Is it Possible to Carbonate a Soda With Your Own Breath? Amazing Science Experiment!

Is it Possible to Carbonate a Soda With Your Own Breath? Amazing Science Experiment!

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  2. 🌈🦋 I always wondered although I have a simple kind of mind and I’m not sure understand the explanation but tell me why when everything you eat turns into sugar, why is it bad to eat sugar instead of steak? 👩🏻‍💻🤔🙃

  3. This is a cool experiment! One thing you forgot to account for (or at least mention) is the dissolved nitrogen in your blood. That bag with pure O2 in it initially had no nitrogen partial pressure, but due to the ~100 mL or so dissolved in your blood, the volume of nitrogen in the bag probably quickly reached an equilibrium corresponding to Henry’s law of partial pressures with the N2 in your blood. So the volume you pumped into the bottle was still a mixture of N2 and CO2, and could be why it didn’t carbonate as much as you thought it would. Keep up the interesting videos!

  4. I think you should make a pressure chamber like a vacuum chamber but instead of sucking out air it pushes air in

  5. well i don't know about carbonation in soda but actually isn't just CO2 in this sprite, because the air is made by mostly oxygen and nitrogen and small amounts of co2 compared to those so i think that have more nitrogen and a little bit of co2 in it

  6. I have to fact check this first but I am pretty sure that I remember correctly from my physiology class:
    Isn't hyperventilating dangerous because you breath to much CO2 out? The effect stays the same but it's as far as I know a misbelief that you can breath in to much O2 because the O2 saturation is met fairly quickly with fast breathing.

  7. Try to attach the boost oxygen to a snorkel so you can breath under water or make some machine simaler with the boost oxygen to breath under water.

  8. Wouldn't it have been safer and just as effective to take breaks while breathing into the bag?

    I mean, I don't know if it's really safe or not . once you're at the point where there's almost no oxygen and it's mostly CO2, I don't know how many breaths of pure CO2 you can safely take,

  9. He was wrong! We breath nitrogen oxygen and hydrogen and garon not only oxygen and exhale Carbon dioxide hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen amd argon so shut up

  10. He saying oxygen so much that it’s starting to sound weird. Lol why do words sound weird when you repeat it a lot

  11. So….. after all these years drinking carbonated drinks, are we actually drinking other people's breathe?

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