Keemstar finds diamonds in Minecraft #MinecraftMondays

Keemstar finds diamonds in Minecraft #MinecraftMondays

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We have diamonds! We have diamonds! We have diamonds! We have diamonds! We F***ING did it! We beat the game! Why is everyone saying stop?! What do you mean stop?! look at all- Where the F***S the diamonds? *music starts* W H A T ? ! You need an iron pickaxe? *loud sobbing* Are you guys trolling? *more sobbing* Guys I don’t actually know how to play this game! Now the man… was at this service and a grenade went off and he lost his F***ing leg. Would you pick on him for losing his leg? Help. Something’s shooting SH*T at me, I’m building a wall.
(and making the skeleton pay for it) No! NO! Oh God… They’re killing me! This is bullSH*T (Holy fricking heck he said the b word) this game is a scam! (BITCONNECT!!!!!!!!!!!) All right, I gotta set the record straight. Something is really pissing me off; Notch took another game and ripped it off and made Minecraft. (this is so sad can we hit obese children) Alright? Alright, if we’re gonna call stuff a rip off, let’s call it what it is. Notch took another game, ripped it off, created Minecraft.

100 thoughts on “Keemstar finds diamonds in Minecraft #MinecraftMondays”

  1. Alles nur gespielt. Als ob man nicht merkt, dass nach 2 Diamantblöcken immer noch kein Diamant im Inventar ist…
    Dann hört er mit absicht nicht auf seine Community usw…

  2. "I don't know how to play this game"
    A common mantra of every youtuber that wants to jump on the Minecraft bandwagon, when back in the day they refused to play it only because it was popular xD

  3. Everyone : StOP

    Keemstar : why are guys saying stop

    Diamonds and Inventory : I Am GonNA EnD ThIS WHole ManS cArEEr

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