Kids Go to the Dentist! Will They Need Braces???

Kids Go to the Dentist! Will They Need Braces???

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  1. These Kids are so brave at the dentist!
    As a Video Idea: Can you react to your Vlog "Girl falls into Aquarium"? How does Bailey think about the fact that this Video went viral?

  2. Another great vlog! I also love the dentist, it was never a scary thing for me. Not always the least painful experience, but never scary. Glad the kiddos like going!

  3. They went to the dentist's office, but that was a DENTAL HYGIENIST who "counted," cleaned, and x-rayed Parker's teeth. She was amazing, and should be recognized for who she was. Great job!

  4. everytime i watch one of your videos parker makes me so happy, i can’t help but to smile and laugh. sometimes a small tear escapes bc of the cuteness😅

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    Hers for baliey I wold send her one but I live in England so they would go off so I sent you the resipy

  6. I went to the orthodontist yesterday and they were running behind because one of the patients was like 4 and she was getting braces or something fixed and she was probably having like a tantrum or something cause it hurt and she was scared I felt really bad for her yeah the people working (idk their names or what they are called)all of them were probably trying to like calm her down and stuff apparently it was really crazy

  7. Awww so cute! What a lovely dentist! And it’s great that they’ve been brought up to love the dentist. Excuse my asking is it a private one? Because it seems very nice! I’m British so I don’t know how the American system works!

  8. Mind blowing trick! I can guess your age!

    Ok. Take the number which is your age. Then add 0… now subtract 0. BAM MIND BLOWN!


  9. Which ballinger are you??
    ( if u don’t know it’s the last number of likes that determines who you are)

    1- Jessica
    0-Gus Gus!

  10. i was watching one YouTuber earlier who just got his 1million plaque and I was like why haven't Christopher's channel reach 1million yet. I mean you create QUALITY VIDS no joke… Then I realized It could be because you don't collab with other YouTubers too much. Just sharing my thoughts ☺

  11. Thanks so much for filming at the dentist office! As someone working towards being a dentist I found this very interesting. 😁

  12. Idk why but I love the dentist. As long as I’m not getting teeth pulled I will gladly go to get cleanings or to get my braces (I have an expander in right now because I am getting braces in like 9-10 months) although I might have to get 2 teeth pulled to prepare for braces and I’m not too fond of that idea 😂

  13. I think Caitlin's videos are so cute like the time would you went in the car so cool she was like oh my god I'm going to bring my teddy bears and then she's like oh my goodness I really like the part when she screamed when I went on that roller coaster I went it was very cool and cool is cool because it is cool and that's the only thing what I like about cool and that's the only thing what to do really cool what's it called

  14. Pacr i imeess you? thanks again and have been trying to hear about that but the store to pick up the store for a few things and I will be there at the same time

  15. I remember I’m my school there’s like a dentist thing and it’s like this and one of the weird boy broke the glasses

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