Jesus Gassed By Nazis In Stomach-Churning Ad [VIDEO]

Jesus Gassed By Nazis In Stomach-Churning Ad [VIDEO]

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Jews for Jesus is a controversial group
of Christians trying to get used to convert they’ve got a long history in
doing some incredibly offensive things let’s look at the most recent example they released an ad time for the
holidays to appeal to their job Jewish brothers named that Jude I am for you but watch Jesus him big the cab links use the notion s news me on my mood no no I how I don’t know that that’s the
worse at in world history but it’s in the running
although they begin having cheated okay shot area above yeah I’ll died June died yeah I also
thought that was a common year ago but I don’t wait did you die now yeah I think somebody early on in
the editing process like the second draft is probably dude this is crazy got put in black and
white that overlook that over a period I I mean if you’re just called the June
who died for you it would be better yeah I do you do you think I W Yahoo send the other oh no this Jews for Jesus
their whole point is a convert choose to Christianity raping if you want to kill the Jews I’m
hi sure you wanna go with the title that judo for you and I’m not sure you want
us to take in the Holocaust which is of course you know what are the worst things ever
happened in world history in particularly happened to jews and say oh okay by the way a as but at one of the guys here said
not to see the obvious but it does create a member of six million Jews to
use their suffering as a way to convert jews to Christianity
right and maybe this is God every bad baby in
the world wrapped up in a wok it makes my stomach turn when I was
watching it and literally got a visceral response like I wanted about this is so horrifying
right and I N a understand their intended to
disassociate Christianity from be the camps and to say you know
the nazis and the inclusion term in Canton nothing
to do with Christianity look they even what why would they do this
they produce is presently gas chambers and nothing to do with Jesus Christ but it’s disgusting and opportunistic
like move to further their agenda and incredibly
disrespectful to all the families I’ll be over six million Jews and I a
holocaust it is so incredibly on disrespectful that I don’t even have the words like
explain how horrific they make me nothing that are angry the
head Jews for Jesus says that day in reality is good he is to be identified with those who
were the victims a holocaust has been used perhaps more than any other topic
any a better time to prevent Jewish people from considering the goodness of
Jesus well how about like that turned in one
sec if they were just like you know all I got is used by the Jews to prevent the
offer recognizing nominated you to use the good news about you yeah it was hard
to hear the good news of Jesus a over the them above the Nazi tanks CRA right so yeah it like business
quarter to end the in fact he suffered and died on our
behalf to show us the love God there for a min Jesus and how good you
should see that well how come inside have seen that love the wind up seeing the Holocaust so its
hardness go to the people who are the family members who survived the Holocaust and had
family members killed in say are what they’re doing something you
love Jesus already what’s wrong with you like why are you
letting the whole cause getting the wave joining our group the ENT ear with a statement there from
this the Susan perlman we want you what Jewish
people understand the suffering inflicted the hand in the
nineties were no way based on the teachings of Jesus in fact he suffered and died on our
behalf shows the love of God like we don’t think that yeah it right that’s not I blame just the nazis yet here’s the thing that the holocaust is
just the worst example other history are a
couple of thousand years have christians preying on Jews in that
part of the world that was in some isolated incident and I know that you’re not supposed to
say this item I feel like I’m living in that bizarro world but the Nazis were
Christians iight not all Christopher Hitchens never
even watched one of his videos if you wanna find all the examples but if you’d love to get smash sometime
pick up a copy of mine comp into a shot every time he talks about his Lord their jewelry their belt buckles had
Bible references on it they had the complete
the cooperation %uh the Catholic Church they were explicitly not just sorta
implicitly Christian they were done really really Christian
now and we do not want to say that supposed to be some sort of APS communist thing at running back well
they were that were religion wasn’t there motivating factor
least not Hitler Hitler says it was his motivating factor in his writings and by the way it’s it you know it’s
partly my reading cuz he picked another religion to destroy right so
that was it an accident either but I’m actually in between you guys
like so yes on the belt buckle it’s as good with tombs right God is
with us right and everything jon said is true in it about mine confit cetera now the thing is that doesn’t mean it they jus blame cheeses rightward I Jesus spade turn the other cheek he was
there Principe straight hidden tell the nazis to do that’s that
but I think they’re on their own and I think that what they’re doing is
projection I because there’s a lot of Christians fundamentalists who think are the Jews killed Jesus right job
always fun to be the most bizarre thing cuz Jesus was Jewish but I couldn’t be mad
at the Jews deals with jewish rate anyway so I think
that their think well if we think that way they must think that way so they big all Jesus the blame for the
holocaust but I don’t think anybody really thinks
that like other you are doing well she entity and and different screens
overhead here but not just a regular another
upset about that about the nazis is that there are so
many more political movement recently including here in the United
States better more wrapped up in religion then the
Nazis used it like yeah that’s right it wasn’t you
know a yes all those things you said it really wasn’t what it we’re also what he says in his
giant propaganda book it wasn’t their
motivating force they didn’t talk about it they did make
big show it’s funny when people make big shows by go to church on Sunday American
president you now have a lovely I’m sure we’re all
on a church you are Jesus I mean I think about bringing me and I
is not because real religious leaders of course were a threat to them widget emit
religious leaders were threat to them to get and its billions being a religious
leaders and youth is being a religious leader I think no one’s blaming dude as
per se but jesus’s after a manifestation of God
like people do feel like okay if things like the holocaust in
this then does the God in this that they got was a mission on the
malevolent omnipotent investment how can horrific things like that happen yeah if
there’s a God I couldn’t stop it so I think that’s where religion plays a part
in this and that this is clearly something evil it’s clear
something wrong and perhaps if there is a God that
should have been stopped but some people have that belief and this is why religion is being
questioned the call but that’s why I have this ranked in the top 10 worse as in world history because not only super
offensive its incredibly effective area because layin
it not only are you turning off everyone you’re trying to appeal to but aunt other to buttress the sets
points there if Jesus was at the camps why didn’t he
do something about them

