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♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today,
you’re gonna be eating this. – What is that? – What is it? (laughing) – What? – What in the world?
Is it alive? – It wiggles like Jell-O! – It looks like it has spikes on it. (gags and coughs) – (groans) Ugh, no, no! – Ugh. (groans) Smells like dog food. But I don’t mean dog food
that your dogs eat. I mean dog food that would
just sit there for a week. – It smells like B-U-T-T. – It looks like an organ,
or something, or a stomach. – It looks like a stomach. – I can’t imagine myself eating this. – (Finebros) And now it’s time to eat it. We’ve prepare it inside a taco for you.
– (giggles) Good, I like tacos. – Oh, this looks good. – It tastes like regular chicken. – Not bad. Actually, wait.
Not tasting so good. – It’s actually good.
Wow… wait. First it was good,
but now it’s kind of gross. (shell crunches) (smacking lips) – It tastes like really burnt meat. (strains) – Hmm! It’s pretty good. (shell crunches) – It tastes like meat, kinda. (chewing noisily) – Hmm. It’s good! – It’s okay. It kinda tastes like the normal meat
you would have in a taco. – It has no flavor. – It’s kinda like fried chicken, but the fried part
with only a little bit of chicken. – It tastes like beef or something. – I think it’s steak. I love steak, so I hope it’s steak. – That looks like the cow tongue I ate and it tastes just like
a cow tongue I ate. Just tell me what it is already. – (Finebros) You just tried a tripe taco.
– What’s that? – Tripe taco? – What does that mean? – Keep talking. – I know what a taco is,
but I don’t know what a tripe is. – I know what it is. It’s food! – (Finebros) Tripe is taken
from the stomach lining of cows, and then cooked.
– (spits loudly) Can I have a water please? – Cow… stomach. I think that’s nasty! – Cool! – (Finebros) Cows have
four different stomachs, which all have different looks
and textures that are used in recipes all over the world.
– It’s not that gross, actually! – My dad and my brother
eat menudo, but– (gags). – Mm! So it’s basically close to steak. – I guessed it from
the spongy kind, but not this. – (Finebros) So do you
recommend that people try tripe? – No. – Yes, it’s good! It tastes like steak,
and I know you like steak. – (imitates buzzer) – They should not.
It has a really bad aftertaste. – Yes. – Sure. I’m like, “Aw, poor cow.” Now I’m eating it and I think it’s good. He’s probably like, “That guy’s so mean!” – Thanks for watching this episode
of Kids vs. Food on the React channel. – Have you ever tried tripe?
Let us know in the comments. – Don’t miss out! Subscribe. – Bye! – Adios. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪

100 thoughts on “KIDS vs. FOOD – COW’S STOMACH (TRIPE)”

  1. Wait, Wait, Wait, WAIT.
    3:18 did she just say "Menudo"? Is there food called Menudo wherever they are because if there isn't she is Filipino

  2. Can i be on the channle i have great reactions when it comes to food and im only 13 i love the channle most people say i look like im 11 or 10

  3. The little guy in the cowboy hat is going places LOL!! Loved the pretty black girl too. She is very smart.

  4. Looks after trying Menudo not knowing it was cow stomach 🤢😂 (well tbh it is good ngl😛)

  5. The sound of the dry tortilla crunch made me so sad. Gotta give them a nice warm corn tortilla to eat that not one that’s been sitting for like an hour

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