Keith Lee listed on NXT’s injury report: WWE Now, Oct. 17, 2019

Keith Lee listed on NXT’s injury report: WWE Now, Oct. 17, 2019

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91 thoughts on “Keith Lee listed on NXT’s injury report: WWE Now, Oct. 17, 2019”

  1. can y’all just stop the injury report it doesn’t even make sense, 80% of these are kaybafe injuries why would you just make your roster look fragile

  2. since nxt goes 2 hour
    1. The rating of nxt is going up high.
    2. More action then talking.
    3. So much superstars get injured.
    4. NXT beat raw and smackdown.

  3. WWE Now should only be hosted by Cathy Kelley and McKenzie Mitchell. They're more natural and energetic in my opinion.

  4. Nxt superstars are always getting injured now? So, are you trying to say they’re not as tough as the main roster guys? 😹

  5. Lee being thrown and flipped all over and outside the ring during 15 minutes without a problem. Gets injured by slowly falling of the turbuckle.

    Bye bye kayfabe…

  6. To everyone saying so many get injured has anybody thought about the fact wwe dont put up a injury report for raw and smackdown so we dont know who gets injured or put on day to day or whatever?

  7. So Keith lee,Velveteen dream, snd Boa are injuried what the hell how are 3 men injuried something must be wrong with the company 🤣

  8. Give it up WWE. These injury report videos are lame and these new dudes you've hired for this, The Bump and other stuff are so bland and boring.

  9. I'm torn on this new day to day injury thing. It's neat that they really want to sell big bumps and moments from matches. But just hearing someone is injured this often doesn't feel quite right either.

  10. So is this really going to be a thing every week, that certain nxt wrestlers will be on injury reports? There’s at least two every week! No one works safe matches now? 😂

  11. Seems that today's fans don't know what a "No Contest" is. DQ has a winner/loser but NC doesn't. Example is the Keith Lee and Dominic Dijakovic match was a NC. Lesson of the day.

  12. Every week the loosers of high profile matches get "injuries". It's getting a little bit unrealistic even for kayfabe standards.

  13. Let ronda come back and complete the 4 horse woman of mma and have them face Ripley and 3 other females at war games booom…. Wwe think about it

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