100 thoughts on “Jesus Gassed By Nazis In Stomach-Churning Ad [VIDEO]”

  1. As a German myself, I consider this incredibly offensive and an embarassment for American TV. How is this allowed to be an actual ad?

  2. People are sick. I might be a Christian but I have utterly no problems with the Jews, or anyone else for that matter, be it Atheists, homosexuals, transgender, etc. I'm all for them because I know that everyone is different and everyone believes in different things. I'm disgusted to see the sheer tastelessness that ignorant folks can force onto others. The Jewish community has already faced enough persecution. Leave them the hell alone!

  3. The Nazis didn't even think Jesus was a Jew. They thought he was part of a Nordic enclave living in the region, and that he fought against Jewish materialism / greed.

  4. I don't know that I'd have gone with Schindler's List to try and sell Christianity. Why not use the end of Terminator 2 and show Jesus sinking into molten lava to show how he died for our sins? That's much more dramatic.

  5. Spielberg should sue for copyright infringement: Shooting it in black and white with only one character appearing in color (the girl in red in Shindler's List). He'll lose, but he should do it just to make a statement.

    Fuck those people. Wow…

  6. They were just doing the work of Martin Luther (father of the reformation) as he had written in his book, The Jews and their lies. 

  7. Oh no, one cosmic space monarchy is trying to convert another. Give me a second of give a fuck.

    One second later. . .

    Well look at that, absolutely no fucks given >.>

  8. Did he just accuse Catholics of having caused in part the holocaust?????? this is twisted, all over some stupid evangelical group claiming to be Jews for Jesus when they are in reality just a group of Southern Baptists..

  9. Jews for Jesus are not Jews. They have no historical ties to the holy land, and believe you will go to hell unless you accept Jesus as your 'lord' and 'savior.' 

    They are Christians who use deception to trick others into joining them, they are not Jews, and should not call themselves Christian Jews, you can only be one. 

  10. so wait, gays dancin in the streets is "meeeeh, disgusting, to hell with them", but from a hardcore-christian standpoint this ad is okay??? Dafaq is wrong???

  11. Everybody that wants to argue "Hitler was not a christian… paganism blablabla", just come to germany and learn about the german culture before you make such stupid claims.

  12. if Jesus came today, and not 2014 years ago, Christians would soon be wearing little electric chairs, or lethal syringes, around their necks. imagine wearing tiny little electric chairs as earrings. seriously. Jesus' sacrifice is supposed to be ghastly, not pretty nice nice.

  13. Whats the Big deal guys? When a new local Pizza joint opened up down the street from my house they came by and put burning crosses on everyones lawns. It was a promotion for easter. Its just good business. LOL 

  14. Firstly Hitchens was an idiot. He was a fundamentalist who used secularism as an excuse to wage war in Iraq.  Secondly, the Nazis where def not Christian. They were Occultists. Need to do some research Iadarola. 

  15. I hope I'm not the only one who almost threw up watching this ad. Seriously, I had a very bad physical reaction to this crap, just like Lissette said. What kind of a douche made that video?

  16. That is the dumbest, most insensitive thing I've ever seen. Fuck, they might as well just call the ad "Hey Jew, don't make it bad."

