kicking For Breath by NoLeads (+subtitles )

kicking For Breath by NoLeads (+subtitles )

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is it time for me to fight
ive been hanging from a rope i can almost see the light
the beginning like a note through these parables i wrote
perceptions hold the secrets its where i hold my stance
like my khaki’s keep it crease in the valley of the beast
they touch you like a priest the one youve always trusted
prtects you in the least seek corruption to your peace
theyre life is on a lease they sold themselves so long ago
insanity repeats yet this vanity’s
humanity’s superior & throne we chase it till the grave
slaving, working to the bone google search it on your phone
but dont cause its ironic it seems i think alone
like ive written in Ebonics still surrounded by these clones
implanted with computer chips that tell you what to own
like your family guy’s the putersmith theirs really no excuse their systems
tryna hold you down they blame me cause im left
to leave you only where your found..nL still kicking for breath as i reach out to the sound
its true ill be forgotten im no where to be found
but my hounds they will be watching as they sell us like an auction
certificates en-sown @ birth they claim your sovereignty
and rob you like Capone but as history has shown
its soon to be forgotten were hanging from a rope
simply hoping for a coffin at least that’s what it seems
in delusion like a fiend creating only fantasy and living in that dream
can humanity have been the ones who built the pyramids
who understood that all is just magnetic interference’s but see that disappearances
are More than just a show & ask yourself whose hide’s what helps humanity
to grow unforgiving in a flow
the people in a row they wonder what i mean
by how were hanging from a rope though its sitting at my throat
its banished & remote the path to understanding
trumps the answers that my quote..nL YUP 😀

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