes Out of a Pimple?

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Is it bad if blood comes out of a pimple? That depends on what you were doing. Trying to get rid of it. If you pop a pimple correctly, there should
only be pus coming out. If you keep squeezing it, blood will come out. Will that make things worse? A tiny bit of blood won’t make it bad. Continually
squeezing and picking will increase the odds of scarring. That’s scary, too. Now if the pimple isn’t fully formed with
a hard nodule and you are squeezing and picking at it, blood is bad. You just said it didn’t hurt. If you get the pus out, a little blood is
OK. If you only get blood, the pus is still there and is now more deeply embedded if not
spread around. It’s like whack a mole. It will now come
up somewhere else. No, more like failing to pull a weed up by
the roots. It may now become a massive lesion, with greater odds of scarring. Should I leave pimples alone or pop them? If they are perfectly formed heads, you can
choose to pop them. Then you have to clean up the pus so it doesn’t cause pimples in
the surrounding pores. There are women who complain that breast cancer
awareness makes people think their boobies are cancer filled bombs. I feel like one zit
is the start of a pox. You don’t have chicken pox, much less small
pox. And if you ever feel bad about your skin, look up pictures of how they looked. That’s why milk maids were considered so
beautiful – no small pox scars. If you feel bad about all of this, wash and
scrub your skin with astringent and soap and water at least twice a day. As long as I don’t draw blood.

23 thoughts on “Is it Bad if Blood Comes Out of a Pimple?”

  1. Well i accedently destroyed a pimple and it wasnt much blood but just a little bit… is this bad? It was only blood do… i don’t want to have a scar or something like that

  2. I just got a new pimple (i didnt know it was a pimple bc its my first time) i thought it was smth strange then i accidentally pop it. No wi know it was a pimple. When i held it, theres blood i look into the mirror and thought that the shell of the wound smth will come out now. But then when i squzzed it theres blood and white thing

  3. I squeezed a pimple for the first time today and pus came out but the wound has blood and it feels like there is still something inside because there is a bump but when i squeeze harder nothing comes out. I don’t know what to do pls help me it’s my first pimple ever

  4. Mine was really big and was red around it so I squeezed a little and this red and white liquid mixture came out and and squeezed it out until it was almost flat then wiped it off

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