Is It Better To Breath Through Your Nose Or Your Mouth?

Is It Better To Breath Through Your Nose Or Your Mouth?

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we’ve all done both taking a breath
through our mouths and taking a breath through our nose but which is better for
you what do you think better to breathe through your nose if you’re if you’re if
you work out I believe it’s better to breathe through your nose so you can get
more oxygen I think it’s better to breathe through your mouth because you
can take a deeper breath probably a combination but I would go with nose
because if it’s not gonna dry out your mouth it’s better to breathe in through
your nose and out through your mouth has to do it the nose filtering the air so
what’s the real answer let’s find out it is better to breathe through her nose
mainly because the nasal passage works as a natural humidifier so you’re
breathing in humidified air which you’re not through the mouth and then it also
you know creates a natural barrier for any particulates that may you may be out
breathing in there you have it if you have a medical question you’ve always
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21 thoughts on “Is It Better To Breath Through Your Nose Or Your Mouth?”

  1. when i try to breathe through my nose, it feels like I'm holding my breath. then i breathe through my mouth and it just feels so so so much better, but people judge me for always having my mouth open

  2. People always breathe through your nose and have your mouth closed(teeth pressing on eachother when not talking). Mouthbreathing specially towards younger people causes ugly face and mouth deformities that are unhealthy. If your nose is constantly stuck go to a doctor. I had the same case and my doc gave me drops which took me from 0 to 100 very quickly

  3. I can’t breathe through my nose cuz 1 side of it always gets blocked and it keeps switching 😂😂😂

  4. I get my nose blocked by mucus frequently, so I breathe through my mouth. This is making me scared wtf. Right now tho, my nose isnt blocked.

  5. Friends be aware that It's better to breathe through nose as it hai nostril hairs which helps in trapping the dust particles or any foreign particles and helps in providing the clean air to lungs .
    In mouth this mechanism doesn't occur .

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