Is Link’s Awakening Switch Better Than Original? Remake Differences


What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin Jon plays here and today we’re going to target about the
differences between the original Link’s Awakening the new one and some fundings
that you can expect to explore on kho hall in Ireland for those of you who
played the original Link’s Awakening on the Gameboy or the DX version on the
Game Boy Color you may be wondering what’s the
difference between the original and this brand-new version on the Nintendo switch
and for those of you who are going to be having your first experience on coholan
Island there are some great things that you’re going to be playing through and
experiencing for the first time on this brand new adventure this is the second
year in a row that Nintendo’s given us a brand new coat of paint on an original
Gameboy Classic last year in 2018 we got let’s go Pikachu on let’s go Evie that
were a complete reimagining and just a beautiful way to experience the first
generation of pokemon red blue green and yellow
well it’s 2019 and we’re gonna be doing that again originally released on the
Game Boy then re-released on the Game Boy Color now riri released on the
Nintendo switch and I’ve combed through every single little bit of footage and
tweets and posts by Nintendo and III presentations for all of this
information here and I think it’s gonna be pretty advanced the original Link’s
Awakening had the most basic of pixel art sprites and a screen by screen
experience similar to Zelda on the NES when comparing Link’s Awakening to NES
Zelda Link’s Awakening has a much more fleshed out story and a beautiful world
filled with different areas that intertwine with one another in a way
that doesn’t make them seem so cut off from one another one of the most
distinguishing parts of Link’s Awakening is the original characters including
characters from other Nintendo games have change how shy guys kirbys and even
stomping on goombahs the remake remains true to the original in quite a lot of
ways but all the changes can be brought down to two basic ideas the updated art
style and quality of life improvements you’re no longer gonna be going square
by square of areas to explore in the overworld instead it’s gonna be one
large flushed out map you’ll see every character
from that original pixelated design into an adorable diorama style full 3d model
and while view adventure the entire screen presents a vignette of a depth of
field meaning if it’s far away it’s gonna appear blurry which can be mostly
seen at the top and the bottom of the screens one huge quality-of-life feature
from the original and this may sound a little foreign to people who have not
played to the older Zelda games is that many items that required you to pause
the game and swap is no more you want to lift a rock with the proper upgrade you
just hit a in front of a rock and you pick up the rock you want to block and
attack your sword and shield are always going to be equipped you want to charge
an enemy with the proper upgrade you just hold down el and you can run at it
perfect now that the button count has gone from 2 to 8 it’s no longer a
trivial often occurring task the sword and shield power bracelet and Pegasus
boots are always equipped is your action button B is your sword R is to block
else to run the Y and X buttons are gonna be for your other items such as
your magic power rooks feather bombs shovel ocarina
hookshot bow and arrow magic rod boomerang and fairy bottles this remake
adds a few items into the game from the original one of the most notable is
gonna be bottles there are several fairy fountains in the game as well as
specific enemies who drop fairies and in the original it was just they refill
your hearts but now you could bottle them and use them for later as of now
I’ve seen footage or mention of at least two bottles in the game as opposed to
the original map humming Gameboy we now get a beautiful hand-drawn super
detailed map that you can place down markers just like in breath of the wild
very useful if you’re exploring a dungeon and you see a wall that looks
bombable but you don’t have bombs yet you just put down a marker and you’ll be
back no problem the original had a couple of war points
but with no interface and it seems like now you’re not only going to be able to
choose which war point you want to go to when you play the ocarina and the
corresponding song to warp to but there’s also gonna be more warp points
added and now there’s a memories mode which lets you see who you’ve spoken to
and what they’ve told you as well as help making a progress most likely with
hearts and secret seashells down by the seashore
in the original game we only had 14 hearts which was much less than other
Zelda games but on the switch that’s been increased to
and the original there were 12 pieces of heart and not very well hidden could
that mean that we have more to search out for an additional six hearts can
mean 24 more pieces of heart to find there’s also a few additions in the game
such as small pedestals in the house of may village to play statues of various
enemies in the game exactly what functionality these have or where to get
them we don’t know quite yet if you played the original Gameboy game but not
the DX remake for the Game Boy Color there was a new dungeon added called the
color dungeon this is going to be making a return as well in addition to the DX’s
color dungeon we also get a brand new feature for you and your friends with
Dante’s dungeon editor located in tall tall Heights there you can find Dante
shack which replaces what was the camera Hut in the DX version so sorry mr. rat
friend there you could create your own dungeons and Link’s Awakening switch and
see how fast you could beat them while it’s definitely not as detailed as Mario
maker I like to think of it as being more of a big puzzle that you put in all
the pieces yourself and you completed yourself there’s several ways to unlock
new chambers for the dungeon editor completing dungeons in the main eventer
beating down pace challenges and finding them in the overworld each individual
chamber tile has a predefined puzzle a set of enemies and treasure but what the
treasure is depends on how many treasure chests you have in the dungeon as well
as locked doors and the fun really comes down to how you connect all these
individual tiles each custom dungeon challenge requires an entrance a boss
room known as a nightmare lair and every doorway leading to another doorway in an
adjacent room it’s up to you as the creator to decide
how much back and forth key collecting or hitting the switch for the different
floor colors to erect and go down that you’d like the player to be exploring
with and being upset by you also get to choose stairways for underground 2d
side-scrolling areas that travel to a different part of the dungeon how these
stairways connect in which 2d area you’re going to explore is determined by
the game not you as to what shape you can arrange these dungeon pieces is
based on the dungeons blank spaces so far we’ve seen what appear to be 3d
toriel stages or challenges to give you the basics of the editor and
then a large heart-shaped map it appears in the first two you could just place
them anywhere and you don’t have to fill the map but in the third every spot
needs to be filled these are probably defined by Dante when doing the
challenge and it looks like Dante’s challenges are split into easy medium
and hard Maps by the shovel icons at the top the chambers are organized by
entrance rooms nightmare layers and how many entrances / exits there are two a
room and then organized by which direction the entrances are placed when
completing a map you can save it to an amiibo and bring it to another switch
console for a player to challenge however there has been no mention or
documentation anywhere that there is online functionality or a leaderboard
for these challenges I think it’s kind of a shame that there is no way to have
that online functionality of I make a dungeon and then anyone on my friends
list can see it or I have a code similar to how Mario maker 2 works there’s also
gonna be a new link amiibo that will launch with the game and when used in
game and will unlock what’s known as a plus effect which is a dungeon element
that’s layered on top of a challenge of the dungeon itself and the little glossy
link boy unlocks shadowlink shadow link will be a constant presence until the
dungeon is cleared or he’s defeated increasing the challenge of the dungeon
the increased challenge comes with increased Awards such as rupees and
additional chambers it looks like the other plus effects include bombs rubies
hearts wall masters and something about enemy splitting Nintendo stated that the
other Zelda amiibos previously released will have some functionality in game
although has not been mentioned what the previous held amiibos are going to be
supported by the game include wolf link the Wind Waker HD vivos breath of the
wild and me both champions ballad amigos 25th anniversary amiibos and the smash
amigos it seems like the dungeon editor is going to be a big part of the post
game and the one thing I wonder is can you just cheese it and put more simple
dungeon squares to complete the challenge and we’ll just have to wait to
see these are just a few things to look forward to for Link’s Awakening on the
switch released in September 20th 2019 and we’re doing a giveaway for a copy of
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