JKイベントメイク!Highschool Girl event makeup ENGLISH SUBS

JKイベントメイク!Highschool Girl event makeup ENGLISH SUBS

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Instant double eyelid The border line of not getting into trouble Pink colored gang. Pink Gang Hello I’m Risa I’m usually going to fashion college and make clothes This time the video is for high school girls A video of makeup and hair arrangement for sports festival and other festivals Check it out The base is Couture Up Bright up Base The dark circles under the eyes and the nostrils I have a lot of pimples so I have to hide that And to make the tone of the face whiter overall so putting it all over Next is the RMK UV liquid foundation This foundation covers really well When you sweat in summer or even in winter It’s very smooth texture but covers well at the same time With only base, the pores around this area worries me so I will add this here I wouldn’t rub it in but more like tapping it in RMK concealer Super basic liquid concealer The reason for this is, I have a red mark around here To hold that from coming up, I had added quite a lot in this area And the pimples around here has turned red so To hide that I will also tap this in gently and not rub it in. Tap tap tap tap Baby powder What will happen when you just take it and go directly to the face is, it won’t stay on the face but you’ll just breath it in a lot So just don’t smash it in. Take a few, tap gently take a bit, spread it out will prevent you from breathing it in So relax when you add this on The pencil for eyebrow and the tear bags is Media Eyeliner pencil Since I did a make up which the bangs had to be raised so I drew the eyebrows well The key to draw the eyebrows is When you add to the inner corner, it looks like your eyebrows had been glued on So, even when you are drawing this side, draw the overall shape first and when you go into the inner side, don’t just draw it Just make the overall shape you drew first vague. This will prevent from that glued eyebrows look This side, add one hair after another and make it thin I am creating the double eyelid with Eye Beauty fixer People tell me how I create the double eyelid is quite unique Hold here and here Both tips of the eyes where you want to create the double eyelid Don’t open your eyes so much when you are holding it down And when you open your eyes wide when you do so I found out that I can create double eyelids this way This is the only way which works for me The tool which comes with the eyelid glue never works for me This works If that twig looking tool which comes with the glue doesn’t work for you, Trying this way a few times will enable you to do it with ease Adding the lipstick This one moisturizes well and of course it adds color Even if you don’t use it for special festivals, It gives enough color but you won’t get in trouble at school The down side is it is sticky, so add a little and blend it in with your fingers The ones on your fingers, spread to your cheeks Make it like a blush and you can use it in daily school life It’s cheap so please try it out Using the Eyelash Glue Glamourous To enforce the glue I had put on to make the double eyelid Draw a quite thin line there and And like before hold the butt…no, the outer corner Hold both sides and open wide If you have a spot which doesn’t suit you, Hold with your fingers and adjust it Next is Maybelline super stay lipstick When I add this on directly, it will look so bright light Hollywood stars If I make this part too flashy, it will start to look like theater makeup so I will hold down the color and blend it in Add just a little bit on the bottom lipstick I will blend it in with the Mentholatum which I added on as a base This will make it slight purplish colored lips Next is Malibu Beauty Lame mascara liner This one I bought at a Don Quijote market near my house As you can see, it’s quite a sharp shiny pink You can use it as mascara as well as eyeliner I added to the tear bags this time This is easy to do because the brush is so thin It’s great for sports festival and events so please try it out You’d see it in Don Quijote Next is EM color eyeliner Rose Pink The theme this time is pink The theme of the sports festival is Pink colored gang. Pink Gang I think the teams are separated by color so I had one member who was in the pink gang as the image I wanted some pink color spread out overall I thought adding some eyeliner will be cute as well The place to put it is, when you divide the eyes into three parts The 1/3 part on the side with a slash It gives quite a bright color so adding a bit will look enough A bit is enough Next is the K-palette eyeliner I actually only add eyeliner on the inner corner About 2mm. Making it like a cat eye These jewels on my cheek. I bought them at the 1USD store I wonder how many is there About double the amount for 1USD When you want to add this on, Use the eyelash glue on the back and let it dry And when you place it on it will stick quite well Don’t force using glue for DIY. This will ruin your skin The eyelash glue is enough If you want to add this type of huge jewel on your face for festivals, Try using eyelash glue I added some glitter here When you want to attach small things like glitter, it’s not the same as attaching jewels Use a milk lotion or skin lotion on places where you want to spray it on It DOES become sticky, but the stickiness works It will stick the glitter well It won’t attach very well compared to the eyelash glue you used on the jewels but when you use eyelash glue for the glitter, it tends to gather in one place Let’s say if you place it here, the place you put a lot is where all the glitter will stick on So when you want this type of glitter to be scattered on your whole face, use a milk lotion or skin lotion Take the finger which is clean to attach the glitter and place it on your face as if you are adding blush. For the hair, this headband is made by a black colored base Using a glue gun and attaching this huge glitter on You just continue adding on the glitter on the head band one by one Adding something like this in between or Or adding some pearls on. Glue gun can stick on many things When you attach what you like, it will make a head band of your own Get a head band base, and use a glue gun and make a head band of your own For the hair, you see two balls here The reason for the balls are, you see a balloon stuck here Without the balls, you can’t stick the balloon on How is it done? It’s stuck right into the balls There is a ball, and let’s say this is the balloon It’s stable that way If you don’t want balloons but want to do candy, If you stuck it the same way, it will stick on But, if you shake your head too much, it will come off when it’s not stuck right So when you want to do this but have to do some severe activity then use some hair pin to re-enforce the ball even more Now, the hair with so many ribbons Now what you do is, tie the hair strongly or make some braids a lot Having this type of cloth in between will enforce the hair Since this hair is a wig this time I can’t do small braids on this so I’m just tying it Just tying it on will give enough volume like this This type of organdy cloth will work very well in events and sports festivals so try it out. They are quite cheap as well For the ribbon here, I saw a high school girl doing a choker necklace like this I did the image like this With so much ornament on the hair and nothing on the neck is a little too less Just adding a designed ribbon like this will make it really cute so please try it out For the tops I had the image of a school sports festival I actually wasn’t in the pink gang in high school so I chose a pink outfit which would fit with the pink gang It stretches well so you can move around a lot The makeup is done! Adding on a lot of cloth like this The shiny look will make you stand out the most so If you want to stand out in school festivals or events, Trying this out may be fun The head band is simply adding many things on It’s quite easy to do If you have any events coming up or want to stand out in the festival Or if you’re in your senior year and want to take cute pictures for Instagram Check out the color of your team. It may be green or blue Just adding the same color ornaments with a glue gun will make it cute Try it out I am usually making clothes and posting my work on Instagram so please follow my Instagram There are many other cute makeup uploaded on Kawaii Pateen so Please check them out as well Please SUBSCRIBE! My other videos are there as well. Please watch them

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