  17. A Quote I heard from am Jewish it's not killing jesuses the christians hate us for it's giving birth to him "unknown jewish person "

  18. 6:23 It's facile, nay incorrect and misleading to say that 'The Jews Killed Jesus', when it was actually the Romans who put him to death. The reason he was crucified is because he rebelled against the Pharisees, who were Jewish, but this not entail that the Jews in general wanted him dead, which is completely untrue. In fact, leading Christian figures, eg John the Baptist, the 12 Apostles, etc, were Jewish.

    It's more accurate to say that the Pharisees called for Jesus to be put do death at the hands of the Romans.

    *PS. Coming from a Non-Christian

  19. Curious to know what is on your "list" of offensive things we have done?  Existing should not be one of them. 

  20. Who cares what religious affiliation Nazis had? Religion is a personal thing that occasionally (and often unfortunately) manifests into organisations. You can be a catholic and not follow what the pope says, you can be a Christian and have your own (non-literal) interpretation of the bible. You can be religious and be logical, rational and progressive. Religious people have come up with some major scientific theories and inventions! Stop irrationally pitting things against each other and using fundamentalists as an excuse for your bigotry and hate against billions of people!

    I'm so sick of these idiotic lines being drawn. Why are some atheists so desperate to prove their superiority over any one that doesn't have the exact same viewpoint as them?

  21. so they say "christ was just a simple jew and not the son of God, but hey christians support us since he was a jew, and feel sorry for us, send us those bucks and by the way.. jesus was nothing but a man that we murdered and Christianity is a fake" and we all have to do that because they push and push and push every year something that happened 70 years ago when there are much worse genocides around the earth and they all happened in much closer years. What about africa and its hell on earth Liberia, what about Ukraine or Georgia…. millions and millions die but no.. we have to put as a priority something that happened 70 years ago bc thats how their political advertisement works. That merge between jews and christians is just another atempt to detract christianity. IF only every christian in the world knew what they teach about us, and how they should threat us… 

  22. 1.The Soldier on the Left is a Colonel of the Wehrmacht, they wernt there to decide such things
    2.We all know the Jews killed Jesus (or was it himslef wo did it?)

  23. Oh my God! This is so hilarious. These Christians are so crazy. I thought it had seen it all after the Westboro Baptist Church and the Creation Museum, but it seems they always find a way to surpass their last trick. What where they thinking? “Yea, everyone knows that all yews just love Holocaustploitation, especially if you use it to sell them another religion.” They couldn’t have come up with something that would be more insulting to yews. It’s simply ingenious.

  24. Jews have been driven out of every nation since, forever. Most just be another coincidental "conspiracy"

    Jews believe in the Talmud – Which is that we are all beneath them and they can make us loans at exorborant interest and essentially control us through debt.

    This is a Christian Nation, And the Jews are in control of the media, and they hate Jesus and suprize suprize, they are successfully picking apart the idea of Jesus. SUPRIZE.

    Wake up to the facts, and stop running around the rabbit holes. Jews think Gentiles (US) are beneath them (This is actually in their religion) And they are to own us.

    They will try to use communism to destroy your country.

  25. It still doesn't excuse the slaughtering of Indians and the complete denial by the education system

  26. If Jesus was Jewish, why are try to promote christianity? It seems logical to me to promote judaism

  27. the add is very historically inaccurate, if he could carry a cross like that he would have bin sent to the work camps.   

  28. whats the problem. you really see no connection between the suffering of Christ and the suffering of the Jews?    You just are anti religion bigots.

  29. how is it disrespectful?  It shows that Jesus suffered, the Jews suffered, and drives home the point that Jesus was born a Jew, and if he'd been alive and in the same place, he'd have faced the same as they did during that time.  And no, the Nazi's weren't "Christians". That's like saying Lenin & Trotsky was Jewish and that means they followed rabbinical teachings, and we know Marxism was their belief system. I think you young people are straining yourselves too much trying to see something that's not there.

  30. Jesus tamed dragons, exploded snakes, and straight murders a little girl when he was a kid. He's wasn't always about peace. 

  31. I feel like you could've done without the cliche "Why would God let bad things happen?" debate. Wasn't really where the conversation was going. I think she just wanted to hear herself talk.

  32. The Nazis were not Christians in the sense that what they were doing, they were doing it in the name of Christianity. They were doing it to "perfect" the human race.

  33. The Catholic Church was a threat to Nazi power and most people who tended to support the Nazis were Protestant and in no way really religious

  34. If Jesus paid for christian. Nazis. Then they're in heaven as angels or the bible is lying about blood sacrifice

  35. It really is amazing how many people think the Nazis were Christian despite it being soundly debunked. No one really thought it before the internet and lectures by people like Christopher Hitchens. The guy on the far left seemed to be informed on the subject, and tried to educate Cenk and that other idiot, but he didn't seem to make a dent.
        Sure that ad was awful, but not as awful as people who sustain false narratives about history.

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