100 thoughts on “Jackass – bad grandpa”

  1. The sad aspect is that kid only got mad when they didn't give him a cigarette, otherwise he could have cared less the child was drinking and smoking.

  2. Am i the only one who thinks the kid looks absolutely scared shitless during this scene? After the guy is like "yeah watch your mouth bud" he barely said anything else. I dunno I'd be nervous doing some shit like that when i was twelve

  3. "piss of man" takes a drag. ROFL. I wish you tube had more pranks like this, its more funny when its from an age that you don't expect to behave. Like a grandma twerking, or a kid drinking fake alcohol with a potty mouth lol. Because you know they won't hit them.

  4. Interesting: if you watch carefully from the point where Knoxville says " alright kid, it's time for Grandpa's massagie." all the way to where he says. "I hear a lot of talking." It's all a voice over. He isn't saying anything at all. This pretty much ruined it for me. Even when the kid says "Bye Hippies" it was fake. He didn't actually say it to the guy.

  5. What in the fuck is up with that dudes hair? Is he wearing a fucking hair net? If not, then that's the weirdest fuckin hair do I've ever seen. He has it pulled back partly over his ears to where it kinda looks like a swim cap, and then its perfectly parted down the middle of his head. Lmfao what a fuckin chimo lookin fag. I wish he would've tried putting hands on knoxville, so Knoxville could've defended himself legally, and just whipped that ass. If I had been walkin by, and witnessed that, the guy would've gotten his assed kicked, and been put to sleep.

  6. We'll go around the and see YOUR MOTHER.. lol damn part gets me everytime since the first time i saw the movie

  7. Best wishes to his father who has passed. His father gave him that bulldog mouth line and I’m glad he shared it while creating good memories of having some laughs and enjoying ourselves.

  8. To think if that was a real old man everyone would be calling that guy with the ponytail a hero and have the old man locked up. xDDD

  9. Man no one's bringing up the balls on the kid tho
    Kid: mind your own business asshole
    Hippie: what?
    Kid: maintaining eye contact, " I said mind your own business asshole. Lmao. Like the guy thought surely this kid won't say that to my face twice, wrong

  10. I love this segment shows you how much people really are cock suckers LOL I wish Knoxville of Chris pontius would’ve knocked that guy off

  11. The difference between the south and the west. The south we do whatever we want which leads to consequences but we are willing to accept them. The west your suppose to do what the man tells you to do or we will make you by force.

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