100 thoughts on “Joel Osteen – Miracles In Your Mouth”

  1. Thank you for your LOVE Jesus! Thank you Joel for bringing out God's messages. God bless you and your Family. Amin

  2. Have a blessed day everyone.
    Make this is a great week.
    Take every worry to God in prayer.
    Push yourself to new limits and heights
    Do not be easily discouraged.
    Make the most out of every opportunity.
    If you need weekly encouragement checkout my channel. I post 3X’s a week. I do bible studies, marriage videos, relationships videos, and inspirational videos. Also tackling job interviews and the job search process! Be blessed!

  3. God is really alive ,god many doing good to me and he is my saviour my guider my healer my everything to me,..now im so proud to myself and i feel good and clean..because of God..if i tell the whole story you cannt believe im alive and healthy..Love is very Powerful because of god..

  4. Joel is good at tickling people’s ears. Read the whole of romans chapter 4 and you will see the context of romans 4:17. Or you could just continue to misunderstand it the way Joel hopes you do.

  5. Thank you, I am coming back with my testimony. My relationship is turning around for good and our wedding will be next year, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for speaking to me this morning. Amen

  6. Pastor please pray for me I am paralyze now due for the accident of motorcycle last February 19 2019 and now my spinal cord are totally damage my doctor said I don't have a chance to walk again, pastor I lost my job and my support to my family i have 5 children and still studying and I don't know how to survive please help me to pray I want to walk again and to work and i also I serve to God , I bow down my knee to ask your help in Jesus mighty name amen…
    Anyone read my massage please pray for me I need your help,
    From Philippines

  7. Can I defeat domestic violence and legal bully? Yes. I can. This is the agreement with God which is not complicated. I am surrounded by God’s love.

  8. Waiting and declaring on a testimony. I have success.
    Update: despite my doubts and unbelief and even upon assuming the worst, GOD came through mightily. Praise GOD for the fulfilment of HIS WORD. Board Certified.
    It pays to serve and believe

  9. I'm healed
    I'm happy
    I'm rich
    I'm successfully businessman
    I'm healthy
    I'm good in everything I do
    I'm free
    I'm faithful to God
    I'm God's plan
    I'm married to amazing soulmate
    In God's name I say thank you 👣💪👏

  10. This guy use god like Jesus but Jesus give everything to his people but now all the people give everything to this guy!
    This guy is like give me everything you have and fallow me!
    And Jesus said give everything to the poor people and fall of me!
    Great business!!

  11. I am healed. I'm am highly favored. I have royal blood running through my veins because I am a daughter of the most high King. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  12. I will be happy..my prince charming will come in search of me at the right time God has planned for me..for us..
    He will love me 100 times more than my love for him!
    He will take care of me and my parents..thank you lord i recieve

  13. Why don’t you share your wealth with the needy!! God said it easy for a camel to get the the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven !!!!

  14. Praise the Lord. If you are facing an insurmountable problem, that's keeping you from peace, here is what you need to do .. a very simple solution… Talk to God. Tell him " Heavenly Father I need You to solve this problem. In faith I am handing it to You. " Then , from the moment you have handed it over to Him… Thank Him , again and again and be focused on Thanking Him , in your mind , or loudly as you wish. Through out the day and night . This is what Will happen. The problem will not be able to occupy your mind. Because you are continuously praying to God. And you will feel The Peace of God. And our Heavenly Father will solve your issues.. Don't expect an overnight Miracle. But it will happen before the night is over. If your prayers convey your since pain in Faith. The Miracle will Happen . I know. I have experienced it again and again and again over 40 years. Amen..

  15. Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven. Then come, follow me."

    Why haven't all these preachers given up all their wealth to the poor.

  16. what i don't understand is u pastors and preachers speak on the word of yahs why is it my father in heaven NEVER made a covenant with the church yahs made many of covenants NEVER with the house of a church so if Christianity started with yahs why wouldn't he covenant with them

  17. Dear Rev
    Please pray for this brother he is sick by paralize since 3 years his name is Bhaktabahadur Gurung from Amlighat Village Assam India

  18. IAM blessed,prosperous,iwalk in divine favour,igrow spiritually & materially in Jesus name,IAM influential,IAM special, lack is never my portion in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you for the message pastor.

  19. Officer Thompson said he believes I am being followed by something..When he brought me back some Stolen Property and I was just meditating on my side of the room, With my Bible Opened- on The Book of Daniel. Had a Cricket phone a Wallet, A Mitchell Guitar and A Soccer ball. Well, I wrote
    Stolen Property on my Cell phone box from Cricket. I just told him I saw a Homeless outside at 3:15am he wanted a Ciggarette from me, but I had just brought out one to smoke. He started talking about The YEN. I said I believe in £. Pounds. Kilometers. I actually could feel him trying to chase me across the street. All OT said was. He believed I was being followed. Shook his hand firmly too I believe.

  20. I like The steward theory regarding finances. Foodstamps, Sponsered SSI Mastercard Program. The fda's Mid-Watch Program.

  21. I have a Missing 3 year old daughter. I do keep the Adult Pyschology and my children together. I gave birth to Autumn Daniella Rosado on December 25, 2016. Sherriff Dept told me if she was taken by the BioFathers side that Gipsy's had no legal right to have anything in this country of America. He is Peter, The Polish or Burke Phanz a Turkish Addict.

  22. The Gipsy's renamed her Gwendolyn at The Dentist. Gweny at Rite-Aid. Elk Grove. Gwendolyn at Burger King Auburn, Ca. Gweny at Baskin Robbins with A Starbucks on Target Shopping. Autumn talking to the creole Cashiers in Elk Grove,Ca. Big'Jan at Ave B street by 10am..coming from the Right Hand Shelter.

  23. You may also read a short book which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project .This book is about the truth of this life and it explains in just a few pages the reality of our human condition so that you mah have a full picture of everyhing. This book lis life changing. Blessings:)

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