Jeff Hardy on his injured knee: SmackDown Exclusive, April 30, 2019

Jeff Hardy on his injured knee: SmackDown Exclusive, April 30, 2019

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Jeff, earlier tonight,
we spoke about how you and your brother will have to forfeit your SmackDown Tag
Team Champions due to your obvious injury. And you mentioned briefly exactly
what happened, we saw a video, what are your thoughts on this terror that
Lars Sullivan has been reigning down on the SmackDown roster?>>We had the greatest
match with the Usos, who won the SmackDown Tag Team titles. And then Lars attacked them,
my knee has been weak for a while, but he just put the finishing point on it,
man. It was a massacre, and it’s my worst
nightmare now, cuz I’m gonna be out for six to nine months.>>So the next few months for
you, what do they look like?>>A surgery in a couple of days, I’m
gonna have my whole right knee repaired, everything and there, this bad. And so, for six to nine months its
gonna be rough, I mean, hopefully, the first four months go extremely well. My first injury in pro wrestling was when
I tore my rotator cuff over a year ago. I made it six months when Matt and
I first came back, then that happened. So then I made it a year,
doing the face paint and all that and now, this has happened. So it’s a bummer but at the same time,
I mean, I needed a new knee overall. There was a lot of wear and tear on it. So I’m pretty confident I’m gonna
come back better than I was or have been the last, gosh, four years.>>Well, you’ve been very resilient, and the WWE Universe has constantly
been behind you and your brother. And so, what message do you want them
to know from you, from your heart, for sticking by you
throughout all of this?>>I want them to know that I will be
back and I will be better than ever, and I’m gonna rock it Enigma style and
be myself like I always have been. And hopefully, be able to put on
a better show than I have recently.>>Thank you, Jeff, and
we all wish you luck.>>Thank you so much.

100 thoughts on “Jeff Hardy on his injured knee: SmackDown Exclusive, April 30, 2019”

  1. Jeff & Matt should request their release and go to AEW frankly! It's sad to watch them like this over and over again!

  2. Get better soon Jeff. Take your time coming back though. Get yourself healed. You’ve needed this surgery for 4 years. Lots of prayers. And STOP blaming yourself

  3. Could be the perfect opportunity to set Jeff up for one last great singles run upon his return

  4. That knee has hindered him for years since that bike accident. Finally he will get that fixed. He's been slow ever since then. He will be better than ever.
    Love ya Jeff, here's to a speedy recovery!

  5. Since jeff is injured now.. i'm hoping that matt would go for a single run and bring back his old wwe theme song back..

  6. Is Jeff Hardy ever not out of action? I love him but still, I don't want to wait for him anymore.

  7. This is so weird. Since their return to WWE, every time when they start forming as a team either Jeff or Matt gets injured.
    Get well Jeff, I know you won't let us down. Hardy Boyz are the best!

  8. Thank You Jeff Hardy , and Come back better than ever especially as brother Nero .. speedy recovery … <3

  9. Get will Jeff Hardy. You been my guy since 2009. Heal up and come back at 100 percent. Maybe bring "No more words" along with you? 👍🏾👍🏾

  10. 69 months oh 6 to 9 oh come on Iam on my holidays for 2 months and he will be out of action for a long time.

  11. Man, I know Lars Sullivan is supposed to be this unstoppable rampaging monster (at least for now), but that man is just reckless. He just injured one of my all time favorite wrestlers so bad he'll be out for 6-9 months. WWE should just send that oversized botch machine back to NXT, and keep him there until he can learn to do his moves properly, otherwise there could be lot more wrestlers getting injured because of him.

    On a side note, I really do believe Jeff Hardy will have a successful surgery on his knee, and I'll be more than thrilled to see this Legend make his return. 🤘

  12. Ironicly, Jeff always injured when he teamed up with Matt

    Well, he took more bumps when he was a single star but he wasn't injured, atleast not this bad

  13. Jeff will got his revenge to Lars!
    We need Old Jeff we know!
    Take down the monster lark jeff!
    You can do it.

  14. That damn knee needed surgery since his dirt bike accident!! That’s most of the reason why he’s been slow and limited!

  15. I would pay to see Jeff come back as the AntiChrist of Professional Wrestling and win the WWE title.

  16. To be fair honestly I know Jeff is getting older it is only a matter of time before certain parts wear out faster than others but honestly I believe this man is still one of my favorites to this day if he ever comes back I really really would like to see him dye his hair one last time just for old time sake I would love that that’s what I miss the most I remember him being the rainbow hair demon I miss that name now I miss calling him that cause I know he ain’t doing it as much anymore and I miss it so it would be good for a final run cause I really want to see his hair done up one more time

  17. Hahaha believe me I want Jeff back when he comes back ohhhh I am going to be waiting for no more words I want that to be the style for this event cause I know I want him back I can wait as long as needed

  18. He my boyfriend Jeff hardy Ross Lynch I am Brady Jeff Hardy Ross Lynch I am Brady Ross Lynch Austin moon Kyle Massey dean abouse Ross Lynch Jeff hardy Ross Lynch he my boyfriend Austin moon Ross Lynch jeff Hardy I am Brady he my boyfriend Ross Lynch Jeff hardy Ross Lynch he my boyfriend Ross Lynch

  19. Yeah but r truth saves Jeff hardy tho Jeff needs to thanks r truth for saving him make match MATT HARDY AND R TRUTH VS LARS SULLIVAN AT TORNADO HANDICAP TWO ON ONE

  20. I gotta feeling Jeff come back as a Willow. A new gimmick and as a heel. I don't know… Just saying. 😅

  21. I want him to come back at survivor series so I can see him because I am going to go to survivor series

  22. my hopes of his next accomplishments after his return

    2nd Smackdown Tag Team Title Reign W/ Matt Hardy

    2nd RAW Tag Team Title Reign W/ Matt Hardy

    24/7 Championship Reign

    Universal Title Reign

    Hall Of Fame

  23. I really hope I can see him for the first time when I go to wwe live in a couple of days. Other than that I hope he is getting better and will come back like never before. Hardy boyz for life!!

  24. Did this man, who’s thrown himself off of every single thing he can get onto, just say that his first injury was the rotator cuff in 2017??????? HOW?????? What’s the tea??

  25. I know he is gonna come back win the rumble and also the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP.

    It will be WONDERFUL!!!

    We love you JEFF👍👍👍

  26. He really seems like a laid back type of guy who is willing to talk to anyone and is open to talk, Jeff Hardy you rock!

  27. I love how Jeff Hardy is just Jeff Hardy. The way he talks. They way he interacts with others. He's not a character. Jeff Hardy is Jeffrey Nero Hardy.

  28. He knows no matter how much time passes, we'll always be waiting for him. Get well soon Jeff, but most importantly, heal! Miss you ❤️

  29. 😭😭😭 I only want him to get one last time Championship title 😢😢

    But I think that's impossible 💔

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