Khan’s Last Breath – Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (5/8) Movie CLIP (1982) HD


Admiral.Scanning an energy
source onreliant.A pattern I’ve
never seen before. It’s the genesis wave. What ?
They’re on a build up
to detonation. How soon ?
We encoded four minutes. We’ll beam aboard
and stop it. You can’t. Scotty, I need warp speed
in three minutes,
or we’re all dead. No response, admiral.
Scotty !Mr. Sulu,
get us out of here.
Best possible speed.Aye, sir. Are you out
of your vulcan mind ? No human can tolerate
the radiation
that’s in there ! As you are so fond
of observing, doctor,
I am not human. You’re not
going in there. Perhaps you’re right. What is
mr. Scott’s condition ? Well,
I don’t think that he– I’m sorry, doctor.
I have no time
to discuss this logically. Remember.

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