Is Mouth Breathing Bad? – Don’t Breathe Out Through Mouth


why do you have to breathe in through
your nose and out through your nose if you breathe in through your nose and out
through your mouth you lose moisture so there’s a 42%
greater water loss by breathing in through your nose and out through the
mouth here’s your nose this is your nasal
cavity of course here’s your nostrils here’s your hard palate your soft palate
your airway your nose warms incoming air and your nose moistens incoming air and
the way in this is very good this helps oxygen transfer take place
this prevents exercise induced asthma if you breathe in cold dry air in through
your mouth your Airways are going to get aggravated yeah but on the breath out
this is energy from the body and your nose is designed to trap that moisture
and to trap that warmth and by doing that it keeps the nose open so the nose
opens itself by breathing in and out through the nose if you breathe in
through the nose and out through the mouth the more nose is more likely to
get congested somebody with nasal congestion if they keep breathing
through their nose their nose will work but they don’t because their nose feels
stuffy so they open their mouth and then when they open their mouth that’s a big
problem and you’ll go to your doctor I had somebody during the week three nasal
surgeries flick sanae’s for the rest of her life in her 60s mouth breathing she
did all the surgeries did all the nasal procedures nobody told her to breathe
through her nose and that’s what happens honestly I did
the same I had my nose done in 1994 not plastic surgery turbinate reduction or
whatever they did inside the nose but I was never told to breathe through ich
we have kids doing tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy by the thousands nobody is
telling these kids breathe through it afterwards it’s terrible
Christian game winner who discovered sleep apnea back in the 1970s he said
that sleep disorder breathing is going to come back in these kids within three
years of the procedure unless nose breathing is restored
can you imagine an ENT doing a surgery and an individual but not telling these
people to breathe through their nose it’s like somebody having a broken leg
they go in they get surgery but after surgery what do they do
rehabilitation to go to their physiotherapist or physiotherapist gives
them exercises to get the muscles working again we need to do
rehabilitation and breathing so my point is any of you who have nasal operations
and things that I make sure you’ve reached through your nose in and out by
the way in and out increased water or an energy loss by breathing through the
mouth could be a contributing factor in these patients and with nasal

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